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Pictorial Prose
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Saturday, August 02, 2008

I know Love

Steps of independence can be both exciting and frightening. Today I feel like a sixteen year old with their first car, or a toddler just beginning to walk. So much to see and so much to do. Hold my hand, there is a lot territory to cover.

I am so excited that I can't sleep, so happy ...

A long weekend is ahead of me, but I am slightly eager to meet with people.

Several storms had found a way,
to bring darkness and gray.

Thunder and lightening bolts wake
and cause the heart and soul to

Rain falling down, pitter patter
to the ground.

Dance my restless soul, to a story
that still unfolds.

Sings > I know love
I know love, it warms my heart, holds me each night, with the memories of life. I know love, it cradles the dreams and all of the joy, you bring to me. I know love, brightens the day, shines like the sun, makes the gray clouds fade. I know love, has touched my soul, released the darkness that once had a hold. I know love, is here with me, as I feel the magic in the summer time breeze. I know love, so wonderful and kind, gave me the vision to see beyond the hills of the mind.

Shouted in the hollow, echo's off the hills, washed down in the flooding current, and landing in the Catskills. The whispers in the wind, contain the words of devotion, filled with all my love and my heart filled emotions.


It's true that many times a ten year old still smiles and giggles and holds your hand and laughs feels the spirit wiggle. Moving forward, sixteen do I become and every things a first time and is filled with so much fun. But nothing compares to the adult that shares a heart and waits to walk beside you, both in sunlight and in dark.

My eyes are open and a world do I see, so filled with beauty, that is hard to believe. I am walking in the meadows, I am on a mountain high, but the reality is simply this, I am right there by your side.

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