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Pictorial Prose
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Saturday, August 30, 2008

...where we belong!

Life and death a mere documentation of our existence.
Early morn and the sun has yet to make its way through the heaviness of clouds. Darkness stills drapes my surroundings allowing emotions, solemn in nature, to merge the surreal visions with reality. I glanced around the room at the momentos of a lifetime, little reminders of our existence. Little blue bunny, a hue of the sky, from the box to my arms, like your love to my mind. Snow globe of the city and the story it tells, of hope and dreams and how hard I fell. A silver heart and the gem stones of earth, little chapters of life from when love was birthed.
I believe at times I am neither here nor there
and not of this world. For every step backwards
is into the hands of the devil and every step
forward is simply unclear.
The facts of the moment are marbled indeed
for I love the mountains, the stream and the trees
and yet a restlessness resides, a hunger for
more which I really can't hide.
Like a toddler just walking and knows not the way,
apprehension and fear alter the hour and challenge
the day. Driving in circles, which way do I go? turn
left, turn right, down here, over there, and still I
return to gates of despair.
Tears, go away! not now, not today! Little steps
forward, we are finding the way. Adages of life
from those that say, it's not meant to be easy, the
juggling of lessons, the right and the wrong and
the journey we travel to where we belong.
...in the arms of love.

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