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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Like a Rambling Rose

The Heavens Embrace
Each star upon the heavens high,
documents the reason why, love 
empowers and is true and lives
on in all that we do. 

Listen to the winds that roar,
from the heavens to this earthly 
floor, speaks of happiness and
desire ignites the eternal fire. 

I shall leave upon this earth 
the words of love from our soul
the hearth.

 Speaks of angels, sings in praise
that we have lived to love another

Embark upon this quest divine
where love empowers soul and mind;
bridge the rivers, sail the seas, the 
conquest unites us through the 
Close your eyes and follow me 
the haunting sweet of memory,
the words may fade as time dictates,
but in your heart the love remains. 

The hunger of the heart aches...
It is true the heart can see, 
the soul 
can feel, the mind believe;
the hint 
of happiness, passion and 
glee, the 
smile when you are here 
with me.

It is true the heart can see, the soul
can feel, the mind believe; the dance
upon the heavens high, the love that
embraces all through the night. 

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