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Pictorial Prose
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Friday, November 09, 2012

Shattered Crystal, Embroidered Lace

 To remove the negativity
is to reinforce the positive. 
Life sifting grains of sand....

The goal was acceptance... the journey complete. 

Soft and moist, precious so the lips 
that meet with mine, interlocking 
heart and soul on the journey 
that battles time. 

... to leave upon this earth the script of love, 
    written by the soul, carried out by the heart.

 Content am I to know,
 the meaning of love 
 as I watch it grow. 

   From the corners of the world,
   from earth to heaven high, 
   we embrace with love so sweet,
   to the heart via the mind. 

Compels me with the inner truth,
listen and yea shall hear, the 
whispers to the heart of one
who kindly dared to care. 

Descending like magic a 
blanket of frost appeared 
crystals of ice that soon 
will fade when the sun 

First I was intrigued and I 
gazed once more to see,
the image cast within your
eyes was of what was meant 
to be. 

Beautiful the treasure descending 
upon my soul, filled with hope, faith 
and trust and the love that we 
entrusted without fear. 

Glorious the the never ending emotions,
 slow yet placed to hungrily devour each
 and every moment of every blessed hour.

The long and treacherous journey met
 with fate and to the night a bequeath
 that if tomorrow never makes it I leave
 to you all my heart believes. 

The stars were meant to guide us
beyond the trials of the day, for 
when you gaze upon the sky 
the heart is where they aim. 

The drapes are widely opened, 
the darkness has no hold, 
for we have loved and love 
have we as the day unfolds. 


Shattered Crystal,
Embroidered lace.

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