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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

In love...

Silence speaks in volumes...
The evening draped the darkness, the clouds blanketed the moon and in the hollow the trees stood still, as I had fallen into a dream of you. No whispers from the mountains, no song in the wind and yet I listened closely as silence was setting in. Magnetic was the pull, awesome was the sight, and stepping a little bit closer the sounds of silence, I couldn't fight. Dominated my spirit, demanding of my soul, it all seemed a bit frightening and yet a little bit cool.
Thunder in the mountains, a roar by the sea,
a whisper in my heart brings your love to me.
Widen the view and open your mind,
the visions of beauty are heart, soul and mind.
How do I send thee all of my love? Encapsulated in raindrops or the wings of a dove? Ah listen close and I'll tell you how, I chose the stars to cross the miles. Up high in the heavens they sparkle so bright and I chose a few to shine over you tonight. One to your left, one to your right but look out for the star that is still out of sight. I packed it with happiness, stuffed it with desire and lit it with love and set it a fire.
Dreary the day that has distanced your soul,for nothing compares to the dark and the cold.Hunger and thirst, feast on the night, for one moments embrace feeds with delight. Delusion they say, fantasy, play, but I knowthat this love was sent here to stay. The season is trickery, it documents time, the oldest of child, or the loneliest of mind.

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