Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Saturday, August 30, 2008

...to walk in your light!

Consuming the hours, over shadowing the day, as my thoughts drift to you in a most unusual way. I looked to the blue sky and than to the stars, to fill the emptiness left in my heart. Lost without laughter, impaired with out sight, of the beauty of love from day until night. I grasped at thin air, I ran without movement, I sang with out song in some sorte of confusion. My spirit was desperate as it was struggling to find, my companion and lover to be by my side.

Burn Yea Flame

Energy ungrounded, soul in despair, awaits your presence, as I am needing you here. A world in motion, separate from one, draws a clear image of what needs to be done. Clouds fallen, close to the earth, invitational message to see your worth. The vision appearing over the sea, heart and spirit, love and a dream. The chosen path ignited a fire, causing a blaze to grow by the hour.
He reeks of poison which confronts the soul, weighing with a heaviness and the evilest of hold. Weakened and weary I gasp for a breath, to complete a journey and rid life of the mess. I know that your here in the still of night, when the darkness surrounds me, you give me the light.

When the stars rule the heavens and lights the dark of night,
I promise to be waiting if takes the battle of my life.

... as the gap in the miles close,

distant be your flesh, and close be your heart.
I love you...hold on!

More Than You'll Ever Know - Michael Ruff

...where we belong!

Life and death a mere documentation of our existence.
Early morn and the sun has yet to make its way through the heaviness of clouds. Darkness stills drapes my surroundings allowing emotions, solemn in nature, to merge the surreal visions with reality. I glanced around the room at the momentos of a lifetime, little reminders of our existence. Little blue bunny, a hue of the sky, from the box to my arms, like your love to my mind. Snow globe of the city and the story it tells, of hope and dreams and how hard I fell. A silver heart and the gem stones of earth, little chapters of life from when love was birthed.
I believe at times I am neither here nor there
and not of this world. For every step backwards
is into the hands of the devil and every step
forward is simply unclear.
The facts of the moment are marbled indeed
for I love the mountains, the stream and the trees
and yet a restlessness resides, a hunger for
more which I really can't hide.
Like a toddler just walking and knows not the way,
apprehension and fear alter the hour and challenge
the day. Driving in circles, which way do I go? turn
left, turn right, down here, over there, and still I
return to gates of despair.
Tears, go away! not now, not today! Little steps
forward, we are finding the way. Adages of life
from those that say, it's not meant to be easy, the
juggling of lessons, the right and the wrong and
the journey we travel to where we belong.
...in the arms of love.

Friday, August 29, 2008

The Obsessive Dream

I believe the combination of words still yet to be written will
guide us on a journey down turbulent paths,
leading with heart, to free the soul.
I am never troubled by what I know,
but always troubled by what I don't know.
Fear gains strength only when distance builds a wall.
One look into the celestial heavens,
reveals how little man has achieved.
I struggle with my own spirit,
as it has a will of its own.

Good Night

I stretched my arms to the star lit sky,
to feel the embrace with heart and mind.
Spinning in circles I danced in the night,
with you my love in a midnight delight.

Escaping from deep inside, an energy
flows which I can't deny. From the eyes
come a story, my lips a song, from my
heart the love that erases the wrong.

I stretched my arms to the star lit sky,
to feel the embrace with heart and mind.
Spining in cirlcs I danced in the night
with you my love in a midnight delight.

Something happened and I'll tell you why,
my arms felt your body, and your soul met
with mine. From the mountain came struggles,
in the sky I saw faith, and the river a
journey that put a smile on my face.

.. to the blue bird call.

Silence mastered the morning, it almost took control, until the whispers from my heart to the blue bird called. The wind took my hand, the sunshine led the way and I danced to the memories made.

A fool to imagination, it took me by surprise as the images of love transpired before my very eyes. I tried to look away, refusing to see, but the branches from the willow began to tickle me.

Sing maiden, dance by the stream, as your love waits for you in your morning daydreams. La de da de da da, la de da de do do and the blue bird flapped his wings for the return home.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

No vacancy here, I let you near
and you now occupy my heart.

The dimly lit sky invites us to stay, as we journey
beyond the shadows of our troubling yesterdays.

Silence back away as my heart sings out to you,
to hold my hand and travel night and day in
the sky of blue.

The day will come, when I look into your eyes and
I feel your tenderness wipe the tears from inside.

I promise to love you through all the seasons of life,
and to travel beyond the hollow guided by starlight.

Engaged in love, I stopped to see, the reflection of our warmth rise from the sea. Sinking in the sand, all sorrow and fear and now remains only happiness from each moment we shared.

Impressed am I by natures wondrous scenes, from summer time through winter to the following spring. Images of love are cast for all to view, but only you and I can see beyond the mighty blue.

... it wasn't the Ordinary.

Look! I stand before you, my heart placed on display and the simple words now written are of memories that we have made. Flowers in the garden, moonlight by the sea, hand in hand a journey, where you are here with me.
Celestial Heavens

Till the Celestial Heavens no longer embrace and the dreams of a lifetime are somehow erased, only then shall the spirit of love defy, the pen in the hand, through the heart and the mind.

It wasn't the ordinary or the average sky of blue, there was something awfully special about the star lit heavens that were shining down on me, while they were shining down on you.

It was Awfully glorious the unending sky, stretched across the heavens to connect your heart with mine. Timeless in comparison, no beginning or an end, breaking barriers of love, to you my darling I commend.

I felt the darkness swirling as it lifted my spirit high and sent my soul soaring beyond the shadows of the mind. Direct above the skyline, beyond the midnight blue, like the energy in quartz your love powerfully came through.

Listless was my body, speechless my soul , till the moment I felt your grasp and I anxiously took a hold. Master of the heavens, to the portal direct, to feel for just one moment as our love in the stars reconnects.

and I whispered of our love...

It could have been the mountains that gave away to despair, a separation of the physical to distance you from here. It might have been the river or possibly the sea, but more than likely it was the devil who tried to intervene.

Love struck words beneath my pillow lay, permeate my soul with an infusion of your magic in an everlasting way. Tickling my imagination, creating dreams of love and when I opened up my eyes I was in the clouds above.

Monday, August 25, 2008

...and so I write.

Life is the insatiable hunger for knowledge,
the more you learn, the greater the desire.
I believe the Lord's greatest error was in distancing destined souls,
and the greatest pleasure is in having them reunite.
... for your love.
I looked to my heart to respond to my soul's needs.
All there will ever be is all that is,
chance once to meet the moment, twice to devour it.
Hatred breeds fear, love sets all free.
Once more hold my hand,
a new day, a new journey.

A life of Prose

Death, it's on the minds of many, the how, when, why and where,as I thought more about the topic of conversation, I realized the importance was not about death, but how we choose to live out the gift of life. The lessons we gather from the experiences we teeter on, only prove the separation of the ability or not of those who are more willing to devour a moment. Sometimes more than not I found myself hatching down for the next wave of storms that would rush into upset the balance of thought, interfering with the nature of free will. Though choice always reigns, circumstance does hold a few guide wires. I believe that life is a long road with many a detour, the secret is in keeping your heart and mind open and thus finding new doors opening to the path you were meant to follow.
Hold Still My Thoughts

At first I allowed the season to frighten me, quickly it disperses the moments of a day, like seeds in the wind. Hold still my thoughts, for today is gone and tomorrow awaits a brand new song. Emerging thoughts, memories transpired and emotions release to a blazing fire. Traveling quickly as the speed of light, my heart braced for the love insight. Cannons and mountains of the great divide, can't separate your soul from mine.
Fear Not

I fear not my weakness, for strengthening are we,
the declaration of our love, flows passionately at sea.

Distance be the fool, the walls of mountain high, can
separate the body, but has nothing on the mind.

Morning doves are calling, blue birds taken flight,
and there remains the secrets to span the age of time.

Intrigued by all the gestures of interment desire, I
gaze once more into the heavens to view what
gives to us the power.

The timing is right, when the heart and soul
can stand firmly on the stage of freedom.

My sweet, sweet love,

The fragrance of the hills gestured of desire, breathing in deeply, my soul set a fire. Consumed by the paradise of love, I closed my eyes and felt the rise to the clouds above. No room here for heartache, misery nor fear, the joy of the moment is in how it brings you so very near. Softly I whispered in a melodious song, the words still unwritten, only to you do they belong. My feet began to quiver at the mention of your name and it sent this chill right through me and since I have not been the same. The dance upon our very own Emerald isle, outshines the gems of earth to bring the biggest of smile. Amazing are the emotions spontaneously set free, they flow like the images in my daily dreams. My heart the keepsake, my soul conducts the dreams, my life the heaven the day you came to me.

I love you...forever and a day.

No Surpise

I stood in disbelief of the color of the blue, knowing it blankets over me and you. Descending from the heavens, it was no surprise, a love like ours surfaced through the cracks of the mind.

Those who have never felt the magic, will ever comprehend, a million years of guessing, and analyzing to the end. The sparkle of love generates from deep inside, escapes with passion through the windows of the eyes.

The mountains can't bury it, it will never drown at sea, love like ours was meant to always be. Wonderful the feelings that escape from inside, so very ecstatic, many thought I lost my mind.

Caution never entered as I knew this all felt so right, the moment my soul met your soul and we lit the dark of night. Endless dreams, always cast you in the lead, and I'm always right beside you creating memories.

I stood in disbelief of the color of the blue, knowing that it blankets over me and you. Descending from the heavens, it was no surprise, a love like ours surfaced through the cracks of the mind.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Sending all my love to you...

... and as the song goes, " and I love you so!" It might be a bit of a toil with the emotions as the song brings both a softness which allows me to feel secure and safe in the thought of your arms, and still a melancholy as I want to stretch each moment with you to last forever.
On the scales of justice, I feel the weights of my personal failures and successes and still the scale teeters at the rush inside of me to accomplish so much more. The next song comes on " love is where you are" even without words it moves me to tears, as I close my eyes, flashes of the journey appear, but all in all no matter what happened, I found that the stills of the moment, find me side by side with you.
I'll be gone for the next few day, borrows from the beatles, singing> hold my hand and I'll kiss you, tomorrow I'll miss you........ and while I'm away, I'll write home everyday, sending all my love to you.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dance, soul, Dance!

Sings>Smile, heart, smile!

Smile, heart, smile!
Dance, soul, dance!

In your arms,
every morning,
in your dreams,
each night.

our forever,
in the caress,
of life.

Smile, heart, smile!
Dance, soul, dance!

In the moonlight,
under stars bright.

I'll be there, with you,
sweet embrace, ever
lasting face to face with

Smile, heart, smile!
Dance, soul, dance!

In the celestial, heavens,
on the planet of love.

where all of our
dreams, come true.

Smile, heart, smile!
Dance, soul, dance!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


This is so incredible, fantasia at its best, one lone star from the heavens to remind us how we are blessed. Stare on upward and surely you'll find, twinkling beyond the mountains, the planet Venus makes a sign. This little wonder as seen from all angles of the earth, remains in the southern sky, as patiently our love is birthed. I froze for a moment as I glanced one more time to see, the miracle of this connection that bound your heart and soul to me. Love was born from the revelations of respect, but passion raged a fire, from the very first moment we had met.

Hold My Hand...


The vision that is extraordinary simple,
is complicated by the lack of others to
see today, as I see tomorrow.

My heart and soul out race my feet
and my mind deceives my spirit.
There is a knot of emotion that twist and twines,
trying to make sense of yesterdays thoughts,
in tomorrows time line.

Come close

Here is my escape, your welcome to come, just follow my shadow cast here in the sun. It is a marvelous vision, just wait till you see, nothing in it is ordinary, neither you nor me. I raced to the hill top where the asters set bloom and the crickets were humming, accompanied by the call of the loon.

Placing a blanket near at my feet, I invite heart and soul to start the retreat. We are here on an island out by the sea, a top of mountain caught in a breeze. We are down in the meadow, where the grass tall reigns and the grasshoppers are jumping, to get out of our way.

Come close, a little more and surprisingly you’ll see, the vision of love through the gates of our dreams. High in the clouds, where the sky is so blue, is the spirit of love as themagic shines its way through. Drenched in a coating of a nectar of sweet, awaiting the moment when in the flesh we meet.


I found this quote online " You can tell when you love someone, when in your love everyone else can tell." There is a lot to that statement, as you can't hide the flow of adrenaline from the excitement of the meeting of two souls. There is a sense of merriment and glee that is incredibly hard to deny, it flows outward from the deepest part of the soul... ah must be love.
I woke this morning to the crow of the rooster, his clock work cock a doodle do chimed in with the break of dawn. I lay there with the room still surrounded by darkness and I felt as my heart drifted like a glider in the sky, into your arms. Not a movement of chase, but a beautiful calm that worked on a magnetic field to pull me close, or was it to pull you close? Either way I felt the love induced magic that was capable of makes dreams come to life. The vibration of voice caused a quiver throughout my body, as your named slipped from my tongue and flowed from my lips. I repeated your name over and over, so as to hear the sound of our names as they wafted together like a merge of clouds into the blue sky. I smiled, my heart raced and my my spirit succumbed to the mere mention of your name.
Fragile is this game called life and brief is our stint upon the stage.I again began to allow my mind to drift as my hand and yours had locked in place and our bodies merged closer to create a formation of one. The pleasure of the moment, is for the now and the living, but the bonding is eternal beyond this walk. Like lava from the mountains, I felt a hot flow of excitement, as I embraced the thought of everlasting. Water to land, moutains to the blue, stars to the heavens and my love to you...everlasting.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Our Magical Place

In love...

Silence speaks in volumes...
The evening draped the darkness, the clouds blanketed the moon and in the hollow the trees stood still, as I had fallen into a dream of you. No whispers from the mountains, no song in the wind and yet I listened closely as silence was setting in. Magnetic was the pull, awesome was the sight, and stepping a little bit closer the sounds of silence, I couldn't fight. Dominated my spirit, demanding of my soul, it all seemed a bit frightening and yet a little bit cool.
Thunder in the mountains, a roar by the sea,
a whisper in my heart brings your love to me.
Widen the view and open your mind,
the visions of beauty are heart, soul and mind.
How do I send thee all of my love? Encapsulated in raindrops or the wings of a dove? Ah listen close and I'll tell you how, I chose the stars to cross the miles. Up high in the heavens they sparkle so bright and I chose a few to shine over you tonight. One to your left, one to your right but look out for the star that is still out of sight. I packed it with happiness, stuffed it with desire and lit it with love and set it a fire.
Dreary the day that has distanced your soul,for nothing compares to the dark and the cold.Hunger and thirst, feast on the night, for one moments embrace feeds with delight. Delusion they say, fantasy, play, but I knowthat this love was sent here to stay. The season is trickery, it documents time, the oldest of child, or the loneliest of mind.

and I felt your love

Gaze into the darkness and a vision you will find, consist of two spirits dancing side by side. High above the clouds in the outer galaxy, is the exploration of a journey meant for you and me.

And I Love You So - Helen Reddy

Embrace my soul

It is what my heart felt and my soul embraced
that painted the canvas of life.

Tunnel of Love

What appears to be darkness to all those around,
is viewed with much more clarity when your love I found.


One page in a very big book...


Childhood memories... creating tomorrow's dreams.


In the reflection,
one vision, two hearts, one dream, two souls.

Must Be Love

The carousel spins in the circles, the music never stops, continuous like my love for you, from the earth to the mountain tops.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Sunday, August 17, 2008

...and what you mean to me.

Where the stream meets the river and the river meets the sea, where my heart met with yours and my soul caught the breeze. Here snuggled in the mountains, high above the trees, is all the secrets of my love and what you mean to me.

Missing You...

Sings>It is never about the music, it never steers me wrong, and it is never about the words which accompany every song. The whispers of love that abruptly awakened me, found my bed and pillows empty.

It is never about the music, it never steers me wrong, and it is never about the words which accompany every song. The magic I feel is a reflection of your love, cast in the stars of the bluest skies above.

It is never about the music, it never steers me wrong, and it is never about the words which accompany every song. The restlessness inside is something I cannot hide, flames of bright could light the dark of night.

It is never about the music, it never steers me wrong, and it is never about the words which accompany every song. The memories of love, soaring high and flying free, remind me of the gift to believe.

It is never about the music, it never steers me wrong, and it is never about the words which accompany every song. The battle inside, reaches out beyond the mind, to feel your tenderness next to me.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sounds of the hollow

Mountain Ash, butterfly weed, wild canaries flitting through the trees. Blue skies bright, heron in sight, heart races to the geese in flight.

Seasonal sounds, autumn is near, little signs are everywhere. Crickets sing and frogs jumping, and the hollow awaits a new beginning.

Nature writes the chapters of life, seasonal stories from left to right. Winter, spring ,summer and all, the sounds of the hollow make a pretty loud call.

The Spirit of the Mountain Water

Master of my dream...

From My Memory

Diana Krall - Love is where you are

Friday, August 15, 2008

Nsync - When You Wish Upon A Star [Lyrics]


Will be singing all weekend...hold my hand!!!!!

Fontella Bass - Rescue Me

I'll be singing this all weekend

My Very Soul

I closed my eyes as I have many times before and in the breath of a moment I felt your love ignite the flames of my very soul. With passion my guide, I followed the trail of fire that led you into my arms. The Images contrasting against the night sky, reminded me of the gifts bestowed upon me, like the midnight stars that burst in a shower of magic, creating an explosion of energy.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A little bit of sunshine

All Eternity

I'll take the stars, I'll take the blue sky,
I wanna hold you in my arms until the day I die.

I'll take your hand, I'll take your heart,
I'm gonna take you anywhere you wanna go.

I'll take the high road, I'll take the low,
I'm gonna follow you from the summer sun
through the winter snow.

I'll take each dream, I'll take tomorrow, I'm
gonna dance my life with you.

I'll take today, I'll take each hour, I'm gonna
each moment of close to me.

I'll take your heart, I'll your love and I'm
gonna keep it for all eternity.

Love of My Life

Let's take a walk under the shade of the old oak tree, come on follow, follow, follow me, to the beginning of life when you took my hand and led me to dreams from heaven to land.

Let's take a walk under the shade of the old oak tree, come on follow, follow, follow me, to the place where dreams take command and you became my leading man.

Let's take a walk under the shade of the old oak tree, come on follow, follow, follow me, to a peaceful moment where we embrace and sadness is replaced by the kiss on my face.

Let's take a walk under the shade of the old oak tree, come on follow, follow, follow me, sit here beside me and you will see how wonderful life can be.

Let's take a walk under the shade of the old oak tree, come on follow, follow, follow me, where song birds are singing and the hills come alive and I celebrate with the love of my life.

The Love I Feel For You!

If I fall, let it be yours arms that catch me. If I sing, let it be to your heart and your heart alone, If I whisper let only your ears hear the words, If I love, allow it to reflect in all you do, If I dream, let it be your spirit it cast, If I reach out to touch, let it be you who is reaching back. When I run, let it be you who is waiting to embrace each step.
I wanna stay in this moment to hold still the memories.
The goal is to soar where no spirit has yet traveled, to feel what only the the bond of two hearts can, to know that there is no greater love, than the love I feel for you.

la de da da da

The sun is rising and with the morning comes the light,with images of love imbedded in my mind. My heart racing like a cheetah against the wind, begs to hold you close before the day begins.
Sadness and happiness continue to mess around, they know I'm walking on a tight rope stretched high above the ground. I see what could have been and it sometimes weighs me down and then I see an opening breaking through the clouds.

Sounds of silence knows the game, taunting my heart until a song is played. The hum began like a buzz from within the trees, frogs and crickets singing directly to me. My soul joined on in and I was surprised the music of the hollow knew what was on my mind.

Before I knew, the darkness vanished into thin air and a new day was waiting for you and I my dear. To dance with freedom on life's floor and escape from the mountains like never before.


Sings> I fear a wheel in motion will come to a stop and neither forward nor backward, just caught up on a rock. Yesterdays memories and tomorrows hopes and dreams are packed away safely to allow my heart to sing. la de da da da and there you are, la de da da da and here I am, la de da da da and I awake to find, my heart met circumstance and fell into the hands of time.


Monday, August 11, 2008


Sings> I never thought I'd fine a love so complete, so wonderful and beautiful where heart and soul meet.

I never dreamed your arms your arms the delight,nor a moment of love could last me all of my life.

I never knew such energy exist, until I felt the power of a distant kiss.

I never thought I'd fine a love so complete, so wonderful and beautiful where heart and soul meet.

There is nothing in the world I'd rather be doing, than being there with you.

Wind blown,embroidered lace curtains, delicately partners with the wind. A dance that seems both surreal and haunting, invites your love from within.Silence is softly singing with the rhythm of the heart and all I am certainly sure of,is that each day is a new start. Where love can go, where dreams make it all so , where you and I can...
Sings> There is nothing I would rather do, than spend my life loving you. Brush the hair gently from your face and kiss your soul in our secret place.

There is nothing I would rather do, than hold your hand and dance the night through. Feel your heart beating next to mine and allow our souls to entwine.

There is nothing I would rather do, than lay my head next to you. Dream the day away and let our worries all fade.

There is nothing I would rather do, than to be ten years old with you. Running around and try to catch me, I'm on the shores of the sandy beach.

There is nothing I would rather do, other than to spend each waking moment with you and taste the sweetness from your lips and return them with my own kiss.

A weekend in review

I can't believe it has been eight years since I remember the first feelings that had the resemblance of snow white, laying in stillness,stagnant, not moving, not feeling nor experiencing. Unlike the fairy tale, I didn't get a kiss, I think it was more of a pinch, that awakened me. I can't completely explain the incredible emotions that flowed from that very moment. It was more like many curtains upon a stage began to open, the stage of confidence, the stage of courage, the stage of self respect, the stage of love, the stage of passion. Each segment of a life comes with a mass of experience.
This weekend I felt more like Alice in wonderland, falling through the keyhole into a world quite different then what I am accustomed to. The hours of work were long and my body tired, but my mind filled with new experiences racing.
The first thing that came to mind this morning was the song I have so many times since a child listened to. " When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are" Then I felt the flow of the reinforcement of friends who encourage with unconditional love, who have taught me many great lessons about life.
As I spoke with several artist this weekend, I tried to talk of their goals encourage and some how the conversation always circled back to me. My goals, my dreams.Laughter escapes as a few made comments in humor that tickle the spirit, they said wow, listening to you makes me feel like I have done so little with my life. One of the vendors who did so well the previous year had passed away while working and it just little reminders how very unimportant the money is, as the cliche goes " you can't take it with you" and how important the legacy becomes. It is immortality, I repeated inside my head immortality? Yes to live on beyond the realm of earth which we walk. Many have found ways to leave behind such a legacy, through their children, work, arts, music, etc. I found myself in deep thought, as from the first moment when I held the pen in my hand, till the wind no longer blows through my hair and my heart no longer beats, I shall work the words in the various combinations till one finds it's place for all time. The combination of words are from the restlessness, the passion and the dreams that only a heart can feel and a soul can dance to.

As I gazed into the sunset in a depth that only the heart and soul can,I felt the tenderness of your touch, the warmth of your spirit and the power of your love.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

... as long as your here by myside.

Sings> I've got the game, I know the hand and what cards were dealt me. I'll play each one, one by one, with honesty and love.

I've got the game, I know the hand and what cards were dealt me. I'll make it work, I'll do just fine, as long as you are with me.

You turn the stormiest days into sunshine, your kisses sweet , I can't believe just how they found me. You sent them in each drop of rain, they landed in my heart and I've not been the same.

I've got the game, I know the hand and what cards were dealt me. I'll play each one, one, by one , with honesty and love.

I've go the game and I know the hand and what cards were dealt me. We'll make it work, We'll do just fine, because your here with me.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Rainbow From the Mountains

Heart guide me beyond all thoughts of the mind, allow me to feel his tenderness and in my soul reside. Several paths traveled, seven paths await , where choice takes a detour and circles around and around till all clouds of darkness are quickly replaced.

Lead me not into the heavens, but unto his warm embrace, where happiness is waiting and my soul remains safe. Midnight is approaching and the sky is a blackened hue and still I feel the sunshine like your love as it warms me through and through.

My eyes no longer fill with the moistness of a tear and yet I still hunger to reach and feel you near. Rainbows from the mountain arched high up in the sky, cast like an umbrella to protect from the showers of the mind.

Images of an Island, beaches filled with sand and dreams to remember where we are on a journey hand in hand. Heart guide me beyond all thoughts of the mind, allow me to feel his tenderness and in my heart reside.

My Eyes Are Wide Open and my heart knows the truth, but it is my spirit that remains restless and sometimes aloof.

Continue down the path

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Just Another Love Poem

I've been searching all my life, traveling through the mind,
to find the arms of love, that were meant to be mine.
I can't begin tell you, just what made it so, but I knew it was
awfully special, when my eyes began to glow.

Close your love as the frog to the pond, and as far as the
ocean waves that have never steered me wrong. My heart
began to dance to the rhythm of your love, so mystical a
vision it was written in the stars above.

Flowers from the garden so lovely can't compare to the
beauty that suddenly surfaced, when your love first
appeared. Like fireworks exploding, my heart was on
display and all that I remember is how I felt that day.


Monday, August 04, 2008

Sweet Dreams...

Truth may set thy soul free, as it pierces like a blade of fire upon another. The cost of an imprisoned spirit is life as life with out truth is a walking death.
I fear that which surrounds me is circumstance in motion. If life is guided by choice and choice is dependent on truth, who holds the power to control the moment if the moment is dependent upon a lie?
If thy heart hungers, and thy soul feels the restlessness of the restraints of earth, who or what shall feed and calm the ache of a troubled spirit?
Even the smallest amount of distance can separate the meeting of two souls as it leaves behinds a trail of sorrow. Even in the slight of moment, my passion and desire reaches out for your embrace...hold me, embrace from the moment the sunsets till it's early rise, as I keep close your love.
The more I have of you, the more I want of you!

Ordinary Soul

It's not what I heard that called out to me, it was just simply that my spirit fully believed. The road a head was not paved in silver and gold, but it was made of magic that could lead a ordinary soul. I refused to look on back and I refused to cry, a day or a lifetime, I know that I have tried. Spirit to spirit the path was made of wings, and the further we traveled, the more I could see.
Built of love, brick by brick we lay, a road to happiness, where we can find our way...don't follow me, don't look behind, on this journey I'm right by your side.

Built with magic, on a winding road, through places I'd rather we don't go. Mountains my darling are meant to climb and bridges to cross the waters of time.

Built on dreams, the path was made, to bring your love, each and every day... to bring your love, each and everyday.


Reaches beyond the mountains

The hollow stood in silence, no movement to the trees and even the mountains water no longer flowed down stream. Like a frame that enclosed a picture, I felt at the the center of the core where motion was restricted and the heart and soul ignored. I tried to run and I tried to get away, to free my spirit and soar where only the child was left to play. Filtered images created a reflection from the sun and the closer I looked the more I saw the visions that were gently spun. A silhouette of lovers, ducks by the shore and a park bench seem to be inviting my spirit to dream a little more. I shuttered at the thought that I was all alone and that no one was here beside me and there was no place to go. I closed my eyes and in the darkness appeared a path that led to the heavens and I knew that you were waiting there. I smiled and I giggled as I envisioned side by side, the love that taught me to view the joy of life and leave the darkness behind.

One Fallen Tear

My eyes met with the etching of the delicate laced leaves as they left a trail in silhouette where the earth ends and the stars begin. My mind a drift, again captured the memories, which embraced my being. I felt distant and then a chill that came from one fallen tear shook me into reality. I could feel the moistness as the tear gently streamed over my cheek, almost as if it were in slow motion. Like a snowball rolling over a hill on a hot summer day, a release of the dreams that had taken my heart by storm and my soul by surprise flowed uncontrollably.


In the wake of a moment I experienced the depth

the spirit can travel to hold close your memory.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

I know Love

Steps of independence can be both exciting and frightening. Today I feel like a sixteen year old with their first car, or a toddler just beginning to walk. So much to see and so much to do. Hold my hand, there is a lot territory to cover.

I am so excited that I can't sleep, so happy ...

A long weekend is ahead of me, but I am slightly eager to meet with people.

Several storms had found a way,
to bring darkness and gray.

Thunder and lightening bolts wake
and cause the heart and soul to

Rain falling down, pitter patter
to the ground.

Dance my restless soul, to a story
that still unfolds.

Sings > I know love
I know love, it warms my heart, holds me each night, with the memories of life. I know love, it cradles the dreams and all of the joy, you bring to me. I know love, brightens the day, shines like the sun, makes the gray clouds fade. I know love, has touched my soul, released the darkness that once had a hold. I know love, is here with me, as I feel the magic in the summer time breeze. I know love, so wonderful and kind, gave me the vision to see beyond the hills of the mind.

Shouted in the hollow, echo's off the hills, washed down in the flooding current, and landing in the Catskills. The whispers in the wind, contain the words of devotion, filled with all my love and my heart filled emotions.


It's true that many times a ten year old still smiles and giggles and holds your hand and laughs feels the spirit wiggle. Moving forward, sixteen do I become and every things a first time and is filled with so much fun. But nothing compares to the adult that shares a heart and waits to walk beside you, both in sunlight and in dark.

My eyes are open and a world do I see, so filled with beauty, that is hard to believe. I am walking in the meadows, I am on a mountain high, but the reality is simply this, I am right there by your side.