Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Monday, November 19, 2012

...awakens within your arms.

If you give it to much thought 
you can alter the moment. 

The Embrace
The wind circled while conversing, 
it spoke not of our yesterdays, 
but leading us through the moment
to the brush with loves embrace. 

The mountains bowed to passing, 
the darkness now filled with light, 
as the quest beyond the madness,
took control of the dark of night. 

Truth holds tight the moment that
neither time nor space can strip apart,
for deep within you found your place
forever in my heart. 
     The stars bridged

      the distance...

Waging rivers...I decided to 
 float upon the waves. 

Love is ageless and 

 kisses your lips,
 holds your hand, 
 embraces your heart. 


You are a mere reflection

 of all

                                                               that is wonderful in this world.

I thought the tears were
                                empty and meaningless 
                                                         indeed , 
                          until I looked once again and found 
 they are filled  with

 all our hopes and dreams.  

The Treasures
          Peace and harmony,
          laughter and joy,
          mingled with happiness
          and the love you employed.

Once can try to control the moment,
but no one or nothing can wage war upon our love. 


Memory filled tears,
I don't wipe them away

I gently work them into my heart. 

The greatest of all love is eternal 
in both the heavens and on earth. 

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