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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, April 11, 2016

The Gift of Love

The evening sky
is a majestic royal blue,
as if brushed with dry paint
to give it a special hue.

The canvas of life
seems as if a dream,
surreal and so vivid
a page out of my

I hold this gift close,
it's as precious as can be,
eternal joy and happiness
is the love within me.

Brilliant as the brightest star,
and as fragile as can be,
I tender to it it gently and in
my heart is where it will keep.

Delicate like a flower
that blooms in spring,
is the love of you and I
that means so much
to me.

I have this precious gift
I hold it tenderly and
promise never to mistreat it
I hold your heart in me.

It shines through my day
when darkness is all around,
guides me gently through night
where we dance on the clouds.

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