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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, November 08, 2012

Autumn Memories...Hearts Desire

Sometimes we allow the world around us to decide which windows remain closed and which doors stay locked.

I opened the windows and the chill took to my soul, revealing the images of love and its hold. I shivered when you reached into my heart for at that very moment I knew you left your marque . The doors of life were now unlocked and as we walked through them a new chapter we would embark. The challenges are many and the rewards a few, as we embrace the magic of love and and all that it can do.

I'll keep on recording the words of my heart,
if you care to read them you'll find that you
are the brightest star.

You've held me through the night, kissed
me in the morn, woke me with your
tenderness before I knew what was in

The world can stand to battle, but you and
I we'll concede, for love is within us and
we shall continue in our dreams.

Shadows dancing on my window pane,
while the sun causes them to wave.
Images reflecting our yesterdays
and the tomorrows that have yet
to play.

An early chill has founds its way
and I understand what it has come
to say. We have made it through
the night and we will continue
through the season fight.

In a moment I tried to hide,
to cast the darkness from my side,
I envisioned you here with me,
the queen and king of dreams.

Like the rambling of a rose,
cascades the magic of love. 

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