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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, November 25, 2012

la la la la from my heart to you

To empower another 
 is to deny ones own strength. 

It was a song,  letter, compliment 
and a memory,it was knowing that 
I hold your love close in my heart. 

I cried for all that wouldn't be,
the sorrow kept a hold on me,
until I awoke and found you
were always here with me. 

Ice hanging from the mountain,
snow glazed like a lace doily, 
winds that seem to speak of 
a wild and winter filled journey.  
I pushed aside the darkness, 
I set my soul once more free,
the pains that I endured were
erased by the love you give to me. 

The drapes were opened and there 
I saw the joy of life when you are 
with me. I knew that I was not alone
has your hand is hand in hand with me. 

La la la la from my heart the song of love,
La la la la when I awake to find you there 
with me. 
La la la la said the angel, la la la la from my 
soul , la la la la we will do it, we will sail the 
seven seas. 

The drapes were opened and the gift I now 
could see, clearer than anyone could imagine,
is the love, the love that last for all eternity. 

La la la la , from my heart to you, la la la la 
my angel from my heart to you. 

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