Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
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Monday, August 04, 2008

Reaches beyond the mountains

The hollow stood in silence, no movement to the trees and even the mountains water no longer flowed down stream. Like a frame that enclosed a picture, I felt at the the center of the core where motion was restricted and the heart and soul ignored. I tried to run and I tried to get away, to free my spirit and soar where only the child was left to play. Filtered images created a reflection from the sun and the closer I looked the more I saw the visions that were gently spun. A silhouette of lovers, ducks by the shore and a park bench seem to be inviting my spirit to dream a little more. I shuttered at the thought that I was all alone and that no one was here beside me and there was no place to go. I closed my eyes and in the darkness appeared a path that led to the heavens and I knew that you were waiting there. I smiled and I giggled as I envisioned side by side, the love that taught me to view the joy of life and leave the darkness behind.

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