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Pictorial Prose
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Friday, June 26, 2015

... by my side.

One look outside the window
and it is as magical as can be
when hearts come together
and we supersede the dreams.

I can feel your presence,
the arms that hold me tight,
on this rocky road we travel
and we simply call life.


Blue birds in my morning,
with every thought of you,
sunshine awaiting to rise and
find its place in the blue.

Slipping from the darkness
into the sweetest memory,
as I open my eyes and
find you never left me.

There is a song in my heart
with simple words of love,
melodic sounds encapsulate
like the clouds above.

Dance close you are in my arms,
here there is no right or wrong.
The steps are quite easy to follow
along as you'll be quickly dancing
to my heart song.

The center of my world,
your right here with me.
My love , my angel
my sweet everything.

Where peace resides
and happiness is free,
right here in my heart
that is how it shall be.


I said to myself,
"how can this be?
wipe away those tears
and set that smile free."

I went about my morning,
with racing thoughts of you
and knowing that our love
is a dream come true.

I said to myself,
" let strength be your guide
and remember that it was
God that placed you by
my side."

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