Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Friday, November 30, 2012

Merry Christmas

If only one should chance to read these words 
in an embrace of the moment, may it be he 
who has found their place deep within my heart, 
held my hand, walked side by side,
soul to soul on heaven and earth.  

Christmas time has always been a very special time. Not for what many think of as a holiday, not because of the gift giving and decorations and music.  I have always believed that Christ's birth is a celebration of hope. The hope that mankind would bring peace and make the world a better place for all. Hope that those who do not have love, find love, who do not see love, be given sight and those who have never felt the warmth of love in their heart, experience the embrace. 
I can't escape my own childhood memories, the images that are so embedded within the heart and mind.  There a few more gentle memories,  department store windows with the moving decorations, caroling, snowflakes and dinner cooking, cookie baking and  yes dreaming. 
My dreams were not of specifics but of well being, whatever well being is for everyone. With the holiday music playing in the other room, the chill creeping up on me, my mind whisked me away to a place of peace. If my words should fall upon one, may they fall upon you and grant you a joyous, happy and healthy holiday season. 



I find this space a place to remind myself, 
that love exist within each of us and isn't activated
until we share our love with another. 

I hope that people will look beyond the obvious and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas. For the magic of love needs no gift wrap,  nor fancy bow and it is endowed upon each and everyone of us , awaiting its chance to be shared with others.
Merry Christmas! 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

May I have this dance?


Bends down to reach for your hand
 and pull you on my cloud.

One Year Later

To love is to share both heart and soul...

Always on my mind, forever in my heart..SATURDAY, JANUARY 14, 2012

He uttered the words pretentious at first
a humble disclosure of his love immersed.
She responded with compassion in 
a whisper so soft life a feather in the
air that slowly wafts. 

Their hearts kept on beating, slowly at first
and then faster and faster from the heavens 
to earth. The day had concluded and their 
love was revealed, it had broken the
barriers and to the God's they now kneel. 

She smiled and he laughed and they danced
with glee, as they looked to the heavens 
creating new memories. Majestic their love
that lives on a like the sea , returning to the
shore in each of their dreams. 


That which brings me the most amount of comfort, 
embracing the heart and soothing the soul is the 
warmth of your love. 


Grace those clouds above,
let's dance the whole night long,
Listen to the song of love,
knowing where we belong. 

Hold tight the dreams of our love,
the warmth of you and I, one to one. 
Breath taking visions silhouette in the sky,
Magnifying the love of you and I. 

Happiness is hearts embraced. 

To comfort the heart
and assure the soul,
that love is eternal. 

If not for the dreams,
 the mountains would succeed in their earthly barriers. 


The beauty of a rose is in the formation of each petal,
just like life each segment reveals an extraordinary 
glimpse of a to quick passage of time. 
Closure is good it allows you to write a new chapter.
When you balance it out, 
leans towards happiness. 

Trying to explain
and to myself forlorn,
as all the similarities,
differences are born.

Rare and unique,
a chapter now lay,
where pages of laughter,
sorrow comes into play.

I glanced out the window
and to my heart such glee,
as the snowflakes were falling,
I drifted off into yesterdays memories.

Roads that seem to circle,
paths through mountains high
and the thorns of life that wake
the heart and make it cry.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ultra Blue

Two hearts that beat as one,
a story true of our sweet love,
interlocked with forevermore,
our souls embrace like never

That which whispers out to you,
begs to dance under skies blue,
invitation by the souls request,
to feel the warmth of our caress.

Only words of love fall from my lips, begging for your touch and sweetness of your kiss. The nights and days are one, dark and black beckon for sweet love, to light the way and bring joy to the day. I hold to the memories, to erase the dreary gray and cast star dust in our way.

I whispered in silence,
no tears would fall,
the dark has no power,
we have challenged it all.

Removed the barriers ,
bridged it all with life,
to break down the distance
and hold you threw the night.

I whispered in silence,
no tears would fall,
the dark has no power,
we have challenged it all.

Succeeding to rise above,
and passionately embrace
with the power of love.

I whispered in silence,
no tears would fall,
the dark has no power,
we have challenged it all.

I met many souls on this road of life,
few understood how to make it right.
They had no concept of living the dream
and I felt lost till there was you and me.

You listen closely and without saying a
word, bring comfort and peace like a
robin nested in a fir.

Intense this feeling and a bit extreme,
soothes my spirit leaving behind a dream.
When I'm feeling lonely, I close my eyes
and there I find you waiting by my side.

I met many souls on this road of life,
few understood how to make it right.
They had no concept of living the dream
and I felt lost till there was you and me.

Monday, November 26, 2012

As Long as We are Together

We at times have a tendency to allow the negativity to overshadow the positive. My memories of childhood are like a collage of both good and bad. Though it seems as if the there is a meeting of the mind when the emotions collide, I grasp to hold on to the positive.
When I was ill as a child, my father would sing a lullaby. I found that music was one of the few memories that was indeed enjoyable to review.
As I have matured, music still plays an important part in my life. It documents a moment an experience and can be both warm and comforting. I wanted to create lyrics that would bridge our worlds. Here is my attempt at escaping the darkness that surrounds me.

I'll rearrange the stars
to bridge your cloud to mine,
as long as we are together 
everything will be just fine. 

The snowflakes a crystal, 
like diamonds from the sky,
your heart the jewel that 
reached on out to mine. 

Let the angels sing our 
song, from the heavens
we will hear, the music
doesn't matter as long 
as you are in my arms. 

I'll rearrange the stars, 
to bridge your cloud to mine, 
as long as we are together
everything will be just fine. 

The dreams a catalyst 
that always keeps you near, 
until I awake to hear your
voice and once again 
each day share. 

Sunshine kisses to thrill 
the day long and the 
eternal embrace that
dances to our song. 

 I'll rearrange the stars, 
to bridge your cloud to mine, 
as long as we are together
everything will be just fine. 

I closed the door on 
yesterday's despair and
opened it to allow you in 
like a breath of fresh air. 

You are my morning hello, 
my sweet good night, 
my friend, my partner, 
the love of my life. 

 I'll rearrange the stars, 
to bridge your cloud to mine, 
as long as we are together
everything will be just fine. 

The tears fall like rain upon the night,
flooding the soul and giving way to the heart.

My Love

 I believe the stars are not at a distance and the earth is a segment in the truth of the galaxy. Therefore there are no barriers of time nor space and love holds us as close as each beat of the heart.

When I look into your eyes,
the light reveals its gift to me,
I see your love and it reaches
out to me.

I know where I belong, like
a well written song, in your
arms for all time, the words
I repeat.

When I look into your eyes,
the image cast both you and I,
embraces as lovers are , you
stand their entwined with me.

Dreams bring you near as
we have the night to share,
I fear that I'll not wake,
so I may remain in you arms.

When I look into your eyes,
I know that I am yours and
you are mine. The visual
know not time as we rule


  Fingers to your lips,
  heart speaks to soul,
  the journey we travel,
  reveals the inside.

 Fingers to your lips,
 heart speaks to soul,
 hold close our love,
 it warms the cold.


Sunday, November 25, 2012

la la la la from my heart to you

To empower another 
 is to deny ones own strength. 

It was a song,  letter, compliment 
and a memory,it was knowing that 
I hold your love close in my heart. 

I cried for all that wouldn't be,
the sorrow kept a hold on me,
until I awoke and found you
were always here with me. 

Ice hanging from the mountain,
snow glazed like a lace doily, 
winds that seem to speak of 
a wild and winter filled journey.  
I pushed aside the darkness, 
I set my soul once more free,
the pains that I endured were
erased by the love you give to me. 

The drapes were opened and there 
I saw the joy of life when you are 
with me. I knew that I was not alone
has your hand is hand in hand with me. 

La la la la from my heart the song of love,
La la la la when I awake to find you there 
with me. 
La la la la said the angel, la la la la from my 
soul , la la la la we will do it, we will sail the 
seven seas. 

The drapes were opened and the gift I now 
could see, clearer than anyone could imagine,
is the love, the love that last for all eternity. 

La la la la , from my heart to you, la la la la 
my angel from my heart to you. 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Living Snow Globe

Snowflakes, snowflakes, falling down, in my heart they stick around. Memories of a day with you and a heart that reaches out through the blue. Skies are dark and gray but in my heart your sunshine remains. 

Snowflakes, snowflakes, falling down, in my heart they stick around. Shivers the soul at each thought of you and quickly it renders us in the heavens blue. Dance my love, let me dance my life with you, on the clouds where I wait for you. 

Snowflakes, snowflakes, falling down, in my heart they stick around. Each to tell a story before they disappear, until the sun breaks out and melts them on Earths floor. 

Snowflakes, snowflakes, falling down, in my heart they stick around. Snowflakes, snowflakes, falling down, in my heart they stick around. 

I saw it in a snowflake, 
the crystals of life, 
sparkle and glistening,
it made my life feel right. 

Melting with each moment,
like my heart melts wit you, 
to challenge the dreams and
make them all come true. 

I saw it in a snowflake,
the crystals of life,
sparkle and glistening,
it made my life feel right. 

I am not sure what I found most fascinating, the sugar eggs with a village inside at Easter time or the little train hidden in the snow globe at Christmas. As I glanced out the window, the snow flurries were falling down. For a moment I was sure that I was part of this really large snow globe and I felt as if were were dancing in the snow. 

Blowing those snowflakes 
all around, whispers of 
winter falling down. 

Follow your heart,
into my awaiting arms,
where we dance together
under the light of the stars.

Join me in the celebration of
the night where we elaborate
on what is good in our life

Follow your heart, 
into my awaiting arms,
where we dance together
under the light of the stars. 

There is the comfort in 
knowing you are here for
me and the realization that
it''s love and not a silly dream. 

Follow your heart,
into my awaiting arms,
where we dance together
under the light of the stars. 

No one can take away the love I have for you, more than special it makes the sky and awesome blue. I am there with you, in your arms, in your heart, in your dreams, in your life. For we are the energy, that fuels the fire, igniting the love that from the heavens showers. 

The story that has not been written, the tale of loves two, that lived for each other in a dream that waits to come true. Removing mountains, bridging the sea, challenging the moment to rescue me. 

No one can take away the love I have for you, in its eternal form and bows and without adieu . Stars from the heavens, the moon shining bright and the world more beautiful when I hold you tight. 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


I need a gentle push...or pull which ever you prefer. 



 The documentation of a life lived.
Heavy eyes,
heavy heart.
To live with passion is to...

Screams in silence.

Battles the web of negativity to free my soul.

The madness within the darkness


What is the reality?
Sometimes I am tired,
not in away that demands more sleep.
My failure is his strength,
my strength his failure...

It is the fools eye
that is blinded. 

Strength is not attained by the amount
of success we experience, it gathers 
momentum in our failures. 
If we knew the date of our passing,
like we know the date of our birth.
would we change the way we live life?
I don't normally live with regret,
though occasionally I have been
disappointed that I allowed the
past to enter the present.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

With the holidays approaching I find myself torn between reality and the dream. Something that which is meant to be a celebration tends to stir many emotions and not all are in the positive sector. I wanted to remove all the negativity and list all that I am grateful for. 
I am grateful for the sun that awakens me each morning and the stars that blanket over us each night. 
I am grateful for each experience for they are the great lessons of life. 
I am grateful for having known love and shared love and received love. 
I am grateful that in this time of my life I have found the true meaning of friendship. 
I am grateful though my ears may ring, that I can still hear the music, the rain, a song bird and the comfort of your voice. 
I am grateful for sight, so that I may appreciate the changing of the seasons. 
I am grateful for touch, that my flesh may not always feel, but my heart does. 
I am grateful for this vessel in which we call our body that it has had the chance to breathe the air of life. 
I am grateful for the memories that comfort me on the darkest of days. 

Today will not shadow tomorrow
and tomorrow will be nothing 
like yesterday. 

I am grateful for you!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Holds Your Hand

Sweet Dreams My Love

Do you remember the first snowfall of the season? There is something so wonderful and beautiful about watching the snow fall and cover the cold dark hills for the very first time. By this time of year its much more difficult to look at the snow falling for the umpteenth time and say wow what a beautiful snow storm! As with all seasons it is easy to appreciate the beginning, the first warm Spring day apple blossoms flowing in the warm breeze, the first blast of Summer sunshine and plans of vacations and  Autumn with its beautiful array of colors and the snap and crunch of dry leaves beneath your feet.  Winter is not always appreciated as much as the other seasons, unless you're an avid outdoors person and you make time for skiing an winter sports. As I look out the window I have lost my enthusiasm for the present season. I find it so difficult and that is partially because I have not been focused on photographing or working on poetry etc. I am trying to take into consideration that the seasons are all a reminder of the various stages of life. Soon winter will be replaced by spring and another chapter of life will be documented. Each ring within the trees will count as another year in passing and again we will enter into spring and rejoice that we are here to celebrate the season of renewal. I look to tomorrow as a way of cleansing my soul and forming a new platform in which to launch into the celestial heavens.

You have given me love and I held it close and
like the season of summer it bloomed a rose.
Opened petals reveal the dreams and the magic
and beauty of our memories.
True Love

They say infatuation never stands the time and that it is true love which is the everlasting find. It doesn't need any explanations nor reason or rhyme for true love is so powerful it bonds soul to soul in the time it takes to sigh.

Where one can understand without any words exchanged the feelings of the heart and images of the mind. It senses the sadness and can erase it just the same and replace it with gladness in the time it takes for the soul to lay claim.

When the world is filled with darkness and you know not what to do true love opens up its arms and is there to comfort you. Gentle kisses from the distance appear and like the wind in the night I can feel your love in the air.

I have loved and therefore I have lived. 

One little star that shines,
one blue sky, 
one cloud up above 
and you and I. 

One dream that makes you mine,
one wish for all time
one love 
and you and I. 


...awakens within your arms.

If you give it to much thought 
you can alter the moment. 

The Embrace
The wind circled while conversing, 
it spoke not of our yesterdays, 
but leading us through the moment
to the brush with loves embrace. 

The mountains bowed to passing, 
the darkness now filled with light, 
as the quest beyond the madness,
took control of the dark of night. 

Truth holds tight the moment that
neither time nor space can strip apart,
for deep within you found your place
forever in my heart. 
     The stars bridged

      the distance...

Waging rivers...I decided to 
 float upon the waves. 

Love is ageless and 

 kisses your lips,
 holds your hand, 
 embraces your heart. 


You are a mere reflection

 of all

                                                               that is wonderful in this world.

I thought the tears were
                                empty and meaningless 
                                                         indeed , 
                          until I looked once again and found 
 they are filled  with

 all our hopes and dreams.  

The Treasures
          Peace and harmony,
          laughter and joy,
          mingled with happiness
          and the love you employed.

Once can try to control the moment,
but no one or nothing can wage war upon our love. 


Memory filled tears,
I don't wipe them away

I gently work them into my heart. 

The greatest of all love is eternal 
in both the heavens and on earth. 

Sunday, November 18, 2012


An old adage is a saying that reveals the wisdom of experience. Some refer to it as a lesson in the" school of hard knocks." As I spoke with my daughter after her attendance at the Cinderella Ball, I felt an extreme sense of joy in her happiness, excitement, joy and laughter. It brought fourth the old adage " we are the company we keep.
There are many aspects of a personality that makes us well rounded, a sense of humor being just one of them. As I thought of the people in my life that have brought Joy, I could not be sad for I didn't have for I rejoiced in the experience. Sometimes greed makes us want more. It is when we fail to realize that we already have more and that the chapters of life are accumulative, guiding us on a path.
There was so much that happened over the weekend. I met up with a few friends who were dealing with their own negativity in life. I felt a sadness for them and I thought of the numbers. We have one when we are born and one when exit. Rather than worry about that one moment, we need to celebrate each moment we are given.

This next poem is for those moments.

I don't dwell on yesterday,
that road it led us here.
Though sometimes there
was sorrow, with you
happiness appears.

The seasons bring to you
and I the documentation
of a life that touches the
heart and soul through
 the mind.

The first flowers blooming
in spring, the renewal of
love when you placed
your faith in me.

The summer sunshine, like
your love that warms my
soul, touching with a
gentleness in an everlasting

The colors of  fall that
remind us where we have
been, on a rainbow of life
that arches from within.

The first snowflake caught
on our tongue, the beauty
of the blanket white shared
with our special love.

I am ever grateful for all
we have done, holding
hands and celebrating
from day one.

The dreams a reminder,
of all we have yet to do,
defining life as we make
it all come true.

We are love fueled energy, 
touch my heart and embrace my soul. 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Like a Rambling Rose

The Heavens Embrace
Each star upon the heavens high,
documents the reason why, love 
empowers and is true and lives
on in all that we do. 

Listen to the winds that roar,
from the heavens to this earthly 
floor, speaks of happiness and
desire ignites the eternal fire. 

I shall leave upon this earth 
the words of love from our soul
the hearth.

 Speaks of angels, sings in praise
that we have lived to love another

Embark upon this quest divine
where love empowers soul and mind;
bridge the rivers, sail the seas, the 
conquest unites us through the 
Close your eyes and follow me 
the haunting sweet of memory,
the words may fade as time dictates,
but in your heart the love remains. 

The hunger of the heart aches...
It is true the heart can see, 
the soul 
can feel, the mind believe;
the hint 
of happiness, passion and 
glee, the 
smile when you are here 
with me.

It is true the heart can see, the soul
can feel, the mind believe; the dance
upon the heavens high, the love that
embraces all through the night. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Life's Embrace

I looked on at the mountains, 
and the river long and wide, 
again at the heavens and 
the blue, blue of the sky. 

United one with heart, 
joined soul to soul, 
together in happiness
the bond an eternal hold. 

The Revelation

Shaken spirit ,weep not nor sorrow hold, for we embark upon tomorrow whether storm impede or sun light days of gold.  Wandering through the darkness a light of love appears, in the revelation a treasure filled with gems of life to share. The mystery unfolds, although we have known it all along, from the death of the willow to the blue birds early spring song. It is the desire to hold you closer to feel your breath  infuse with mine and taste the sweetness that creates a mixture of loves bitter sweet brine.  The night sky whispers, the stars again remind, how little our world and how tightly we are entwined. Time dictates the moment, the  passing of a day, but we encompass forever in the most unique fulfilling way.  


As easy as closing your eyes 
as near as your fingers to your lips. 

Dismantling a rainbow
is to remove the colors of faith. 


... to feel your heart beat. 


The power of love ...


Light in the darkness...


Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I can't explain the feelings
that have taken over me,
like the darkness of winter,
I wish to open the drapes
 of spring.

No invitation needed as you're
always here with me, in my
heart and soul, like a warm
breath of spring.

I reached out for your kindness and felt your love take hold, both wonderful and amazing, more precious than a treasure full of gold. The tears keep falling as time slips away while I think of tomorrow and all our yesterdays.Like a river that flows out to sea and a and a star lit sky at night, your love flows inside of me on a dream of delight.  I find myself repeating the words of love and counting the blessing sent from up above.

is a celebration of love.

Friday, November 09, 2012

Shattered Crystal, Embroidered Lace

 To remove the negativity
is to reinforce the positive. 
Life sifting grains of sand....

The goal was acceptance... the journey complete. 

Soft and moist, precious so the lips 
that meet with mine, interlocking 
heart and soul on the journey 
that battles time. 

... to leave upon this earth the script of love, 
    written by the soul, carried out by the heart.

 Content am I to know,
 the meaning of love 
 as I watch it grow. 

   From the corners of the world,
   from earth to heaven high, 
   we embrace with love so sweet,
   to the heart via the mind. 

Compels me with the inner truth,
listen and yea shall hear, the 
whispers to the heart of one
who kindly dared to care. 

Descending like magic a 
blanket of frost appeared 
crystals of ice that soon 
will fade when the sun 

First I was intrigued and I 
gazed once more to see,
the image cast within your
eyes was of what was meant 
to be. 

Beautiful the treasure descending 
upon my soul, filled with hope, faith 
and trust and the love that we 
entrusted without fear. 

Glorious the the never ending emotions,
 slow yet placed to hungrily devour each
 and every moment of every blessed hour.

The long and treacherous journey met
 with fate and to the night a bequeath
 that if tomorrow never makes it I leave
 to you all my heart believes. 

The stars were meant to guide us
beyond the trials of the day, for 
when you gaze upon the sky 
the heart is where they aim. 

The drapes are widely opened, 
the darkness has no hold, 
for we have loved and love 
have we as the day unfolds. 


Shattered Crystal,
Embroidered lace.

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Flames of the Soul

Silence reigns the night long
and so I think of you and
sing the words of my heart
to get me through.

The darkness has no meaning
as your love shines so bright
and I whisper to you my
love to hold me tight.

On the beach,
in your arms,
sun shining bright,
I fear to open up
my eyes and lose
the image of delight.

It is so very cold today
and then I thought of you
and you warmed my spirit
embraced my soul and
while heating me through
and through.

Autumn Memories...Hearts Desire

Sometimes we allow the world around us to decide which windows remain closed and which doors stay locked.

I opened the windows and the chill took to my soul, revealing the images of love and its hold. I shivered when you reached into my heart for at that very moment I knew you left your marque . The doors of life were now unlocked and as we walked through them a new chapter we would embark. The challenges are many and the rewards a few, as we embrace the magic of love and and all that it can do.

I'll keep on recording the words of my heart,
if you care to read them you'll find that you
are the brightest star.

You've held me through the night, kissed
me in the morn, woke me with your
tenderness before I knew what was in

The world can stand to battle, but you and
I we'll concede, for love is within us and
we shall continue in our dreams.

Shadows dancing on my window pane,
while the sun causes them to wave.
Images reflecting our yesterdays
and the tomorrows that have yet
to play.

An early chill has founds its way
and I understand what it has come
to say. We have made it through
the night and we will continue
through the season fight.

In a moment I tried to hide,
to cast the darkness from my side,
I envisioned you here with me,
the queen and king of dreams.

Like the rambling of a rose,
cascades the magic of love. 

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

... to capture the dream.

I woke with the morning,
darkness still abound 
and I shivered with the
chill, that on this earth is 

I thought of salt without
pepper, sugar without the 
cream, love without happiness 
and my life without the dream. 

I pulled my blankets closer, 
I whispered without sound, 
from my heart the words,
where love can be found. 

Everything comes to and end 
therefore there is no greater or less than. 

The reign of happiness 
lay within the soul. 
Weep not heart the day is done, 
the stars bright now shine above,
no chilled tears shed upon this eve,
for in my heart remains your love.

I imagined the sweetness in its
perfection, no sorrow, anger or 
fear, but filled with warmth and 
comfort,it proved how much one
could care.

No one is more powerful than another 
for death meets up with us all. 

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Another Canvas...or one repainted over.

Contentment... waking up in your arms.

I am not sure if  time  heals
or if it is time that reveals.

I have looked out this window
 I have seen this view before, 
no winds to gust the leaves up,
 the hills standing still. 

The sun is setting early,
the darkness begins to rise,
and the chill of another 
season is messing with 
my mind. 

Friendship is like a rubber band no matter how
      far you stretch it, it always snaps back.


Forever and Always

I have always been amazed how a song changes meaning as we mature and experience. I have always like The song " somewhere" from west side story. I believe everyone has a movie and each movie reflects an individual personality. I find that there was such irony to the movies chosen , whether they were selected by the person them self or picked for them. Nine and  half weeks , was a small chapter of lust and suited the person well. But I remember being asked what is my movie? I remembered responding with " west side story" " What!" was the reply" you think of me and gangs?" Not at all!!! When I think of west side story , I see romance, a battle to win, to make a difference, strength of character, faith, hope and the belief of what can be. Some of the music came to me today and I remember hearing it when I was around eleven years old , but as I sang it today, it took on a whole knew meaning.
" There is a place for us, somewhere a place for us, hold my hand and I'll take you there, hold my hand and we are almost there. Somewhere, someday, we'll find a new way of living"So much has happened in my life and as I try to find the answers , balance and that somewhere special. I sing the song, " there is a place for us..."
I found myself in the last few weeks retreating more and more to my bedroom, making myself my own prisoner. Part of it is was sifting through the past since childhood and another part of it wondering what is the meaning of this existence. So many choices that you don't think about but are making on a regular basis. I know for a fact that the past cannot dictate the future as each day is a revelation that mounts on experience.
It is like a beach in wet concrete, you leave your footsteps that become a permanent display of life. Like chapters in the wind the pages turn with a few caught in a whirlwind like trap, spinning and spinning.
I don't think anything could possible hurt me as much it does when I try to prevent my children from being hurt or making mistakes. That is almost and impossible feat,because they have their own journey.
Thank you for taking my hand, there is a place for us, in the heavens and on the earth. We challenge the day, battle the what is and live in the moment.
...for the place is right here in the heart.

Sunday, November 04, 2012


Given up a little bit of yourself...day after day. 

I saw the sunshine bright upon the early
morn, it erased the darkness and all the
passing storms. The view was so amazing 
I knew not what I'd do, as I watched 
your love shine like a day light star 
adorning the blue, I felt your love
shining on through. 

The warmth of your love reached out 
and touched me deep inside and
something began to happen and I 
quivered as you touched my mind. 

The stars from the heavens shining 
down on me, from morning through
midnight to moonlight, dreams.
Happiness was gaining, sorry washed
away, the memories enchanted were
here for another day. 

I saw the sunshine bright upon the early
morn, it erased the darkness and all the
passing storms. The view was so amazing
I knew not what I'd do,as I watched
your love shine like a day light star
adorning the blue, I felt your love
come shining through.

This night is special, special indeed, for the heavens above belong to you and me. The moonlight guides us to the heart and love leads by the zillions of stars. 

This night is special, special indeed, for the heavens above belong to you and me. For a moment an hour or a day, as long as your with me, we'll find our way. 

This night is special, special indeed, for the heavens above belong to you and me. When the storms of life take us by surprise, I'll reach for your hand as you reach for mine. 

Dan Seals, Nights Are Forever Without You

Just Tell Me You Love Me - England Dan and John Ford Coley

...to feel your love.

It is as easy as closing your eyes
and opening up your mind. 
Expectation locks the imagination. 
Love is magical in that it can see
where nothing else can. 
The train in derailment 
does not reveal and end, 
the middle of a journey. 
I looked the world over,
I reviewed all my days 
and as long as your with 
me, we will find our way. 
 I have not always been happy, 
but I am always with you. 
...to fall upon your ears.


I turned back the time to share a day with you, remembering the laughter in all that we would do. Sunshine every morning, stars shining bright each night are all simple reminders of having you in my life. Turning to the pages written true by love, cast me in your arms on earth and in the heavens above. My heart felt such
gladness, my soul danced with glee as I once more felt the magic of having you next to me.
"Dance said my heart, be happy as can be, never let go of the the miracle of dreams. " I smiled to a giggle and happy was I, for we had experienced the love that took us to new heights. We opened the window and there we could see the mysteries unraveling the magic of our dreams.
We challenge the mountains, we bridge the mighty sea, as we embrace life and all that wonder that it brings. From the first moment my heart skipped a beat and I felt so breathless that I trembled while falling to my knees. Reaching through the darkness, gasping out of fear, just to find my sweet you were always near. Sharing each moment, loving as we do, surfacing above the day to spend my night with you.
We are but a source of energy,
positive in nature, joyous in love, 
magical with the moment.
Blow away those clouds of darkness, let only love shine through. No more tears and days of sorrow, my heart is there with you. I'll hold you in the dark of night, when you feel all alone and I'll not let you go as I hold on to you.