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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, June 01, 2015

Smiles of the Heart

If one could sculpt a heart,
how beautiful it would be
filled with happiness and
your sweet memory.

Smiles of the heart
for everyone to see,
a joyous reminder of
what you mean to me.

So silent the moment,
lost in place and time,
all that can be seen
is the tear drop falling
from my eye.

Blurred vision,
and still I can see
beyond the mountains
your heart is reaching out


Through the tears,
a smile of the heart
reaches out to you
from a far.


Reach out to me,
I'm reaching out to you,
our souls merged together
like our hearts united
through a dream.

Reach out to me,
I'm reaching out to you,
feel my heart beating,
each beat contains my
love for you.

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