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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, November 04, 2012

...to feel your love.

It is as easy as closing your eyes
and opening up your mind. 
Expectation locks the imagination. 
Love is magical in that it can see
where nothing else can. 
The train in derailment 
does not reveal and end, 
the middle of a journey. 
I looked the world over,
I reviewed all my days 
and as long as your with 
me, we will find our way. 
 I have not always been happy, 
but I am always with you. 
...to fall upon your ears.


I turned back the time to share a day with you, remembering the laughter in all that we would do. Sunshine every morning, stars shining bright each night are all simple reminders of having you in my life. Turning to the pages written true by love, cast me in your arms on earth and in the heavens above. My heart felt such
gladness, my soul danced with glee as I once more felt the magic of having you next to me.
"Dance said my heart, be happy as can be, never let go of the the miracle of dreams. " I smiled to a giggle and happy was I, for we had experienced the love that took us to new heights. We opened the window and there we could see the mysteries unraveling the magic of our dreams.
We challenge the mountains, we bridge the mighty sea, as we embrace life and all that wonder that it brings. From the first moment my heart skipped a beat and I felt so breathless that I trembled while falling to my knees. Reaching through the darkness, gasping out of fear, just to find my sweet you were always near. Sharing each moment, loving as we do, surfacing above the day to spend my night with you.
We are but a source of energy,
positive in nature, joyous in love, 
magical with the moment.
Blow away those clouds of darkness, let only love shine through. No more tears and days of sorrow, my heart is there with you. I'll hold you in the dark of night, when you feel all alone and I'll not let you go as I hold on to you.

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