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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Somewhere Between Reality and a Dream

I shivered with excitement
and I felt a wildly bit insane
as I reached for your love
in this moment we call a day.

Rain turned to warm sunshine
and replaced all signs of gray,
knowing that you are with me
brings a tremendous amount
of joy my way.

I feel your loving presence
cradle me day and night,
touched by your kindness,
I'll put it all on replay.

Like a daydream in motion,
where I choose the lead
and dance upon the heavens
somewhere between reality
and a dream.

The magic of the moonlight
or the mystery of time and space,
it matters little where you travel
as you're in my heart to stay.

I could ramble on forever,
so that all the world would know
that our love is quite wonderful
and continues to grow.

Writing a few words
like a song of the heart,
securing our forever
in the magic of the stars.

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