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Pictorial Prose
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Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Meeting of Souls

                                                           One journey worlds apart.

I didn't go looking
nor did I hope to find
a love so incredible
to last for all time.

I found you in the sunlight,
shining brightly down on me,
you warmed my very heart
and gave to me a dream.

Confused by the tears
trapped within my smiles,
bewildered by the moment
our souls crossed the miles.

I recognized from the very start,
the love that ignited in my heart.
Blazing passion fueled by desire,
created a flame more beautiful
with every hour.

Like no other you're as special as can be,
a companion to the living of my very dreams.
Impossible for many to understand or believe,
but our love surfaced our of pure need.

The rose with many petals,
opens for all to see,
my heart with many layers
reveals a love of eternity.

Jasmine sweet fragrance fills the air
with a waft of early spring for you and I to share.
Just around the corner winter awaits but with
you spring will always remain.

Whispers of the soul
repeat the words of love,
grateful for each day
I thank the heavens above.

You are the sky above
and the earth below,
you are my whole world
you make me smile so.

I say goodnight and to you
a simple kiss to your lips
as I snuggle close within your arms
in a dream like quality of bliss.

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