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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

... it wasn't the Ordinary.

Look! I stand before you, my heart placed on display and the simple words now written are of memories that we have made. Flowers in the garden, moonlight by the sea, hand in hand a journey, where you are here with me.
Celestial Heavens

Till the Celestial Heavens no longer embrace and the dreams of a lifetime are somehow erased, only then shall the spirit of love defy, the pen in the hand, through the heart and the mind.

It wasn't the ordinary or the average sky of blue, there was something awfully special about the star lit heavens that were shining down on me, while they were shining down on you.

It was Awfully glorious the unending sky, stretched across the heavens to connect your heart with mine. Timeless in comparison, no beginning or an end, breaking barriers of love, to you my darling I commend.

I felt the darkness swirling as it lifted my spirit high and sent my soul soaring beyond the shadows of the mind. Direct above the skyline, beyond the midnight blue, like the energy in quartz your love powerfully came through.

Listless was my body, speechless my soul , till the moment I felt your grasp and I anxiously took a hold. Master of the heavens, to the portal direct, to feel for just one moment as our love in the stars reconnects.

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