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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, January 03, 2011

Like Angels

I went to sleep with thoughts of you and
woke this morning with the sky so blue.

There was peace in my soul and your
love in my heart and it held me oh
so gently through the dark.

I knew you were with me, though you
are a far, I could sense your being,
as I gazed into the stars. 

This heaven begins in the heart
and found its place by that little

Like angels singing songs of love,
my heart whispers the words of
where I belong.

In your arms while loving you
and watching the dreams of
our love  come true.

Sings>;I wasn't alone and that much I knew that I was dancing on clouds while I was loving you. There is something special and I know you feel it too. When you kiss me good morning and I wake up next to you. 
The love in our hearts will see us through and bring us the sunshine of a summer for two. The love in our hearts will know what to do, the embrace of life that will see us through.


I just want to lay in the warmth of your arms and so I close my eyes to dream of your charm. Sunlight on an island, waves that rush to shore and of course there is you and I posed in our forevermore. I just want to lay in the warmth of your arms and feel your heart beating while we see what life has in store.
To be loved as one loves is truly the
circle without beginning nor end. 


 If you take me out of the equation
 you find us. 

I feel the greatest of sorrow for those who will 
never experience the simplicity of a pure love. 

Because love is not returned
does not diminish the fact that one person was
capable of giving the most precious of gifts ..the heart. 


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