Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Daddy's Home

I was lying down listing to music and this song came on. It was my very first dance, I was fourteen and I didn't know the boy who asked me to dance. The all girls school  that I attended went to the dances on Friday night at the all boys school. It was a monumental first. I vaguely remember him, he awkwardly walked up to me and asked if he could have this dance. I laugh as I think about actually putting the box step into action. I don't really recall anything particularly special about him nor how he looked or anything such as clothing of course all the boys had on dress pants and a tie. We weren't allowed to close or it would be brought to our attention and so a dance that last maybe two minutes finds its place forever in your memories.  I never saw him again after that first dance and I don't remember his first name but his last name seems seared  to my memory. We didn't talk for that dance and yet  I remember clearly the song that played and that I was really way to young to understand the interaction between the opposite sex. A few short years later I would come to understand the power of hormones and how they cloud all thoughts and limit the postive judgment process.
I use to think that it was important to establish a healthy medium that you had to leave the past behind and move forward. But I have come to learn that it is crucial to accept the experiences as part of our whole being. It is the building blocks of character. Sometimes I wanted to forget the not so pleasant memories but they to are lessons of life that are equally as important as the positive ones. I think our personalities are complex and to deny any part of it, would make us less than complete. I continued to type as my mind scattered like seeds in the wind flew in different directions. The person I am today is formed by the experiences and the achievements that currently placed me on a new road.
Sometimes I find it all very confusing,because I believe my needs are very simple.So before I snuggle up to my pillow I will gather the fondest of memories and allow them to blanket like the warm summer rays and the images of love that I have hungered for such a very long time. Taking a deep breath and slowly exhaling, I begin a short journey through the memories of life.

The river seems wide and the bridges long and I sit by the rocky shore and watch the fish jumping really high . Running and playing, catching a grasshopper or two, just to watch them spit tobacco chew.Some nights were lonely and I thought that I should hide, to see if anyone had me on their mind. From five to ten and I see the world again and this time it takes on a different view as I see the sky in a new kind of blue The years were long and the roads sometimes sorrow paved, except for the one that  led you to me, that is truly my fave. The stars have not shifted the moon still controls the night, there is sunshine every morning and happiness in sight. Love gets better  and better everyday, as it lives within my heart and leads me your way. Dreams are but the tools of my sou as  they know the importance of your most precious hold.

I love you.... with all my being.

If Only in My Mind

 I race each night to close my eyes and
at that moment I begin to dream and there
in the darkness comes to life the joy that
only love can bring.

 I am the queen  of the  moment  and this
is what I see, I'm smack dab in the middle
of summer and your arms are holding me.

No rain drops are falling snowflakes to
freeze the soul, this moment is awfully
special and like threads of gold unspool.

If i were ten, I'd run and hide
just so that you would capture me
 and if sixteen and by your side ,
I'd blush while kissing.

Reality now speaking and  a adult
 mature and wise, recognizes the
gift of love  the regal  treasure,
that only the Gods can define.

It gives the sky its blue and
makes the grass so green and
when I listen closely it makes
the silence sing.

I always loved gardening whether it is vegetable plants or flowers.From a simple wild daisy to the beauty of a hybrid rose it is magical in a sense to watch a seed reach it is maturity. Sometimes it is simple, my earliest form of escape, connecting with nature and plants both wild and cultivated. There is something truly magical about planting and watching  a flower grow and oh so much to learn. I learned to relate to life to that of a garden. Nothing ever comes from a bad seed and if you nurture the good ones, the blooms at harvest are magnificent. I think in all of life that it is important to sow with love, to nurture peacefully and gently and to appreciate the blooms as the gifts they truly are.
 Several feather friends at the feeder await and as I gaze out the window I know that spring is on its way.  They wait for the sunshine, the season of spring, where they build a nest to create a new life . The flowers are hidden beneath the winter snow and the trees dark and gray will soon gain that spring time glow. I feel the cold that winter sent my way, I see the darkness of another dreary. When I wake up in the morning and I feeling lost and blue, I think of you my darling and how much I love you. There in heavens where the clouds are gathered I meet with you, if only in my mind.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Every fallen tear a story  does it tell, some of heartbreak from the pits of hell. The loneness subsided  and the darkness began to fade as I heard the wind whisper to me your name. I reached out to you, I knew you'd do the same, as I took the moment and I laid claim. Love had surfaced and I'll not dare to deny that you entered my heart and in that there is no shame.


I can't redo the yesterdays of old,
nor can I turn  the cobblestone into
 a path of gold.

This much I do know, this much I'll
relay that tomorrow holds the secrets to
 another day.

I can feel you here, I know that you care,
 I can see you in the dark of night and with
my pillow share.

I can taste your lips and the sweetness of your kiss
from my heart to yours there is not one beat
that we'll miss.


When I'm feeling lost and  awfully blue, I come here to write, to be closer to you. The monitor lights up the room and your memory makes my heart coo. When I'm feeling lost and blue, I come here to write, to be closer to you. The pool of tears pull me down and in the shadows your spirit is found. Your always there to bring me safely aside and send your kisses to wipe my tear eyes.


I refuse to allow hate any place within my being and 
yet my emotions are sometimes confusing. 


So Into You-Atlanta Rhythm Section

Gloria Gaynor-I Will Survive [with lyrics]

Thursday, January 27, 2011


The river without the water,
the sky void of all the stars
and my life without your love
 would be a lonely heart.

The day without laughter,
the night without your arms,
the road without your hand
 in mine, would break my

So powerful our love as  it can cross the widest sea
and break the barriers of time through the
 imaging of dreams.

One can never analyze the words the heart rhymes,
 for they can travel the distance, break down those
 walls of time and hold the memories ever close
 to ease this weary soul of mine.

 If not for the craving to taste the sweetness of your lips, than for your gentle touch which I so desire. The passion shared between two souls which have collided displays love like no other. The magic that fused our hearts also set free our spirit. We are the wind that explores both heaven and earth and the sun whose rays warm to a depth once only imagined. I surrender to your love and allow the embrace of your being to hold me for all eternity. Love me as I love you, passionately and unconditionally here on earth and in the heavens high.

Forever ...

Forever and aways,
you'll be here in my heart,
to chase away the darkness,
as you bring your love from afar.

Forever and aways,
I will love you true,
when I am with you,
the skies are so blue.
The consequence of our actions
  seems relative to the path untraveled. 

I am lost like a misdirected seed caught in the abyss...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


 Like pages set to flip book animation 
so turns the chapters of my life.

Singing>I'm living in a dream, I'm dancing here with you,
I can feel your heartbeat as I am holding on to you.

Hands in the air, spinning all around, dancing on the 
clouds as they fall from the blue sky down. 

I'm living in a dream, I'm dancing here with you,
I can feel your heartbeat as I am holding on to you.

Laughter everywhere, dreams that bring you here,
as I dance in my lovers arms, as I dance in my
lovers arms.

Waiting on the sunrise, goodbye to moonlit skies,
there is no surprise when I open up my eyes.
I see you smiling, smiling on down me, your
reflection from the heart is seen in everything.

Waiting on the sunrise, goodbye to moonlit skies,
there is no surprise when I open up my eyes.
Like the warmth that I felt all night long, you
stepped in my heart and rewrote the love song.

Waiting on the sunrise, goodbye to moonlit skies,
there is no surprise when I open up my eyes.
You are with me, you never left my side and
I know this to be true, from deep down inside.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Just One Dream Away

 If possible to walk through life with eyes closed,
 you would be as close as each beat of my heart.
The mirrored reflection reveals not only today
but all the years of my yesterdays. 

Just one dream away,
one kiss,one hug away,
one moment and a day
away from loving you.

Just one star away,
one song, one love away,
one heart begs to be
with you.

Just one night away,
one moon lit sky away,
of sharing life with you.

Just one dance away,
one breath away, one
dream away from
We might not be able to change the world or peoples thoughts or mankind's foolish dysfunction but we can become with the beauty of life by strolling the heavens here on earth.

Take my hand, follow me,
let your soul soar free,
take my heart,take my love,
fly with me.

We are the artist that paints
the sky blue and gives the river
it magnificent hue.

Take my hand, follow me
let your soul soar free,
take my heart, take my love
fly with me.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Winter Rays

Think Big, Dream Bigger!

Love is the flotation device which keeps my soul afloat
and my heart set on the next horizon. 
It is in solitude that I have become most aware
of our heavenly gifts, but it is within your 
embrace that I saw true acceptance
in the unity of our souls. . 
Yes! I weep in sorrow for that which cannot be undone,
but each day brings a new opportunity. 

Live, love and dream!

Here is my heart for all to see, no limits or conditions and undeniably free. Opportunity and choices
the crescendo high, of the sound of music from this heart of mine. Composed of love and desire with hope and faith to empower.   I held the dreams, I held them close, for there is where my love was completely exposed. Soft and gentle a treasure of sweet when yesterdays memories begin to tweet.

The Carolina Wren

Every season the Wren returned to nest and sing but this past year was in sadness no sign of her in spring. No nesting in the greenhouse nor song at my door, the little Carolina Wren knew not what last winter had in store. The winter was awfully difficult, the snow seemed mountain high and I knew she struggled to find her food when I last saw her quivered wings in flight. Everyday I looked  for her in those places where she would hide, but I knew that she was forever gone and all that was left was her memory traced to my mind.
The feeder is awfully busy, chickadee's  and Morning Doves but I miss my little Carolina Wren for her song I truly loved.

We begin anew but we cannot replace that which
has already found its place in the heart.

When your heart reached out for mine 
I soon understood the nurturing of souls 
and the growth that blooms in love.

Daydreaming sweet thoughts of you so close your love I can feel it all the day threw. You're the sunrise, the stars at night, you're the love of my life. 

Saturday, January 22, 2011


We are more than halfway through January. It is typical weather for this time of year. Bitter cold, snowy and looks like the ice age. I once hear it said  that " we live our heaven and hell right hear on earth. " I thought that pretty much summed it up, since we are more vulnerable a species than we like to admit. Sometimes we can alter the plan, watch our health, try to be careful and maybe extend the journey or can we? There is a old saying " that when our time is up, it's up" Just reading the news and hearing various stories makes you that much more aware of how important and wonderful one moment in a day is. Extremely, for we have been granted the gift of life, now what we do with it, solely remains in our hands. No matter how you look at we are responsible for the choices we make.
Today I felt like I was very much in control of the moment.  The weather frigid and the roads slick and snow covered, I  aimed the car and over the hills I went. It was a very special moment for me, because I was doing something that very natural to me. There was a correlation between the times, from the age of seventeen to now. I had like these flashes, there I was standing on stage at seventeen receiving a medal for most outstanding student. I thought my life was headed at that time in a very different direction. I thought I must have been on an awful long detour as I stood today in front of women teaching them what is only second nature to me. I am not really sure about the final destination but I am ever so aware that I am at the top of the hill and at the same time on a bend. Can't see over nor around it, yet you know it leads somewhere.
I thought to myself is it foolish to have such expectations but than again I know that every door has not been open. So much more awaits and It is not necessarily about my choices, it has more to do with why I am here in the first place. I once thought that childhood was bizarre and that I had great insight because of it.  Without going into great detail, I believe each experience is a lesson in life. What have I learned? Like dominoes, one experience leads upon the other. Almost as if we were truly more than one piece in the great puzzle of life.
In some instances you want to feel sad for the experiences where others suffered or maybe where their life was cut short. Than you realize there is not much you can do about that, they lived out their journey, even if we don't understand it. I am a strong believer of prayer, I don't believe it matters who or what you pray to, as long as you are praying with positive energy.That is where our power comes into play as we come together with love in our hearts and their we begin see the true beauty of life.

Can you imagine a day without love...

There is nothing more magical than listening to the heart in song and the excitement of the soul when it steps where it has never been before.
He once called me a Drama Queen,
I once called him a fool, for love
is so spectacular when it entwines
in its eternal hold.

This is where the journey begins,
and here is where I hold your
hand for you have held my
heart without placing any

Friday, January 21, 2011

No Greater Love

I wanted to venture outdoors today and photograph some of the snow scenes. But do to one thing or another, like the camera not cooperating or the fact that I wasn't completed ready for my presentation tomorrow I somehow became side tracked. I began to think about people and times throughout my life. It  reminded me how many angels enter our life at different parts of the journey. For many years I had a difficult time with that, with the understanding of the importance of that particular angel at that moment. Kind of like you taking a positive moment and have it last forever, and you reach  out and you on tight, but slowly it passes. It occurred to me that an angel takes you as far they can and than passes you on when they can no longer guide you or direct your spirit, that is where their job is complete.

I want to take this moment,
I want to hold it tight, no
slipping through the fingers
no losing sight.
I see... do you?

I gazed into the heavens
a silhoutte could be found
the embraces of lovers
from the moment they
were bound.

I looked beyond the
mountains, in the waters
by the sea, I looked in
your heart to view the

I closed my eyes and in
the dark I still can see,
the visions of love, you
there next to me.
I am desperately in need of your arms.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

In the Middle of a Snow Storm

Build me a fire and watch it blaze,
to warm the heart when out of the storm. 
Lend my your arms to hold me tight,
to reassure me that it will be alright.

The crystal ball,
the snow globe,
a framed silver heart,
reminders of a lifetime
on the journey that leads afar. 

In the middle of a snowstorm,
in the middle of a dream,
caught in the fury of a
winter time breeze.

In the middle of a love song,
in the middle of my heart,
right there in your arms,
a romantic work of art.

In the middle of the day,
in the middle of the hour,
where your love took hold
and set my soul on fire.

In the middle of a story,
in the middle of the page,
are the words of love,
indelibly ingrained.

They say in life "it is not what you are doing, but who you are doing it with. "
Just a walk in the park or
a dance in the dark,
living life with you and
making dreams come true.

Feeding the ducks,
gazing at the blue and
making love all day
with you.


Get it together,
all on one page,
heart and soul
all of the way. 

I don't know,
the reasons why,
but there are three
roads where choice.

The newly fallen snow,
crystals of white,
blanket the hills and
shine brightly in the night.

I think, run, run far, run fast,  skip the hurdles and avoid the wrath. I think stand, stand tall, stand strong, to battle the darkness, to where I belong. I think defeat, defeat heart, defeat soul and allow his evil to overrule.
I find I am dancing on the clouds
even when my feet are firmly
on the ground.

Mio Amore

The rarer the gift, the more we value it,
that is why your love is priceless. 

 It is not until you discovered the pearl buried
beneath the sand that you truly understand its beauty.
Watching the sunrise,
gazing into your eyes,
knowing you are here, 
and we have a life to share. 

Dancing under the stars, 
feeling each beat of your heart,
loving you and knowing you
love me true.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Corinthinas 13:4-7

Amazing that a passage written in aproximately A.D 55 can convey its message with ease still today. The Corinthian holds as important a message today as it did oh so many years ago.

 1 Corinthians 13:4-7: “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.”

In a time where saying " I love you" is cast out so easily, I think it is important to know what the few little words actually mean or represent.If we look at the word love and its action in peoples lives we see that love takes on different meanings. For some the words " I love you" is a simple expression of ones feelings and the degree of love can expand to the most amazing euphoric emotion. The depth in which one explores  love can be an incredible experience. I myself do not believe that it is enough to say " I love you" but to live love. To feel love, see love, to taste love and to expand on it each day. The spectacular gift that is returned for living in a state of love is almost indescribable.
There are shrouds of darkness that weigh the spirit down and each individual must find the right combination to remove  its wall of power. Love loses it incredible sense of power when it merely becomes a word on the page. How does one live love? It would seem the answer to that would be easy, to walk in love and see its beauty through  out all of our actions. A chill comes over me, as I think of the term " love lost." Can we truly lose love or is that some of us have not yet learned to experience the full capabilities of such a powerful concept?
Love is Patient, like a seed sown in the garden of life. It takes the nurturing of body and soul to reveal the beauty of each individual bloom.
Love is kind, where kindness is found so treads compassion. Compassion is the willingness to step into the soul of another for one movement and feel their pain.
Love does not envy, there is no great want than to feel the power of love as it directs the spirit through our daily actions.
Love not boast nor is it rude or self seeking for love is not something of ownership, but a reaction to an action. To live with love one need not shout from the mountain tops but whisper from the heart.

Love for life is an extension or should be for that which we hold dear for one another. Breaking down the barriers and the darkness that falls  in the hopes of sharing in the warmth of love. My needs are overwhelming as well as my desire to share with you each moment of a day and through my whole life retain the love from hour to hour in the most amazing way. The void is but an emptiness and a loneliness of sort, that wreaks havoc on this journey and troubles the heart.
 Faith leads me beyond the abyss to feel the affections of the eternal bliss. Complete and loving and unconditional response that stands firmly on the foundation of trust and builds upon with love and erecting  the walls of truth a must. Where dreams are but a gateway to hold you in the night and love the path that makes it all feel so wonderful and right. The peaceful embrace that sends serenity to the door and there begins the emotions of love for thee the one whom I adore. Unique  the devotion of love for one another, that gives to life a meaning and makes the heart melt like butter.

 When I say "I love you" the expression is the truth,
and is filled with all the emotions, plus trust and
respect to boot. Full of passion and a incredible
amount of desire and blended into happiness to
set the soul on fire.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The wonderful world of interpretation

To be loved as love would have it ,
to dream the dreams of life,
to know when I am with you,
everything is right.

It is awfully simple ,
just let your soul soar free,
the gift from the heavens,
to send your love to me.
In my heart when I am with you,
where dreams are about to come true,
that is when the dance high above
has a dance on the clouds.

In the valley of delight, where angels
sent the magic that I can' t fight.
Mystical and magical it is all true,
it sent you down from out of the blue.

Interpretation is a very powerful action that is sometimes confusing as we each feel, see and experience in ways that are similar but different. Religious leader try to interpret a book from a time long ago and we have  Political leaders who try to interpret actions of another country etc. But I am speaking of people in general who try to interpret the creative work of writers and artist a like. Even music falls into the dramatic category of interpretation.  Many people try to indicate what the concept of a particular piece is and what its true intended meaning is. If nothing else through my travels I have found that their are similarities in peoples thoughts but unless you are side by side with the soul of another,  there is no way to really know what another person is thinking or how they will respond to any given situation. 
Some expressions of words are seen as being quite common and that is because the general populace feels a kin to the common factor. What is our common factor? Our personal experiences is high on the list as well as the journey that had begun way before we had given it much thought. Not so much as programing but absorbing knowledge, love, heartache and a wide range of other experiences that touch on our emotions. We sometimes tend to dwell on the differences in people and deny that which unites us. Parents sometimes don't relate to their because of the differences of era and other times it is because we have already closed our minds to the power of love. Love is unique in that it can lead in a positive way to a quality of life that sustains not only the  pureness of heart but that of the soul.\
I look at is as breaking the concept down to the tiniest of microorganisms and the beginning of life. We enter the world like a tablet without the words yet scribbled on it. It is only at the start of the journey that we begin to absorb the world around us and retain in our memories the joy and heartache of experience.  It is why  thousands of people can pass by a exhibit and not relate, because they have not yet crossed the bridge of experience. It always takes me back to the different times of our life and how one story can be read many times and because of our gained knowledge take on a different view. 
I sometimes find that I go back and analyze my time capsule. Do I see the same way that I did all those years ago? I believe to do so would make a soul stagnant because as we grow and time passes we mature in ways that alter our view. This is January the traditional month for cleansing the spirit and looking at life with a fresh new start. But is that possible when we carry all of life and all that we have learned with us? In someways I believe the answer to that is no, we cannot change spiritually who we are, we continue to grow, but that which we have already attained is now ingrained as the schematic for our personality. 
What makes a true endless love? The connection that two people sense beyond the frills and experiences of our today is a bond though maybe not common but definitely one of comfort. When you stand and bare your soul to another and expose all that is hidden and the person in front of you, looking deep into your soul can do the same, than you have secured a tight weave of not flesh but of one spirit woven to another. 

Here I stand before you,
my soul on display, 
revealing all my love,
and the adventures
of a new day. 

My heart is open, 
my mind set free 
and when you step
on in, you'll be bonded
one to one with me. 

Your love like the wind that stirs the chimes
and creates a music that not only awakens
the heart but teases the spirit.


Monday, January 17, 2011

Immortal Memories

Common words from a not so uncommon heart.

I celebrate the gift of the memory,
the days of love I share with you
from the moment you entered my heart
and gave the sky its blue. 

Nurturing the child within us
encouraging the soul to fly,
sharing in a timeless embrace,
and watching the growth from

Kindred spirits maxmizing the 
gift of time, where we explored
the galaxy and broke the barriers 
with the mind. 
Incredible is the love that can
only be shared with someone 
special. Reaches beyond the 
heavens to acknowledge the 
day that hearts had come 
together in the most
amazing way. 
There is a gift I have been given,
my safe harbor and my strength, 
gives meaning to this world
restores my faith.

Love is patient and time has no place, 
because once the souls have merged 
together nothing can take their place.
From the first meeting, you found 
that special place, close in the heart
and cannot be erased.

 From the first hello, you gave to me,
something that others don't get a 
chance to experience or see.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Breathlessly Yours

Love does not sit in judgment,
it does not boast of anger or a grudge,
it never questions a spirit and remains
truthful and loyal like an angel from above. 
I only seek what was is already mine. 
I once asked the Lord "why?" and I 
thought he had not responded 
until one day when loneliness 
was overwhelming and I was lost and 
feeling blue, that was when the Lord
spoke and he said " time will
reveal the truth"
I believe in angels, though they
wear many a disguise,
and if not for their 
presence my soul
would have
surely died.

I can't imagine there are to many children who have never danced in the rain.It is such a carefree simple pleasure,splashing in puddles and feel the cool rain drops as they hit your face. The magical part of a rain is there is no right or wrong.You can spin, kick your feet, splash, arms in the air or just slowly take it all in.  Than we have our first dance in kindergarten which is the hand holding circles to the less romantic dances in junior high, where boys stood on one side and girls on the other. Of course the introduction to the more romantic dance does come till our high school years. How many people can't remember that all so important first dance at school.Though of course, I am not sure what it all meant, but I do know who it was with, he
was actually someone I didn't know from the all boys school. It was a unique experience when the all girl school met up with the all boy school. In many ways we were not just strangers but strangers to the new emotions we would begin to explore.
I have heard people say " I can't dance or I don't like to dance, or it is not for me, or I can't keep a beat " or complain that someone has " two left feet." I use to think that was so but the artistic form that maybe graceful or not is many times a way of forming a social connection.So there is actually no wrong way or bad dancer just different dances or different kinds of partners. I  call it " dancing on clouds" Dancing on clouds is the euphoria that lifts your feet, if not your feet your soul from the ground. I also found that it was an emotion expressed in rhythmic steps. What does a dance partner do? When I was a little girl and I danced with my father, first thing he said was "you have to follow your partners lead" The crucial element is a partner whose lead you can follow. In a formal dance you have many rules and it is not so free and a bit rigid as it restricts artistic as well as the spiritual connection. In the true reality of dance there is no restriction upon the souls sweet embrace upon the heavens. But than again that doesn't actually answer the question of what is a partners responsibility. 

Dance with Me 

Lead me in the dance under the stars, 
pull me close and listen to my heart. 
Enough distance that I can spin around 
and arms to hold me tight so I don't 
stumble and fall to the ground. 

Steps that coordinate you and I as one, 
hearts rhythmic beating to the song of love. 
To anticipate the outcome of this sweet 
embrace in the dance upon the heavens
standing face to face. 

Confident enough to execute fast or slow 
the steps that make me love you so. Whispers
the words of love and block out the world
as If I am the only one. 

Engage in the passion that sets the soul 
a fire and timing is less important as we
control the hour. 

Hold me steady, don't let my knees wobble 
so, because with my partner I am afraid to
let go. 

Dance with me my darling on the clouds 
in the sky, for you are my love, the love 
of my life. 

One rose without petals, 
a sky without stars and 
my heart without your 
love is a sunless day
of dark.

  • move in a pattern; usually to musical accompaniment; do or perform a dance; "My husband and I like to dance at home to the radio"
  • dancing: taking a series of rhythmical steps (and movements) in time to music
  • skip, leap, or move up and down or sideways; "Dancing flames"; "The children danced with joy"

Once you have felt the magic, 
once you have seen the stars,
once you shared the kiss 
you'll have bonded heart
to heart. 

Once you've dance in the heavens,
once you've touched from a far,
once you ignited the spark, 
you'll have my heart. 

The colors of my heart are like a rainbow
filled with your love.

Scattered across the heavens, stretching over the sea,
the magic of your love arches to bridge 
the seasons of life from summer through to spring. 
When I don't fight it, the emotions that 
consume me, they always lead me to you.
When you recognize love in its true adulterated form
you will quickly acknowledge the simplicity of such beauty. 
The connection that joins two heart and souls
 displays the external view of forevermore.

 Therapeutic, sometimes it is just knowing someone is listening and that helps to put everything in context. Even acknowledging the trials and tribulations brings a form of peace to the soul. When I look at my own life it reminds me of the song. " the long and winding road" by the Beatles. There is enormous sense of peace this morning and I am not sure exactly what I contribute it to. I woke from a calm dream and yet I can't remember what it was about other than I felt at peace.
From as far back as I can remember I always wanted answers. Not the kind of answers to questions that most children think about. Names to places and things of the sort, I wanted more in depth answers, in a philosophical sense. Why people react  to a situation and why we are here on this earth and what do we have to give back ? I still don't have all the answers but I do know I have many more questions. One thing I am sure of love is indeed powerful and can and does heal many hearts and minds.

I wake each morn with a smile on my face,
as thoughts of you make my heart race.

I lay still and  I dare not move,
as I review my dreams with you.

Selfishness and lack of compassion
make for a very hollow soul.

Because God indeed has other plans...

Sings>Where there is love, there is happiness 
 and happy am I with you. 
Where there is love, there is kindness and
I felt your kindness through and through.

Where there is love, there is peace and
peaceful an I  when I am thinking of you.

Where there is love, there  is you and 
 it is clear how much I love you.

The rainbow of emotions, the colors bleed
 from flaming  red and the blue of the sea.


There are tears to speak of today,
 I woke this morning and my smile led the way.

 It removed all the darkness when the curtains were drawn
and the joy of my life holding  me strong.

As long as I can feel you, 
as long as I can see , 
 as long as the dreams cast
 you next to me.

I'll be happy as happy as 
can be.....

As long as I can feel you,
as ;long as I can see, 
as long as the dreams cast
you next to me.
To pleasure your sweet kisses like honey from the hive
and feeling your  heart beat rhythmically next to mine.

I quiver from the notion that I am yours and you
 are mine and we belong together for all time.

Transcending like angels from the sky our love
came together and ferment like the finest wine.

Rooms without doors,
furniture permanently secured,
 curtainless windows and I have
no clue what's in store

.Crazy days a lifetime make and
all I can only tell you is it's  the heart
 that breaks.

Dead end roads and mountains to climb
and around each corner there is another

Faith led me this far, but love showed me the
 brightest of stars.

My heaven is when I am with you, dancing
on the clouds in the heavens blue.

For one moment in time I escaped the
 insanity that controls the mind.

Because your heart saw into my heart...

Allowing emotions to explore the moment opens the soul up to vulnerability.


I do believe that each experience raises an awareness.


For every heart that listens and every soul that speaks,
love shall rise to power and embrace so wonderfully.


It is okay to be me,
for I am the voice of the wind
that speaks of love as it blows,
like a storm on a summer day. 

I am saddened that Earth trembles as it reeks havoc
upon the innocence. 

I shall have the sweetest dreams for I shall dream of you and 
when I wake unto the morn, I'll be in your arms and loving you.


The power of a smile is in how far travels ...


 By My Side

No signs of summer as winter is holding strong,
nothing but reminders and the emptiness of song.

My heart feels the sadness of my yesterdays and
speaks in riddles that only fools in love relay.

It is not about the dreams or the games that people
play, it is the magic in the heart that refuses to fade.

The kiss of love, the seduction of your smile,
the bridge of hearts that braces to connect the
long and lonely miles.

The warmth that I feel bursting from inside, is the
comfort of your love as if you were by my side.

The silence was broken by the whispers of my heart, calling out to you from the surrounding dark. I repeated your name in hopes that you would hear and from my soul remove the thread of fear. Haunting reminders of the way life should be, where I am loving and you are loving me.

I control the moment and the darkness has no power here,  stronger with each day and better by the year. Nothing can change how I feel, I have journeyed over mountains but nothing can compare. The love that embraces from a far, placed us in the heaven on our very own star.

No sunlight through the windows, no song played back for me, I am not even sure what this all means. Something is happening and my spirit dwells on the path that leads me out of my very own hell. Can you hear me calling ? Do you understand the needs of my heart and soul  and the prerequisite of and their demands as well?

To feel my love my love like a breath of wind against your cheek and to devour my kisses slow and tenderly.  To feel your hands brush gently through my hear and pull close so as to escape the hands of fear. There is no possession this is so much more, the road to exploration in the land of forevermore.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

You are my destiny - Paul Anka - lyrics

The World I Created

I so fully understand the steps of childhood from crawling, toddling, walking to running. Somewhere in my own steps on an evolutionary scale, I went from toddling to leaning on crutches. There is a part of me that is still the little girl who wanted to see over the horizon. In many ways I was networked into my parents web and than without stopping to get my breath and find my way caught in the mist of another's journey. When I looked back at the people from my childhood it made even more clearer that I walked a path that was quite unique to me. As a child I created my own world where I could escape when necessary, as an adult another web was laid and the trap tightened as time went on.
In my renewed confidence I had to understand and direct my energy in a positive nature as to once more escape what appeared out of my control.What had drawn the curtains open and revealed the light? I can't really quite say, though self acceptance does play a big part. I may not have made a specific new years resolution this year, but it is more of living out a concept, one where the crutch that I so used as a child was tossed away. I had to really take a deep breath and look at those around me, the experiences that I surfaced from and redirect my spirit. What was lost and what is gained and what did the lessons of life reveal? Again the response was I cannot be responsible for the actions of others, only my own. There begins another page in the chapters of life.

I do not look back fondly on the games that people play,nor do I completely understand the void that simply will not fade.The path like that of wild rose makes it difficult to see but once beyond the brier the revelation is like a clear day out at sea.

I had to place accordingly my reactions to the day, when I let my heart lead my soul  and send it astray. First there was confusion and I knew not what to say as laughter turned to tears and the darkness made it's way.

But this day is awfully different and this much I can say, that character is revealed when skies are dark and gray. Love is very special and in the most amazing way it removes the thorns embedded by the memories of our yesterdays.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Transparent Dreams

 I am having a difficult time focusing today. I have come to understand that when you have to be accountable for your own actions both personal and business that it can be difficult to organize thoughts. It is most likely why I am the queen of procrastination. Also I have to psych myself up to work with numbers. In many ways it is like filing actions in the mind according to importance. Outside stimulation can sometimes encourage positive actions and set in motion a plan for the day. It doesn't seem long but it has been a full seven days since I left the house. It gives me way to much time to think. With the weather forecast calling for more snow, I don't imagine I'll be driving anywhere to soon. So I think  it is important not to dwell on the past, or the problems of the present and definitely not to get caught up in the " woulda, shoulda, coulda .
Complications of life set in as people vary in their views, goals and dreams. You would think that it is not a bad thing to allow the differences to surface and flourish. But it seems that it only works when there is a mutual bond of respect.
I thought it would be nice since I am not getting out anytime soon that I would prepare for you to view my ' Transparent Dream" I don't believe location is as important as who you share life with and so if it is alright with you, take my hand.

Transparent Dreams

Waking up each morning, a pillow we share, I am laying in your arms and I don't have a single care. My hands explore your body from head to toe and my heart  is beating as if a cougar is chasing and won't let go. Kisses, sweet kisses just for you, kisses, sweet kisses with  the words of I love you. I could lay forever in this state of bliss staring into your eyes and thinking of the years we missed. My head now lays upon your chest and I listen as your heart beats and your soul agrees to life's test. Question upon question of what I mean to you, do you love me as much as I love you? Does the rain bring peace like your love does to me ? Do you feel the awakening as we step beyond the dreams?Hold this moment, I am sure it is what it seems. No tears of sadness, no place of heartache will we tread,, a year or lifetime or until all has been said.
Snowflakes are again falling and I smile at all we have shared, catching one on my tongue just to feel it melt and disappear. Take a step and follow me, let the child within you live, let the adult in you free. Soar with me above those clouds high and look down at the world from the blue sky. I love you and that will never change, you are my life and love is what we have to gain.
Sunshine ever morning, starlight every night and when we are together it is a lovers delight.Our souls acknowledged the day we met that this love is  forever and lives on without an end. Close your eyes and accept all of me I am here to give you happiness through my every dream. Lean your head back into my arms and allow my hands to comfort you and rest your weary heart. Let my fingers explore your lips as I lean forward gently to give you another kiss. My heart begs, my soul knows that it is true, that you belong to me and I belong to you.

This smile belongs to you,
as does my heart and 
the heavens blue.

This is the moment when
dreams come true while
,merely consumed by
thoughts of you. 

Energy! it is obvious that it exist in both a positive and negative format. When I woke up this morning I had to erase or remove the emotions to the adversity that surrounded me. Almost as if I literally unplugged the negative and replaced it with positive thoughts. It was in away holding on to the best of dreams, memories and yes the moment. Reflecting on the warmth that we share, words of love lyrical in nature and with a soft melodic voice flowed gently from my heart. With one  breath the drapes of darkness were drawn and the power of love transpired.

 Sings>I gazed unto the heavens only to find
 your name inscribed beautifully next to mine,
 something wonderful was happening and I could
feel you here by my side.

Far in the east the sun was rising and  that was not
the surprise, the magic was when I felt the power
 of your love bursting from inside.

 The soft music a comfort to me broke down the
 barriers  of time, to infuse your love in me like
honey in its own brine.

I gazed unto the heavens only to find your name
etched beautifully  next to mine.Something amazing
was happening and this I can't deny,  happiness
caught me smiling at the words written in the
big blue sky.

It said" I love you darling" and it
was signed " heart and soul forever

Calling on your sweetness to hold me through the night,
pack away the loneliness and send it on deploy, I'm not
asking for a moment of romantic joy, I've given you my
heart, but not for you to toy.

I'm calling on the angels to bring you to me, I'm not getting
younger but still  I have needs. I need to feel your arms
all through the night, I need to know that there is a
reason to stand up and fight.

The world is filled with evil and I need to separate some how,
so all that I consume is the power of your smile. I don't
know all the reasons for the strife, but I know most
certainly that I deserve a different life.

I'm calling on the celestial heavens to close the gap it
made by giving me a star and to you the same. This
 place is awfully special it is your and mine alone, and
it is filled with love and to the world it shows.

I'm calling out to you and I hope that you can hear, my wants
and needs are simple to live without fear. To share in the
mornings to watch the moon take its place in the sky to
 feel the merge of your heart in mine.

The world is filled with evil and I need to separate some how,
so all that I consume is the power of your smile. I don't
know all the reasons for the strife, but I know most
certainly that I deserve a different life.
Shoveling coal to keep warm,
survival through the daily storms.
Trapped in a winter wonderland
 game, where my mind struggles
to remember a summer day.


Shuffling the cards reveals a different play
and yet the ultimate choice is ours.


I believe that we recognize the truth
 we rarely want to accept it. 

The devils push or heavens draw...

I wanted to define the moment where I first escaped,
to find the spider mending the web.

Quintessential love is within your very soul.

 This daydream is made for you and I,
has all the elements like blue skies, moon
stars and sunshine. 

This daydream cast you in my arms,
warmed my heart, shared a kiss with
your gentle charm.

This daydream placed a smile on my
face, tickled me and made my heart

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Love is more than an emotion...

One only need look at the world around them and see the element of love at work or the absence of it. Of course when people first think of love it is the passion between two that strikes the imagination. But love is much more powerful than  just an emotion shared between two people. It is either at the center of our being or non existent.Imagine for one moment the energy which your life was created, most would acknowledge that through passion and love your very existence came to be. The power of love is intriguing as it can bring a sense of peace in making sense of the senseless evils of the world.
I always told my children that "you don't hate a person you may dislike the actions of a person, but never hate "and yet hate can be as powerful as love.  What is love? Love is found in the absence of greed, selfishness, hatred, jealousy and all the negativity that surfaces from a troubled soul. In reality love is just one aspect of our being and starts with the love of self, the love of the journey, no matter the outcome. When I burst out this morning that " I hate" I felt at that moment as if I allowed the actions of another to bring a sense of restlessness and allow a negativity to surface which is not a part of who I am or who I wish to be. Desire for comfort is not a passion created of selfishness, it is the souls reaction for that which it knows feels right. It is not for I to question the power of love for it is everything beautiful, warm and wonderful created on earth and the heavens above.
It is through our actions that love can be seen, not necessarily of words or stories it is the joy of life and how we respond to all it brings. It doesn't mean there is never sorrow, heartache or fear on the contrary it means with love as our guide we shall persevere. So the day may have darkness and occasional clouds of gray but it will never blanket the spirit as the warmth of love will lead the way.

I love the view of the night sky
when nothing but stars appear 
and my thoughts drift to you and I 
with each moment that we share. 
I love that I can hold you close
when even my bed is bare, 
and know that in the dark of night 
someone truly cares. 


Whispers of love released from the heart,
to bring you happiness.

Light to darkness,
warmth to heart,
passion to soul
Unconditional love is the freedom of the soul to soar without restriction.

Unleashed passion merges with desire to find my soul
entwined in your eternal embrace.


The something more that you feel is
 the existence of peace empowered by love.

It is no accident when two hearts merge
 for fate plays its hand one card at a time.


Saturday, January 08, 2011

In the Heavens blue

The day long has come and gone,
and yet your memory lingers on.
Of the love I feel for you, I want to
know you feel it too.

 The treasure deep inside, peacefully
soothes my troubled mind. Created
of simple dreams, melodic makes
my heart sing.


There is a stage with in my mind where I'm loving you  and there we dance beneath the stars on the clouds in the heavens blue. No raindrops of sadness, no storms to drown the soul, only the sun's rays shine through  in this dream  where I am dancing soul entwined with you.There is a warmth I can feel that sets my  heart a fire, like a chocolate bar melting on the beach under the warm summer stars. There is a story still unwritten  and patiently it awaits the angels to tell, of  two passionate hearts living under the angels spell. There is a moment of happiness from the second I close my eyes, as I can almost feel the love of you right here by my side. There is a reason for the insanity that strikes with much confusion, and on the path through bramble weed I detoured to find I surfaced beyond the erosion. Difficult at first it fed my hungry soul and quenched my internal thirst.with just one loving hold. On this stage within my mind, I am love you and in this revelation  we dance on the clouds in the heavens blue.
It is not a treasure unless it is seen for the value of joy it bring as nothing is more wonderful than to listen as the heart sings. The significance it bares is seen by the soul where love and happiness first appeared and anchored with a permanent hold.. The winter cold veracious sends a haunting chill and yet the warmth of your love is all that I can feel. Mystical and  immeasurable a brilliance of light empowers the darkness to hold us through the night..

We are but a mass of energy empowered by the heart,
but if not for the manifestation of the dreams
  we would be living in the dark


Love is a sweet blend of happiness, faith and desire. 

To grow in love one must stand firmly on the foundation of trust and
seed with respect, sow with faith and step back and enjoy the bloom.


Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Please love me forever

Poetry majorly reflects our response to all that life has to offer. Whether it is heartbreak or romance, fond memories or an experience that you can't quite shake, poetry is indeed the song of our soul. We have been taught poetry even before we entered the school system. It is the first jingles, songs and stories that are able to keep the child's attention. As we mature we find that poetry is a song waiting to be a sung, a commercial, a display of emotion and yes sometimes therapeutic. It is capable of reaching hearts and sharing in its ability to reach a wide range of audience. Form is not as important as the connection that is created when heart and souls come together. It is why I have always been so fond of prose, no formality to fuss with. Many artist of song took just that a poem and put it to music and created a melody that could soothe or excite. I sometimes think that it is the masters of our time that hold a special place because in our hearts because they understood how powerful their words were.  "Love me with all your heart was written by Rafael Gaston Perez, a Nicaraguan songwriter and bandleader, and made famous first by the Rigual Brothers and it  just shows how simple words placed in a different order express the emotions that many of us feel and how it crosses language,time and distance barriers to unite us with the passion that a love song so displays.

"Love Me With All Of Your Heart
Love me with all of your heart
That's all I want, love
Love me with all of your heart
Or not at all
*Just promise me this
That you'll give me all your kisses
Every winter every summer
Every fall
When we are far apart
Or when you're near me
Love me with all of your heart"
I myself enjoyed singing to the children when they were younger it seems you can't make it out of childhood with a few illnesses. Actually I think the music did as much to calm me down as it did my children. Because we are a reflection of our life experiences and are responsible for forming the next generation, I think that how we go about instilling that love for life in others is as important to those we touch as it is to ourselves. Because it is our nature to want to be loved, I have written my own version of  love.

I'm singing songs of love,
the words translate from
heaven above. The angels
sent quite the surprise, when
your love fell and met with

Loneliness has come and gone
replaced with the love from my
heart the song. The dreams of
you and I paint a silhouette across
the blue sky.

Once someone said to me are you going to spend your life writing about a love that you have not fully experienced? At first I was taken back by the comment and the assumption that I have not met completely with love and than I thought of my own selfish reasons for writing. The fact is why I began to write and why I continue writing have actually very  different and yet distinctive reasons. One was to give my emotions a place in an eternal aspect and the other was that if one person related understood and found comfort than I had accomplished something much greater than merely putting emotions on a page.

Listen closely and this is what you'll hear,
the whisper of my heart for you my dear.
Starlight sparkles seen in your eyes and
the joy we share on earth and in the
heavens high.

Tears of yesterday still fall upon my
cheek for I can't change what's written
only what tomorrow may bring.I'll give
 to you my love for each and every day
to hold you safe till our souls find their


My heart is open and  it waits for you,
come on in and let me whispers words
of love, nothing matters more than
dreaming of that special one.


I woke up singing the song " what the world needs now is love sweet love, no not for some but for everyone" Can you imagine a world where every action is led by love in one form or another? There is no doubt that it would be some form of Utopia but with love on the side  goodness and good always in battle with evil I find it highly unlikely everyone will be on the same page at the same time.

There is nothing we can't battle,
nothing we can't overcome,
with love in our arsenal we have
already won.

We won the joy of the morning
when the sun begins to rise as we
celebrate the journey traveling
side by side

There is nothing we can't handle,
nothing we can't overcome,
with love in our arsenal we have
already won.

The beauty of life, the love that
makes us one, the road that
unfolds leading us to heaven

There is nothing we can't handle,
nothing we can't overcome,
with love in our arsenal we have
already won.
As we reach a particular place in time we see that the past has rerouted us and sent us on a journey unique to us. Interpretation is unique in that it can morph through the various stages of our life. Meaning how we saw things yesterday and how we see them today will not be how we will see it tomorrow.I believe that is because each day we grow and mature and relate different to an experience. I have had the same experience bring me laughter, make me cry, shed a view of hope and a path that led to the doorway of despair. How could that be possible that one moment in time can bring on so many emotions? It depends on how weak or strong we are at the moment what we need to move forward. Sometimes we need to shield our heart and other times steps inside and take another view and that can lead to sunny skies or shades of gray and blue.

When Love is real

From my lack of experience to the first signs that there is an uncontrollable passion between two people I have come up with a list of what true love is to me.

There is an uncontrollable passion mixed with desire to spend my life with you each moment of an hour. The comfort of your heart lying  next to mine  and the feel of the infusion as love becomes the brine. Common goals and the familiarity a few of the traits that make it easy for me to  love you. Side by side we journey,we climb those mountains  high and when one of us is sliding the others pulls the spirit safely aside.Triggering the spirit to feel so alive, like dancing in our dreams on the clouds in the sky. Something special that no heart can't deny the spontaneity that brings the smiles out from deep inside. Like a cookie soft and buttery sweet, rolled in happiness, each day becomes a treat. Admiring each other, respect a natural and the playfulness that is our heaven, without any signs of hell. 
Everyday together is more wonderful than before, because each comes with a blueprint that has us begging for more. Busy as a bee or cradled in your arms, I am melting by your magic and your unprecedented charm.. We are home when we are together no matter where we are, because we have broken the barriers that keep our souls apart. Your eyes sparkle , they whisper of the flames, that set my heart on fire as my soul to yours lays claim. Talking about the weather, sharing a dream or two, communication endless as I gaze up at you. Speak of your desire to love by the hour,  complete and trusting by setting the soul gently free and standing by to admire.Support and guidance is  never nothing new,  the traits that make it easy for me to fall in love  with you. There is nothing we can't deal with, nothing we can't do, we challenge every day to surface above the blue. No need to ever apologize because when looking my eyes, I would rather kiss you than ever make you cry. Special is our love it is filled with endless joy and trust and though I love you so very much I added a bit of lust. The chemistry is natural and all we need to do, is to look into each others eyes and there is where we find the approval that I am yours and you are mine. Intimacy for you and for you alone with the positive energy that sounds like passionate loving moans. The energy titillating it caught us by surprise and that is something wonderful that no one can ever deny.   Compassion the most gracious of all of your magnificent traits ,it leads me into your arms and I believe my love that this experience falls into the hands of fate.

. I am soooooo very tired...I wish to be held close.

Monday, January 03, 2011

Like Angels

I went to sleep with thoughts of you and
woke this morning with the sky so blue.

There was peace in my soul and your
love in my heart and it held me oh
so gently through the dark.

I knew you were with me, though you
are a far, I could sense your being,
as I gazed into the stars. 

This heaven begins in the heart
and found its place by that little

Like angels singing songs of love,
my heart whispers the words of
where I belong.

In your arms while loving you
and watching the dreams of
our love  come true.

Sings>;I wasn't alone and that much I knew that I was dancing on clouds while I was loving you. There is something special and I know you feel it too. When you kiss me good morning and I wake up next to you. 
The love in our hearts will see us through and bring us the sunshine of a summer for two. The love in our hearts will know what to do, the embrace of life that will see us through.


I just want to lay in the warmth of your arms and so I close my eyes to dream of your charm. Sunlight on an island, waves that rush to shore and of course there is you and I posed in our forevermore. I just want to lay in the warmth of your arms and feel your heart beating while we see what life has in store.
To be loved as one loves is truly the
circle without beginning nor end. 


 If you take me out of the equation
 you find us. 

I feel the greatest of sorrow for those who will 
never experience the simplicity of a pure love. 

Because love is not returned
does not diminish the fact that one person was
capable of giving the most precious of gifts ..the heart. 


Sunday, January 02, 2011

Shattered pieces

Sings>When the wind stops blowing and the sky seems to clear,
and my heart stops aching, and there is no signs of fear,
when the dreams lead me to you, I'll be in your arms and not
a moment to soon.

When the trains no longer whistles aloud and the trees on
the hills block all the sound, when the blue bird doesn't
stop by, I'll know that my spirit has surely died.

When the clouds no longer invite us to dance and the
stars fade with one little glance, when I wake in morning
 both lonely and blue, I'll know that my need is only for you.

When the river recedes and the bed is dry and I can walk
the bank with no surprise. When the story's have all been
told , the words of love will certainty unfold. 

It's early in the am and the sun has yet to rise, the dogs are
are all sleeping and the cats are here by my side. Gingerbread
houses and lights on a tree all mean so little if you are not
here with me.

The silence can't stop the heart from song, it sings loud enough
to drown what don't belong. The melody soft and sweet sung
with the words that refuse to except defeat.

My father was a smart man he spoke not in riddle,
in his own words he once said" the voice of man is his own fiddle. "

To accept your love graciously as it gently embraces my heart and soul. 
 I can't shake the chill that runs throughout my soul...

The travesty of mans actions have been recorded in history, 
and though we have learned a great deal, we have still not
found away to stop those empowered from playing God. 
Death should not be a choice for life is a gift. 
Once spoken a word  it is given life,
once written a history is revealed,
Once remembered ...
Destruction is simply man gone astray...
The storms of life have awakened the spirit and like 
the rain upon the mountains I have absorbed both 
the positive and negative upon the journey.


Where do you go, when there is no where to go?