Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Monday, June 29, 2015

Let's Make Our Own Holiday

I'll look into your eyes,
before our lips meet for a kiss,
a gentle holding of your hands
in a celebration of bliss.

This sweet gift of life
shared between two,
creating warm memories
for me and you.

Every single passing day,
we'll document the spell,
a holiday where hearts
from heaven fell.

Let's make our own holiday,
through all the seasons
our hearts together in a
warm and wonderful way.

I'll look into your eyes
before our lips meet for a kiss,
a gentle holding of your hands
in a celebration of bliss.

Flower in Bloom

I set aside a moment
in each and everyday,
to count my blessing
when you first came
my way.

It is awfully special
and I can tell you why,
the magic of love is
like a great floral design.

Filled with colors of
every shade and hue,
the beauty of our love
is a flower in bloom.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sings ...there is a silence in the air.

There is a silence in the air,
only words of love to share.
Script in the heavens blue
are the words " I love you."

My heart holds the pen
as the day first begins,
to once more write of love
on those clouds above.

There is a silence in the air,
only words of love to share.
Script in the heavens blue
are the words " I love you."

I use this medium to say
our love grows with each day,
for when we are gone,
others will see just how strong.

There is a silence in the air,
only words of love to share.
Script in the heavens blue
are the words " I love you."

Friday, June 26, 2015

You're Dancing With Me

For me dance is like "stopping to smell the roses." Instilled at an early age for the love of music, lyrics, song and dance, I found that a simple dance in the kitchen became a rise above the negative.

Follow your heart,
let your soul free,
there is no wrong steps,
you are dancing with me.

My head on your shoulder,
while our hearts beat as one
in this dance we call life
we journey through love.

Follow your heart,
let your soul free,
there is no wrong steps,
you are dancing with me.

... by my side.

One look outside the window
and it is as magical as can be
when hearts come together
and we supersede the dreams.

I can feel your presence,
the arms that hold me tight,
on this rocky road we travel
and we simply call life.


Blue birds in my morning,
with every thought of you,
sunshine awaiting to rise and
find its place in the blue.

Slipping from the darkness
into the sweetest memory,
as I open my eyes and
find you never left me.

There is a song in my heart
with simple words of love,
melodic sounds encapsulate
like the clouds above.

Dance close you are in my arms,
here there is no right or wrong.
The steps are quite easy to follow
along as you'll be quickly dancing
to my heart song.

The center of my world,
your right here with me.
My love , my angel
my sweet everything.

Where peace resides
and happiness is free,
right here in my heart
that is how it shall be.


I said to myself,
"how can this be?
wipe away those tears
and set that smile free."

I went about my morning,
with racing thoughts of you
and knowing that our love
is a dream come true.

I said to myself,
" let strength be your guide
and remember that it was
God that placed you by
my side."

Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Rest Of Our LIfe

Miles of green in every shade and hue,
skies of periwinkle and baby blue.
Close your eyes and allow your heart to see,
the world as our souls know it can be.

Visuals that enhance the day
with the embrace in a lovers way,
from the moment you wake up
till you're fast asleep, remember
the power of a dream.

The flowers race to bloom
with a fragrance of morning dew,
in the garden of life there is you and I,
joined together for the rest of our life.


You don't have to say you love me,
to show me how much you care.
Life can be so awfully lonely on
the days when you are not here.

You don't have to shout aloud
you know that I will hear.
From your heart a soulful song
a melody that only lovers share.


If there is a heaven and angels above,
they must have sent you down for me to love.
I felt it from day one, the uniting of hearts
that speak of true love.

If stardust is true magic indeed,
than it dusted our hearts during a dream.
That magic which brought you to me,
recognized the souls that were meant to be.

If there is a heaven and angels above,
they created the clouds where our hearts are one.
Holding your hand as you pull me near,
in the dance that only true love can share.



So warm and bright the sun shines
the weather is much more than fair,
as I gaze unto the heavens high
I feel your essence by my side.

Lost in the moment where hearts sing
the day seems as perfect as it could be,
it could only be better if you were here,
so that we could sit together and share.

Cooled off in the swimming pool,
while my mine drifted free of a hold.
Knowing how life really should be
is as simple as having you here
with me.

Clouds passing and the sky blue
a fine day to sit and dream of you,
I feel you so very close to me .
it's the souls way of touching
through a daydream.

You and I

Sifting through the memories
retaining the ones of you and I,
where the sky is always blue
and our hearts like sun shine.

If you take away the fantasy
and give reality a quick spin,
it's your arms that are holding me
from the beginning till the end.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Stronger With Each Day

Fireflies outside my bedroom window,
dance in a sparkling bright ballet.
The image is really quite magical
in its very simple kind of way.

Peaceful and yet toxic
as I take a breath or two
and share a child like memory
from my heart to you.

That is how I see it ,
you hand in hand with me,
lying side by side
doing absolutely nothing.

The stars our blanket,
no matter where you are,
for my stars are yours
no matter how far.


The night seemed rather quiet
or at least I thought it so
until I listened to my heart
and the volume simply rose.

Truth had finally surfaced
and this much I can say
that my dearest love for you
is stronger with each day.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Power of Love

Soar high above the heavens
over the mountain and sea,
reaching beyond the darkness
with a love that is truly free.

Spoken solely by the heart
the revelation is certainly true
that only a love like ours
can merge above the blue.


Unlocked the gates,
the barriers removed,
the reflection I see
is our embrace renewed.

Once frightened and fearful
of what the day holds,
I no longer worry
as our story is told.

Two souls woven as one
as the bond tightens
by the power of love.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Good Night My Love

My head upon your shoulder
and your arms holding me tight,
the moment so very comforting ,
I could stay there all day and night.

Love is a thread of magic
that has brought you from afar
and placed you so close to me
as you are right here in my heart.

Like a star in the heavens shines bright
and the moon sends down beams of light
you have removed the darkness surrounding
as your love guides me through the night.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Restless Dreams

Lost in the moment
of a restless dream,
awaken in the darkness
by memories.

Clouds brace the night,
no stars to be seen,
the light that shines
is our love set free.

Feel the warmth
it is love as it should be,
feel the tenderness
right out of my dream.

Speaking in silence
only you will hear
the sounds of love
that only hearts can share.

Listen closely
our souls can't deny
though no words spoken
we have out done the mime.

Like a puzzle
with two pieces unlocked,
that is how I feel
like a tic without the tock.

Needing you badly,
wanting you so,
the ache still lingers
the pain still grows.

Echo's from deep inside
of the troubled void
when your are not
by my side.

Lost in the moment
of a restless dream,
awaken in the darkness
by memories.


The loudest sounds
come from the heart
where tears are falling,
and break the silence
from afar.

Reach out through the darkness
and you'll find it was always me,
for I was reaching out to you,
via your every dream.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sleepless Nights

Love is the embrace of life.

It is so very simple,
it is quite easy to do,
I just close my eyes
and there I am with

It doesn't take magic,
nor a fantasy or two,
reality is on our love
and to the barriers

To rest easy within the moment
is to place myself within your arms.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Hearts That Sing

Listen to the whispers,
like a breath of wind,
sweet words of love
heart to heart as one.

Notes from the heavens,
drift down from above
to accompany the heart
as it sings of our love.


Thursday, June 11, 2015

Thoughts On A Summer Day

You have brought such joy to my life,
how cold and empty I would be without you.
I took to dreaming like I do everyday,
wishful thinking in my arms you lay.
Wondering what you are doing now
and hoping that somehow I bring you
a smile.

I took to dreaming like that first day,
laughing and giggling in a silly way.
Wondering if you remember too,
how much love I have for you.

You and I

We have come together like
a butterfly to the nectar sweet,
common and yet beautiful
it is more than a dream.

Like the stars to the night sky
you can't have one without the other
or the song of a blue bird
on a warm bright day of summer.

I reckon that I knew from the start
it was you my love who held my heart.
Like a rainbow arched across the sky,
we are connected heart, soul and mind.

We have come together like
a butterfly to the nectar sweet,
naturally a treasure that brought
you to me. 

Blue Sky

Warm breeze,
on a hot summer day,
I hear the hum of the fan
and that is when my mind
drifts away.

Tightly closed
are these eyes of mine,
in fear that If I open them
I'll be alone once more.

Daydreams on demand,
that is how I see you,
in the garden of life,
sharing a cool glass of tea.

My heart beats fast,
from the touch of love,
that I carry day to day
from you my special one.

Imagine for a moment
how happy we would be,
if we could take the moment
and walk right through the

I am erasing all the sadness,
only happiness for you and I,
for we are like  the wind
entwined with the blue sky.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

We Own The Moment

Can you hear the whispers?
the whispers of my heart,
I sent them to you
via a summer storm.

It's the sound of rain,
the feel of the wind,
the fury of thunder
from deep within.

Can you hear the song?
sung from my soul,
the music of angels
to the love I hold.

It's the magic of the night,
when silence fades away
and all that you'll hear
is the love that remains.


We own the moment,
the moment is ours
close your eyes and
allow your heart to
spark like a fire.

Flames of passion
and a deep desire
to share our love
each moment of the hour.


Gaze upon the field,
where the wildflowers grow,
a soft summer vision
sets the scene aglow.

Peaceful transition
beyond the hills
distance myself
from the darkness
from the depths of hell.

I take with me your love
safely held within my heart
and no matter where I travel
you're never very far.

You're the blue in my sky,
the warmth of sunlight.
each breath that I take
is like your kiss in the night.

The stars cannot compare
the sparkle of your love
which outshine the
moonlight from above.


I visualized a walk,
your hand in mine,
our feet in the sands
in the passing of time.

Nothing really matters,
as long as you are here,
for you are my love
with whom I share.

Season to season,
day after  day,
I give to you my love
in this magical way.

The moon rules the night,
the start countless as can be,
having nothing on you and I
we are eternity.

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Scattered Like Seeds in the Wind

There is so much to do that I am not completely accomplishing anyone particular project today. Clearing the porch to paint, working in the kitchen, attending to my gardens  and yet even worse is the thoughts that race to my mind scattering like seeds in the wind. It is like reviewing a classic movie. Each time you view it, you are at a different place in your life and your interpretation of that moment is different. Age, experience, along with our trial and triumphs allow for a different perspective.
Occasionally I feel the weight of the water as I tire of treading and other times I feel like I am at a four way intersection not knowing what is down each road. One thing that I have become very certain about is the endless possibilities of a view. If everyone looked out the same window, they would all come back with a different view of their experience. Looking back over my life I can see how childhood, the teenage years and the struggles through adulthood can alter the view right outside my window. Even for myself that view changes from day to day as the struggles in life change.

Today I see the sun
shining down from the sky,
through the tree leaves
it shimmers with a soft light.

Grateful for all that we are and
the dreams of dancing on the stars.
Celebrating each moment of time
where hearts leaving about love signs.

The Never Ending Promise

Fresh placed linen and a
pillow to dream upon,
sentimental words of love
revealed in a song.

Earning morning rising
to meet the burning sun 
and the joy of loving you
that never goes undone.

The words a script unsealed
day by day a year in play
words written of my sweet
love for you.


The heart speaks in a truth
reveals by the meeting of souls.

Monday, June 08, 2015

The Sounds of The River

The sounds of the river
as they hit upon the rock,
the loon calling and the
boats coming into dock.

My mind traveled to the day
when you walked into my life
and it was never quite the same,

Sitting by the river
as a barge passes by,
I drifted heart and soul
once more to that special

The sounds of the river
as it his upon the rock,
the loon calling and the
boats coming into dock.


Listened to the Song

I took to the night
and listened to the song
of the nightingale
and the tree frogs.

The sky was clouded as
the rain was falling down
a wet summer evening
filled with many a sound.

My heart started racing and
my soul reached out to you
as I danced in the rain and
dreamed of loving you.

I took to the night
and listened to the song
of the nightingale
and the tree frogs.

Chapters of Life

The chapters of life are the stepping stones
 that lead us don the path of tomorrow.
Dreams are a way the subconscious deals with what our conscious minds cannot. I sometimes have the most vivid dreams, as if I awaken from them and I am not sure whether it was dream that  I finished my work for the day or that I went about dreaming chores. I laughed as I thought how unexciting a dream could be if all I did was dream what I do all day long. But dreams are never the same and each reveals as I see it something we missed in our waking lives.
Sometimes dreams bring peace and occasionally bring answers but ultimately they reveal the inner workings of the subconscious.
I realized early on that I could direct a dream by controlling my last thought before I go to sleep. Sometimes I would do it with music and other times by a meditation of sort and occasionally by cleansing the negative from my mind so that only the positive remained. In one dream I can recall a complete conversation and others times the dream is not so vivid and only one aspect of it stands out. I always felt when we slept it was like turning off the mind but I have found that through the dreams the mind doesn't sleep at all.
If my last thoughts are of you,
may I lay all night within your arms.
Feel the beat of your heart and listen
as each beat becomes a song.
If my last thoughts are of you,
may our lips meet once more in kiss.
Feel the comfort of knowing
our love is so ever strong.

Friday, June 05, 2015

..to you.

When the sun no longer shines
and gray skies is all you'll find,
when the rain is falling down
my thoughts turn to you.

When the day is through and
we say goodbye to the blue,
when the night comes on
I look for you in my dreams.

I fiercely battled time for
playing games with my mind,
my introduction to you
that is a distance away.

I gaze out the window
through teary eyes,
thinking of all the years
without you by my side.

As I  quickly turned away
I let the dreams have their way,
bringing you magically to me
here in my arms.

The song of my heart,
melodic sounds from a far,
I send my love to you,
like whispers in the wind.

Monday, June 01, 2015

Souls are Free

This is my garden,
with flowers in bloom,
various shades in
every color and hue.

You are invited
to share with me
my sweet paradise
where souls are free.

This is my garden,
with flowers in bloom,
song bird singing
and me and you.

..after you.

I named my pillow after you and
I hold it tight all the night through.
It is where my dreams begin and
inevitably where my dreams end.

Holding you so ever close
as my imagination rolls on in.
Tucking you in my arms and
dancing in a close knit spin.

Each moment a magical delight
a fairytale untold unlocks the night.
 I hold my pillow close to my heart
as I whisper your name it brings
a light of love to the dark.

I named my pillow after you and
I hold it tight all the night through,
It is where y dreams begin and
inevitably where my dreams end.

and whisper your name.

if only by imaginating

Smiles of the Heart

If one could sculpt a heart,
how beautiful it would be
filled with happiness and
your sweet memory.

Smiles of the heart
for everyone to see,
a joyous reminder of
what you mean to me.

So silent the moment,
lost in place and time,
all that can be seen
is the tear drop falling
from my eye.

Blurred vision,
and still I can see
beyond the mountains
your heart is reaching out


Through the tears,
a smile of the heart
reaches out to you
from a far.


Reach out to me,
I'm reaching out to you,
our souls merged together
like our hearts united
through a dream.

Reach out to me,
I'm reaching out to you,
feel my heart beating,
each beat contains my
love for you.


Right outside my window,
the wild roses cascade
and their leaves dance in
the wind creating a motion
filled display.

The sky is over cast,
the sun hidden from view
and though darkness surrounds,
your love shines on through.

The view seems restricted
as if the world is small,
but with you nothing matters
as your love is my all.

I'll Take You With Me

I'll take you with me,
wherever I may go,
you'll be my sunshine
when the rain fails to

I'll keep you in my heart,
as close as one can be,
you'll be here with me
for all eternity.

I'll take you with me,
wherever I may go,
you'll be the wind
that through my heart

I'll keep you in my heart,
as close as one can be,
you'll be my smile and
all of my dreams.

I'll take you with me,
wherever I may go,
from spring time
through the winter snow.

I'll keep you in my heart
as close as one can be,
safely tucked away for
that moment of need.

I'll take you with me ,
wherever I may go,
I'm holding on tight and
I'll never let go.


Little bit of sunshine
and a little bit of rain,
haunts this heart of mine,
that it has never been the

Little bit of sunshine
and a little bit of rain
and like a flower growing
your love blooms within
each day.