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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, October 25, 2015

La, la , la

Forget about the moon light
and the stars shining above,
I don't need their presence
to feel your precious love.

For you light the night
with happiness and glee,
sharing heart and soul
you bring such joy to me.

Forget about the miles,
the distance and time
as long as my heart beats
you'll be in the center of mine.


If my heart were like a snow globe
and you could shake it up to see,
the world deep within my heart
consist of beautiful memories.

Falling down like snowflakes
are kisses of our sweet love,
as if they fell from the heavens
to join our hearts and souls as one.

My heart would have it no other way,
the view of lovers in a forever embrace.
Gaze once more into this world of ours
and the snowflakes will melt with our
hearts on fire.

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