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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, October 12, 2015

Virtual Tour of My Heart

Take a virtual tour of my heart
and love is what you will see,
from the moment of hello
you've been a part of me.

Stroll hand in hand,
down the path of life
through grays skies and blue
day and night.

Take a virtual tour of my heart
and love is what you will find,
I keep it tucked safely away
to retrieve any day or time.

Like the colors of a rainbow,
that arch across the sky ,
the sweetness of our love
is the embrace that makes
you mine.

Take a virtual tour of my heart
each day is something new
as I go about dreaming,
dreaming of loving you.

I have spent most of my life on a detour. In this small corner of the world, people believed that a few words were worth hanging in their homes. When a blind women asked to have my poetry read to her , chose to purchase a framed poem, I realized it wasn't so much about the format at it was the words. She said what is the picture like? Is it a wreath? I said no its an angel with angel wings. It was at that moment that I realized that people were truly buying words of my soul. From out of the darkness a light shines and maybe not millions but thousands of people are touched once more by the words of my soul. Thank you for believing in me.

I traveled quite the distance,
not knowing where it would lead.
Like a detour going no where
until you met up with me.

Words of my soul
starting out of despair
and soon they became of
the love you and I share.

`Bringing light to the darkness
and a smile to each and every day,
comforts my heart and soul
in a peaceful kind of way.

Cup between two friends
and a moment in our day,
touches both heart and soul
in a warm and loving way.

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