Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Holiday 356

I created a holiday just for you and I,
to celebrate our love as it soars the heavens high.
Like a star that sparkles brightly in the sky,
our eternal love is more powerful and wonderful
than anyone can conceive with the mind.

Each day is a simple reminder
of what you mean to me and
so I write the words of love
to document for all eternity.

I love you with all my heart,
your my dream come true and
with each day I dance and sing
to holiday 356.

Year to year in passing
and still our love grows strong,
it brings light to the darkness and
it rewrites the wrong.

I wake up with a smile and
those fuzzy warm thoughts of you
and they carry me through the day
till the night darkens the sky of blue.

The Meeting of Souls

                                                           One journey worlds apart.

I didn't go looking
nor did I hope to find
a love so incredible
to last for all time.

I found you in the sunlight,
shining brightly down on me,
you warmed my very heart
and gave to me a dream.

Confused by the tears
trapped within my smiles,
bewildered by the moment
our souls crossed the miles.

I recognized from the very start,
the love that ignited in my heart.
Blazing passion fueled by desire,
created a flame more beautiful
with every hour.

Like no other you're as special as can be,
a companion to the living of my very dreams.
Impossible for many to understand or believe,
but our love surfaced our of pure need.

The rose with many petals,
opens for all to see,
my heart with many layers
reveals a love of eternity.

Jasmine sweet fragrance fills the air
with a waft of early spring for you and I to share.
Just around the corner winter awaits but with
you spring will always remain.

Whispers of the soul
repeat the words of love,
grateful for each day
I thank the heavens above.

You are the sky above
and the earth below,
you are my whole world
you make me smile so.

I say goodnight and to you
a simple kiss to your lips
as I snuggle close within your arms
in a dream like quality of bliss.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

October 28 th..National I love you day

I was just told that today is " national I love you day". I can't imagine anyone celebrating a day of love. If you need a calendar or a hallmark holiday to say " I love you" you can't possibly be experiencing love in any shape or form. I had to actually search it up on the internet because I couldn't believe someone could stoop to creating a one day in the year for honoring love.
Each moment of my life is a celebration of love from the moment I wake up through my sleeping hours. When I began writing prose it was a documentation of love that would out live my time on earth. I knew that even after I part with my earthly form, the words of love would continue on as a celebration of love.

" I love you"

Take the blue skies and sunshine,
raindrops and clouds of  gray
they are all a reminder of the magic
of life and the gifts of the day.

You're all around me,
in all that I say and do,
you're here in my heart
and I truly love you.

I hear in the silence,
I feel you from a far
a love so magically warm
that it melts my heart.

Take the blue skies and sunshine,
raindrops and clouds of  gray
they are all a reminder of the magic
of life and the gifts of the day.

I looked to the heavens
the sky was so blue
and all I could think
was yes, I love you.

Through the hell
and madness that
life can bring, one
thing is certain
you are my dream..

Nothing and everything
reminds me of you
for you are on my mind
in my heart too.

I need no reminder,
to say how I feel
good morning my love
from my heart spills.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Snuggling Weather

Time is but a moment
and a page in the day,
leading to a chapter
written by fate.

It all had to happen,
to make us who we are,
so we may identify
the angel from afar.



Teardrops from the heavens
another storm insight and
though the rain is falling
my heart is warmed from
the love of my life.

I declare each day with you,
whether skies are gray or blue
to be magical like spring
when winter pushes through.


Heart to heart we stroll
on this journey we call life,
where autumn's chill is
replaced with a warmth
that takes us to new heights.

Whitetail grazing calmly
are caught by surprise,
in this picturesque season
where the colors are divine.


Take away my worries
and ease my broken soul,
I soar to the heavens to
feel your loving hold.

The rain is falling
and darkness made its way
and the clouds are gray
your love shines day after day,

Take way my worries
and ease my broken soul,
I soar to the heavens to
feel your loving hold.


Monday, October 26, 2015

We are not guaranteed tomorrow and yesterday is already spent,
so I take this moment to say " I love you" with my heart and souls consent.


Wind blown kisses soft to your cheek
to wake you from your nightly dreams,
a reminder of my forever love for you
to start your morning anew.

Autumn leaves swirling around,
memory filled they blanket the ground.
The task is as simple as it can be,
to share our hearts completely.

My thoughts consumed of only you,
from season to season our love true.
Early morn and thru the dark of night,
it is in your arms and heart for all of life.

Welcome to this world of yours and mine,
where our hearts are the playground of the mind.
Wonderful and magical as love can certainly be,
if I didn't know better, I'd think I was still in a

This my heart as it's opened up to you,
powerful enough to make each sky so blue.
Placing clouds strategically as they pass on by,
that you and I may step aboard any day or time.

Priceless is each moment spent with you,
immeasurable the gift of sweet love true.
Time has no importance in the world of ours,
the irony is the rarity and yet to my life a shower.

There is no argument the seasons may come and go,
but with you our love would melt the deepest snow.
Happiness like that of early May when the flowers
begin to bloom and once more winter will fade.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

La, la , la

Forget about the moon light
and the stars shining above,
I don't need their presence
to feel your precious love.

For you light the night
with happiness and glee,
sharing heart and soul
you bring such joy to me.

Forget about the miles,
the distance and time
as long as my heart beats
you'll be in the center of mine.


If my heart were like a snow globe
and you could shake it up to see,
the world deep within my heart
consist of beautiful memories.

Falling down like snowflakes
are kisses of our sweet love,
as if they fell from the heavens
to join our hearts and souls as one.

My heart would have it no other way,
the view of lovers in a forever embrace.
Gaze once more into this world of ours
and the snowflakes will melt with our
hearts on fire.

Precious Love

Closing my eyes,
crossed hands over heart,
to feel your precious love
both near and afar.

Sways as I hum
the words of sweet love
in this moment of heaven
sent down from above.

Cast out the darkness,
there is only you and I
dancing in circles on
the clouds in the sky.

Closing my eyes
crossed hands over heart,
to feel your precious love
both near and afar.

Somewhere Between Reality and a Dream

I shivered with excitement
and I felt a wildly bit insane
as I reached for your love
in this moment we call a day.

Rain turned to warm sunshine
and replaced all signs of gray,
knowing that you are with me
brings a tremendous amount
of joy my way.

I feel your loving presence
cradle me day and night,
touched by your kindness,
I'll put it all on replay.

Like a daydream in motion,
where I choose the lead
and dance upon the heavens
somewhere between reality
and a dream.

The magic of the moonlight
or the mystery of time and space,
it matters little where you travel
as you're in my heart to stay.

I could ramble on forever,
so that all the world would know
that our love is quite wonderful
and continues to grow.

Writing a few words
like a song of the heart,
securing our forever
in the magic of the stars.


Expressing sweet emotion,
I borrowed a musical tune,
to share what's in my heart
and all my love for you.

The song would be meaningless,
like lifeless words upon a page
if not for the warm memories
you and I have made.

Breath of Life

Lifeless words upon a page
until you read a few and
give them the breath of life
to make the words true.

Like the night without a moon
and the day without the sun
my heart would be so empty
if it weren't for your sweet love.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

I'd sip my tea a little slower if it meant 
spending one more moment with you. 


Everyone wants to share in their personal hell, 
I prefer to share in my heaven...loving you.

Companion, touches my heart while embracing my soul. 


I have been here before,
walked along the shore
and to gaze in disbelief
at the passing memories.

It seems black and white
the way life should be
but the colors of a day
never truly fade away.

The wind across my cheek
reminds my heart and soul
the magic of your love and
the power of its hold.
Caught my tears and turned them into 
smiles and laughter...friendship.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Virtual Tour of My Heart

Take a virtual tour of my heart
and love is what you will see,
from the moment of hello
you've been a part of me.

Stroll hand in hand,
down the path of life
through grays skies and blue
day and night.

Take a virtual tour of my heart
and love is what you will find,
I keep it tucked safely away
to retrieve any day or time.

Like the colors of a rainbow,
that arch across the sky ,
the sweetness of our love
is the embrace that makes
you mine.

Take a virtual tour of my heart
each day is something new
as I go about dreaming,
dreaming of loving you.

I have spent most of my life on a detour. In this small corner of the world, people believed that a few words were worth hanging in their homes. When a blind women asked to have my poetry read to her , chose to purchase a framed poem, I realized it wasn't so much about the format at it was the words. She said what is the picture like? Is it a wreath? I said no its an angel with angel wings. It was at that moment that I realized that people were truly buying words of my soul. From out of the darkness a light shines and maybe not millions but thousands of people are touched once more by the words of my soul. Thank you for believing in me.

I traveled quite the distance,
not knowing where it would lead.
Like a detour going no where
until you met up with me.

Words of my soul
starting out of despair
and soon they became of
the love you and I share.

`Bringing light to the darkness
and a smile to each and every day,
comforts my heart and soul
in a peaceful kind of way.

Cup between two friends
and a moment in our day,
touches both heart and soul
in a warm and loving way.

Speak Heart

It seemed as if the sun had taken its time rising this morning. The darkness of the night merged with the morning leaving the soul hungry for the light of day. It was in this moment where I felt as if time stood still and where my thoughts were driven by emotion. Lacking any control, it was my heart that spoke as if empowered by time nor space but by that which found its place forever in my heart....your love.

Tears that tell a story
flow like a river wild,
reminiscent of memories
from that first smile.

Dancing in the heavens,
feeling your embrace,
in your arms forever
in our special place.

Not the chills of Autumn
that rattles deep in my soul,
the shiver of emotion
is how your love took hold.

Barriers of darkness,
a script the devil writes,
dares to keep a part
our eternal love of life.

No eraser to the madness,
the journey takes a toll,
but tomorrow awaits us
in a kiss upon my soul.

Tears that tell a story
flow like a river wild,
reminiscent of memories
from that first smile.

The Power of Love by Andrea Bocelli

Entrust me with your dream - Luciano Ligabue - Regalami il Tuo Sogno (English ly...

Sunday, October 11, 2015

In the Name of Love

I fluffed my bed pillow and
I pulled my blanket close,
snuggling into the emptiness
and there your love arose.

The distance simply faded
as  I lay there next to you,
my heart rapidly beating,
" whispered I love you."

I knew that you were with me,
in a sweet dream come true,
the magic of love where
our love surely blooms.

I fluffed my bed pillow and
I pulled my blanket close,
snuggling into the emptiness
and there your love arose.

 Stars that flicker,
a chill in the night,
until the magic of
our love took flight.

Holding hands
two hearts as one,
as we soar the heavens
in the name of love.

The night once filled with darkness
that I could barely see,
the love that was waiting
had always been there for me.

Like the stars in the night
shining ever so bright,
the silence that ruled the day
replaced with happiness that
sings away.

I found my love in you,
my sweet darling  true,
from the moment you
came into my life.


My fingers on the keys,
my heart dictates the words,
that challenges the mountains
and soars higher than a flock
of birds.

I declare that all who look above will see
the heavens filled with our love like dream,
we are the sunshine which brightens the morn
and glow of the moonlight that says there is
so much more in store.

My fingers on the keys
my heart dictates the words,
that challenges the mountains
and soars higher than a flock
of birds.

I was an empty vessel
with nowhere to go,
until you touched my life
and our love began to grow.

My fingers on the keys
my heart dictates the words,
that challenges the mountains
and soars higher than a flock
of birds.


Perry Como - "Till The End of Time" (1945)

Anema E Core - Perry Como

Thursday, October 08, 2015

Gust of Wind

The gust of wind in the air today touched my soul and memories played. The days of long ago where brick by brick a wall was made cast doubt of all that can be done to bridge the darkness with Autumn sun.
Why is it that the same window
provides many views?
There is a stillness to the moment
that looks neither forward or backward.
My mind rewrites the chapters each day
but the story still reads the same.
Molly my poodle is snoring
at least one of us is getting some sleep.
I had a dream about a giant and the dream analysis
said " I am battling big problems" they have no idea.
Sometimes the sun does
shine through my bedroom window.
Experience is nothing but lessons in life,
I would have preferred to skip a few.
I get this vision of Gulliver's travels. The scene where the Lilliput's have him tied down. It just reminds me, how is that we can let such little things hold us back? Well than on second thought it's a lot of little things...which leads us to the old adage "when it rains it pours"
I mastered screaming in silence,
that is until my fingers did the talking.
The impact of you upon my life has been monumental,
I was granted wings and have soared the heavens.
 It is the crash landings that I have to perfect.
All this in a gust of wind....

Sunday, October 04, 2015

Midnight Reflections

The rooster is asleep
till 4 am rolls around
and soon he'll crow
as if no one is around.

The dog is on the porch
barking at a passing deer
and the night is ever dark
without you here to share.

I'm lying here wide awake,
paging through the day
while rambling thoughts
of you find there way.

                                                                   So far and so close,
                                                                distanced by mountains
     and bridged by memories.
To dance upon the clouds has a magic of its own
and yet the darkness rules.
I failed to see the light of happiness,
as I reach out in the darkness.
The world carries its own heavy
that I don't have to add to it.
I gather strength in loving you,
like a sponge that soaks up water.
How is that I am running
but my feet have never moved?
The silence is overwhelming.
Pulls you close
and kisses you goodnight.

Friday, October 02, 2015

This Love

I have many times requested some sort of normalcy to my life and then I thought am I worthy of such a life of calm and peace? Out of the blue I felt your love swoop down and pick me up and hold me in the most safest of embrace. At that very moment an inner whisper said " this is love , wonderful, warm and caring, the giving of heart the embracing of souls and at that moment everything seemed as it should be... but it was far from normal, because this is nothing average or common about this love.
This is the most spectacular, amazing gift of life a love that I so cherish.

Two as One

The smile in my morning
and the love in my heart,
belongs to you my darling
in this life long embrace.

Lifting to the heavens
entwined two as one,
our souls forever bonded
on earth and in the clouds

Peace is what is founded
no worries or despair,
as long as you are with me
only positive is shared.