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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

When Love is real

From my lack of experience to the first signs that there is an uncontrollable passion between two people I have come up with a list of what true love is to me.

There is an uncontrollable passion mixed with desire to spend my life with you each moment of an hour. The comfort of your heart lying  next to mine  and the feel of the infusion as love becomes the brine. Common goals and the familiarity a few of the traits that make it easy for me to  love you. Side by side we journey,we climb those mountains  high and when one of us is sliding the others pulls the spirit safely aside.Triggering the spirit to feel so alive, like dancing in our dreams on the clouds in the sky. Something special that no heart can't deny the spontaneity that brings the smiles out from deep inside. Like a cookie soft and buttery sweet, rolled in happiness, each day becomes a treat. Admiring each other, respect a natural and the playfulness that is our heaven, without any signs of hell. 
Everyday together is more wonderful than before, because each comes with a blueprint that has us begging for more. Busy as a bee or cradled in your arms, I am melting by your magic and your unprecedented charm.. We are home when we are together no matter where we are, because we have broken the barriers that keep our souls apart. Your eyes sparkle , they whisper of the flames, that set my heart on fire as my soul to yours lays claim. Talking about the weather, sharing a dream or two, communication endless as I gaze up at you. Speak of your desire to love by the hour,  complete and trusting by setting the soul gently free and standing by to admire.Support and guidance is  never nothing new,  the traits that make it easy for me to fall in love  with you. There is nothing we can't deal with, nothing we can't do, we challenge every day to surface above the blue. No need to ever apologize because when looking my eyes, I would rather kiss you than ever make you cry. Special is our love it is filled with endless joy and trust and though I love you so very much I added a bit of lust. The chemistry is natural and all we need to do, is to look into each others eyes and there is where we find the approval that I am yours and you are mine. Intimacy for you and for you alone with the positive energy that sounds like passionate loving moans. The energy titillating it caught us by surprise and that is something wonderful that no one can ever deny.   Compassion the most gracious of all of your magnificent traits ,it leads me into your arms and I believe my love that this experience falls into the hands of fate.

. I am soooooo very tired...I wish to be held close.

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