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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Philosphy of Love or Pearls of wisdom

Critical Details - only matters when we stop making each other smile.

Without laughter life is a very dismal place...
for laughter is the essential ingredient for happiness.


Sometimes that special something is right in front of you
and you're blinded by the moment.

Truth is undeniably essential in the foundation of love.

Some souls are more fragile than others...that's kind of sad
as they may never know the real meaning of love.


We have a tendency to overlook the obvious.

Nothing is ever the same , you can view a moment in time very differently. It is not necessary the view that changes but how we've changed and now see the moment.


Love feeds the hunger...


Like a spider traps its prey,
circumstance encircles the spirit.


One becomes vulnerable when they open their heart, but can you imagine the darkness
that prevails when one keeps the heart locked in fear?


Sometimes it is difficult to understand every chapter in life,
but never the less each chapter comes with its own lesson.


The truth never morphs
only our ability to accept it.


It has been such a long journey
and still I find myself at another crossroad.


The heart reveals only what the soul will allow.


Decisions vary depending on whether
the heart and soul can agree with the mind.


...so many mountains.


We can only be responsible
for our own actions...


Leans on shoulder, listens to your heartbeat...heaven.

There are many variables and realms within the cosmos
and all of them are a pleasure to behold as long as you
are by myside.


Even a child knows that life is filled with color
and not always sunshine yellow.

Simplicity of a kiss good morning and a kiss goodnight
makes everything in between easier to handle.


In our youth we look at the world with promise
and as we age we are confronted with reality.


Monday, April 11, 2016


Music of the heart
played for you alone,
haunting and yet inviting
like nothing I have ever known.

Ever so slight I quivered
from my heart to my soul
I was filled with such emotion
that I felt as if I'd explode.

Breaking down the barriers
no miles in between,
there is only you and I
my king and I your queen.

Music of the heart
played for you alone,
haunting and yet inviting
like nothing I have ever known.

There is a comfort in knowing
that I love you and you love me,
there is a feeling of happiness
knowing we were always meant
to be.

There is an energy we share
that gives each day hope
that we are balanced together
like the man walking a tightrope.

You are my heaven,
where I visit each day,
a weave of love our
hearts made.

Beautiful moments
wonderful dreams,
to hold you close
and softly sing.

Words of love
from one heart to another,
of powerful emotions
under the covers.

You are my heaven
where I visit each day,
a weave of love that
a hearts made.


When I need to feel the magic,
when I need you here,
I reach into the darkness and
poof you appear.

When I want your embrace,
a kiss face to face,
I close my eyes and
imagine the day.


Sometimes things are just so darn difficult... and like a moment of magic, I close my eyes and feel your presence...tis is love.

The Gift of Love

The evening sky
is a majestic royal blue,
as if brushed with dry paint
to give it a special hue.

The canvas of life
seems as if a dream,
surreal and so vivid
a page out of my

I hold this gift close,
it's as precious as can be,
eternal joy and happiness
is the love within me.

Brilliant as the brightest star,
and as fragile as can be,
I tender to it it gently and in
my heart is where it will keep.

Delicate like a flower
that blooms in spring,
is the love of you and I
that means so much
to me.

I have this precious gift
I hold it tenderly and
promise never to mistreat it
I hold your heart in me.

It shines through my day
when darkness is all around,
guides me gently through night
where we dance on the clouds.

Saturday, April 09, 2016

Think Positive..it is spring.

Spring snow is falling
oh what an amazing sight,
competing with the tulips
to paint the canvas in a 
different light.

Renewal and struggles
all on the same page,
reminders that the road of life
is not always smoothly paved.

Hold on to the smiles,
keep the love in your heart 
embrace each and every moment
like a gift from a far.

Search Your Heart

Look deep within
search your heart,
feel the emotion
uncontrollably spark.

Flames of love
fueled by you and I,
that makes us special
we rule the blue sky.

Look deep within
search your heart,
feel the emotions
uncontrollably spark.

I thought choice
placed me here
and that this life
of mine was void
of one to care.

I spoke to the Lord
I asked him why
the chapters that unfolded
was leading the blind.

I couldn't see
and I didn't know how
to reach out to love
and hold on to the

Appreciate the moment
for once it's gone,
there is no retracing
the hearts song.

So I shout to the darkness
with the void from inside
fill my heart with the love
that makes you mine.

It's my heart that is open
and my soul knows to well
that you must be an angel
that from heaven fell.


Star Gazing

Look unto the stars,
smile in the night
all my thoughts are you,
the love of my life.

Inside out for all to see
the joy in my heart
is exactly like
a dream.

From my window
the world is smaller now,
for you are here with me,
there is no power to the

Follow my heart
as I gazed at the stars,
you changed my life
and warmed my heart.

So entwined
embodied soul and mind,
comprised of all the love
two can share.

Tears that fall,
contain it all,
surreal like a dream
in the night.

So entwined
embodied soul and mind,
comprised of all the love
two can share.

I feel a heaviness
that won't let go,
not sure the reason
the sadness grows.

Partly the absence
of dreams and
heartache, sorrow
that brings pain
to the day.

Trepidatious emotions
quiver from inside
not knowing what
tomorrow will
reveal in time.


Monday, April 04, 2016


"unto each life a little rain must fall"
 in this case a little snow. 

The stars were that much brighter
and the sky a wondrous blue,
it all would not be possible if
not for my love for you.

The rose is just a rose
until memories are made
and as the petals begin to fall
I review those lovely days.

My heart is not the same
and never will it be
for everything changed
when you shared your
life with me.


It takes that someone special
to hold on to the dreams
interlocking hands together
making memories.

I erased all the sorrow
the darkness and the gray
it has not place in my heart
only blue skies remain.


The script was written before our birth with our journey to proceed. The characters and part we play is cast in part to see if we shall succeed. For life is chapters of lessons and there is no pass or fail but to only experience life is what we hail. I don't lean upon my yesterdays nor the struggles they reveal. I look ahead to tomorrow in what of life we feel.
Like rain upon the mountains that cleanses the earth each day it gives new meaning to the term " giving birth" as we awaken in a new way.  The sun is that much brighter, the sky a glorious blue and no matter our struggles our love shines on through.
I can't rewrite the chapters they are like pages in the wind and nor do I look upon them as yesterdays proverbial sin. For time is awfully precious and not one moment shall I waste on the negative of life that the devil has set his claim.  Sight is what I have been given, to see what others fail to see, that even in the darkness a light of love is seen.
It may not be easy and many have walked away, for they understand little about the script that still remains. I see the beauty of each moment, the laughter and the smiles and even when gray clouds appear, I know the sun is always around.
One moment or a lifetime or a day compared to a year it matters little the time, just that two hearts stopped to care. As you awaken to the morning and stretch out in the mid of air, remember the love within us, it's the magic that we share.

I can see the stars above us
shining down so bright, I
can feel your love within me
day and night.

No mountains or rivers
can ever keep us apart,
for you are so very close
you are right here in my heart.

I can sense the power of
this most precious love,
embrace of forever where
two souls bond as one.

Connected by want or need
it's what ever you believe,
I know that we were always
meant to be.

Blah, blah, blah....


" The glass is half full or half empty?" or " you don't know what you have until you lost it or you don't miss what you never had?"  That is what is the most amazing about life is the many ways experiences can be viewed and the ways those views can be interpreted. Do we take the positive out of life as a sort of life raft or allow our self to drown in the negative? In all reality there is no instruction book that gives us the correct blue print for life. Life is more trial and  error and each to their own journey.

What joyous moment we share,
when dreams are left to guide?
It is within the depth of our soul
such love has taken hold.

It reaches heights unknown to man,
like stars that are many galaxy's away
and that is how our love lives on
in this most amazing way.

Soaring beyond the heavens
seen by the sight of the heart alone,
empowered by all the emotion
where tears and smiles go.

History has yet to record
for there is no comparison indeed,
nor greater love has surfaced
thru the reigns of eternity.

No castle atop the mountains
nor paradise by summer's sea,
the utopia of peace and love
is when you are here with me.

For your heart is my palace,
your embrace my blanket of peace
and when I close my eyes each night
it's your love that cradles me to sleep.


Close your eyes,
rest your soul,
you're here where
you've always belonged.

Envision the love
and you'll see
the beauty of life
as it should be.

The sound of
your heart
as it beats with

Lose control,
feel the calm,
relax and enjoy
our time.

Clear your senses
and just believe,
that you and I
are more than a dream.

No words between us,
just love and more love,
let yourself soar to the
heavens above.

Take a deep breath
excel really slow
and let your love

I'm right there in
your heart and
you're right here
in this heart of mine.

Our happy place,
heart, soul and mind,
feel your being entwine
with mine.

Fragrance of sweet
jasmine and dew
fills the air with
a soft perfume.

Listen close and
from your heart
you will hear the
whispers of the
love you and I share.

Feel the tenderness
of my love for you,
like a wildflower
that continues to

You'll see with your
eyes still tightly closed
a paradise where
our love grows.

Spend a moment
and hour or a day,
I'll always be waiting
in this magical way.

My love for you
unconditionally true
remains as strong
as the sky remains

You are my happiness,
I hope that I am yours
as you have my heart
for eternity times four.

Forever and ever
defined by our soul
is a powerful feeling
of an unending hold.

As long as a breath
moves from my lips
may you feel the
love of my kiss.

Sunday, April 03, 2016

April Snow

As long as you are with me, 
we can handle every storm, 
on this snow spring morning
it's our love that keeps us warm. 

We accept all the challenges
that life throws our way 
and continue to bloom 
in a warm and loving way.

As long as you are with me,
we can handle every storm, 
on this snow spring morning,
it's our love that keeps us warm.

We will melt away the snowflakes
but the memories will all  remain, 
for I have something special 
when you came into my life 
that day.

As long as you are with me, 
we can handle every storm,
on this snow spring morning, 
it's our love that keeps us warm.

The snow will melt away 
as the sun begins to shine 
and our love will go on 
till the end of time.. 

Forsythia in bloom
in a blanket of snow,
reminds us that spring
is not letting go.

                                                The quince met many challenges
                                                 bloomed the whole year through,
                                                 from spring through winter it
                                                 was really confused.

                                                 It never took a rest,
                                                 no matter the seaon or day,
                                                 it blossomed in December
                                                 and again in spring.

                                                     Peach blossoms in a blanket of snow
                                                      might not share fruit this season but
                                                      will continue to grow.

Take away my gray skies,
with that smile on your face,
replace the cold snow with
the love my heart replays.

Don't fret about the moment
it will be here and gone,
but our love is everlasting
like a well written love song.

Frozen blossoms
in a peachy pink,
holds still the moment
like my heart holds
still the dream.


I heard the music,
the music of love
it played to my heart
that you're the one.

My heart raced
like a seed in the wind
to you my sweet,
my love I send.

I heard the music,
the music of love
it played to my heart
that you're the one.

You captured my spirit
and then set it free
and it that is how our
love came to be.

I heard the music,
the music of love.
It played to my heart
that you're the one.

I knew from the very start,
there was something special
to the fire in my heart.

Melting snowflakes,
the sun shined today,
gave a new meaning
to a spring time day.

Caught in the moment
it was no surprise
that my heart felt
the magic from inside.

Melting snowflakes,
the sun shined today
gave a new meaning
to a spring time day.

I closed my eyes
to feel your embrace
challenged the miles
and bridged the space.

Our hearts together
as they were meant to be
united as one for all eternity.