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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Life's Embrace

I looked on at the mountains, 
and the river long and wide, 
again at the heavens and 
the blue, blue of the sky. 

United one with heart, 
joined soul to soul, 
together in happiness
the bond an eternal hold. 

The Revelation

Shaken spirit ,weep not nor sorrow hold, for we embark upon tomorrow whether storm impede or sun light days of gold.  Wandering through the darkness a light of love appears, in the revelation a treasure filled with gems of life to share. The mystery unfolds, although we have known it all along, from the death of the willow to the blue birds early spring song. It is the desire to hold you closer to feel your breath  infuse with mine and taste the sweetness that creates a mixture of loves bitter sweet brine.  The night sky whispers, the stars again remind, how little our world and how tightly we are entwined. Time dictates the moment, the  passing of a day, but we encompass forever in the most unique fulfilling way.  


As easy as closing your eyes 
as near as your fingers to your lips. 

Dismantling a rainbow
is to remove the colors of faith. 


... to feel your heart beat. 


The power of love ...


Light in the darkness...


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