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Thursday, October 08, 2015

Gust of Wind

The gust of wind in the air today touched my soul and memories played. The days of long ago where brick by brick a wall was made cast doubt of all that can be done to bridge the darkness with Autumn sun.
Why is it that the same window
provides many views?
There is a stillness to the moment
that looks neither forward or backward.
My mind rewrites the chapters each day
but the story still reads the same.
Molly my poodle is snoring
at least one of us is getting some sleep.
I had a dream about a giant and the dream analysis
said " I am battling big problems" they have no idea.
Sometimes the sun does
shine through my bedroom window.
Experience is nothing but lessons in life,
I would have preferred to skip a few.
I get this vision of Gulliver's travels. The scene where the Lilliput's have him tied down. It just reminds me, how is that we can let such little things hold us back? Well than on second thought it's a lot of little things...which leads us to the old adage "when it rains it pours"
I mastered screaming in silence,
that is until my fingers did the talking.
The impact of you upon my life has been monumental,
I was granted wings and have soared the heavens.
 It is the crash landings that I have to perfect.
All this in a gust of wind....

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