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Pictorial Prose
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Friday, November 30, 2012

Merry Christmas

If only one should chance to read these words 
in an embrace of the moment, may it be he 
who has found their place deep within my heart, 
held my hand, walked side by side,
soul to soul on heaven and earth.  

Christmas time has always been a very special time. Not for what many think of as a holiday, not because of the gift giving and decorations and music.  I have always believed that Christ's birth is a celebration of hope. The hope that mankind would bring peace and make the world a better place for all. Hope that those who do not have love, find love, who do not see love, be given sight and those who have never felt the warmth of love in their heart, experience the embrace. 
I can't escape my own childhood memories, the images that are so embedded within the heart and mind.  There a few more gentle memories,  department store windows with the moving decorations, caroling, snowflakes and dinner cooking, cookie baking and  yes dreaming. 
My dreams were not of specifics but of well being, whatever well being is for everyone. With the holiday music playing in the other room, the chill creeping up on me, my mind whisked me away to a place of peace. If my words should fall upon one, may they fall upon you and grant you a joyous, happy and healthy holiday season. 



I find this space a place to remind myself, 
that love exist within each of us and isn't activated
until we share our love with another. 

I hope that people will look beyond the obvious and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas. For the magic of love needs no gift wrap,  nor fancy bow and it is endowed upon each and everyone of us , awaiting its chance to be shared with others.
Merry Christmas! 

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