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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Dance with me...

Battling with the many demands placed on me, I found that I was again losing a part of my inner identity. Unable to balance my needs with that of others had me split on my decisions. What was right for myself and those around me varied as we were not operating from the same turf. Where did my responsibility lay and with whom? I was certain that I had not mastered the equilibrium which was necessary to bring balance into my life.
I searched out a quiet place where I could gather my thoughts and allow my spirit the necessary time to recharge.Image s flashed before me,tender moments that can be captured anywhere that two hearts can bond. It wasn't whispers of the night, but words from the spirit released in the wind," restless soul, the time is now, the embrace of life a story holds." A darkness, thick and heavy was closing in, I gasped and my heart beat rapidly,and at that very moment I raced with my soul to the place that had for years held me safe. I closed my eyes and felt my breath deepen and it wasn't the moments we shared in time or your words which compliment mine, not of dreams nor fairytale or desire and wishing wells. Memories of love appeared in shades of color from skies of blue to summer green and winter white to autumn hues. I feared not once but twice that if I shall open up my eyes, the memories will fade with time, so hear I sit in the dark of night to write the words of each days delight.
We sometimes ran and most often strolled, rarely cried and often laughed, danced in the garden, soared to the clouds and when all was said and all was done your arms awaited another day of fun.

Energize my spirit,
gently embrace my love,
for this very moment is
sent from God above.

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