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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, June 08, 2015

Chapters of Life

The chapters of life are the stepping stones
 that lead us don the path of tomorrow.
Dreams are a way the subconscious deals with what our conscious minds cannot. I sometimes have the most vivid dreams, as if I awaken from them and I am not sure whether it was dream that  I finished my work for the day or that I went about dreaming chores. I laughed as I thought how unexciting a dream could be if all I did was dream what I do all day long. But dreams are never the same and each reveals as I see it something we missed in our waking lives.
Sometimes dreams bring peace and occasionally bring answers but ultimately they reveal the inner workings of the subconscious.
I realized early on that I could direct a dream by controlling my last thought before I go to sleep. Sometimes I would do it with music and other times by a meditation of sort and occasionally by cleansing the negative from my mind so that only the positive remained. In one dream I can recall a complete conversation and others times the dream is not so vivid and only one aspect of it stands out. I always felt when we slept it was like turning off the mind but I have found that through the dreams the mind doesn't sleep at all.
If my last thoughts are of you,
may I lay all night within your arms.
Feel the beat of your heart and listen
as each beat becomes a song.
If my last thoughts are of you,
may our lips meet once more in kiss.
Feel the comfort of knowing
our love is so ever strong.

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