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Monday, January 10, 2011

Transparent Dreams

 I am having a difficult time focusing today. I have come to understand that when you have to be accountable for your own actions both personal and business that it can be difficult to organize thoughts. It is most likely why I am the queen of procrastination. Also I have to psych myself up to work with numbers. In many ways it is like filing actions in the mind according to importance. Outside stimulation can sometimes encourage positive actions and set in motion a plan for the day. It doesn't seem long but it has been a full seven days since I left the house. It gives me way to much time to think. With the weather forecast calling for more snow, I don't imagine I'll be driving anywhere to soon. So I think  it is important not to dwell on the past, or the problems of the present and definitely not to get caught up in the " woulda, shoulda, coulda .
Complications of life set in as people vary in their views, goals and dreams. You would think that it is not a bad thing to allow the differences to surface and flourish. But it seems that it only works when there is a mutual bond of respect.
I thought it would be nice since I am not getting out anytime soon that I would prepare for you to view my ' Transparent Dream" I don't believe location is as important as who you share life with and so if it is alright with you, take my hand.

Transparent Dreams

Waking up each morning, a pillow we share, I am laying in your arms and I don't have a single care. My hands explore your body from head to toe and my heart  is beating as if a cougar is chasing and won't let go. Kisses, sweet kisses just for you, kisses, sweet kisses with  the words of I love you. I could lay forever in this state of bliss staring into your eyes and thinking of the years we missed. My head now lays upon your chest and I listen as your heart beats and your soul agrees to life's test. Question upon question of what I mean to you, do you love me as much as I love you? Does the rain bring peace like your love does to me ? Do you feel the awakening as we step beyond the dreams?Hold this moment, I am sure it is what it seems. No tears of sadness, no place of heartache will we tread,, a year or lifetime or until all has been said.
Snowflakes are again falling and I smile at all we have shared, catching one on my tongue just to feel it melt and disappear. Take a step and follow me, let the child within you live, let the adult in you free. Soar with me above those clouds high and look down at the world from the blue sky. I love you and that will never change, you are my life and love is what we have to gain.
Sunshine ever morning, starlight every night and when we are together it is a lovers delight.Our souls acknowledged the day we met that this love is  forever and lives on without an end. Close your eyes and accept all of me I am here to give you happiness through my every dream. Lean your head back into my arms and allow my hands to comfort you and rest your weary heart. Let my fingers explore your lips as I lean forward gently to give you another kiss. My heart begs, my soul knows that it is true, that you belong to me and I belong to you.

This smile belongs to you,
as does my heart and 
the heavens blue.

This is the moment when
dreams come true while
,merely consumed by
thoughts of you. 

Energy! it is obvious that it exist in both a positive and negative format. When I woke up this morning I had to erase or remove the emotions to the adversity that surrounded me. Almost as if I literally unplugged the negative and replaced it with positive thoughts. It was in away holding on to the best of dreams, memories and yes the moment. Reflecting on the warmth that we share, words of love lyrical in nature and with a soft melodic voice flowed gently from my heart. With one  breath the drapes of darkness were drawn and the power of love transpired.

 Sings>I gazed unto the heavens only to find
 your name inscribed beautifully next to mine,
 something wonderful was happening and I could
feel you here by my side.

Far in the east the sun was rising and  that was not
the surprise, the magic was when I felt the power
 of your love bursting from inside.

 The soft music a comfort to me broke down the
 barriers  of time, to infuse your love in me like
honey in its own brine.

I gazed unto the heavens only to find your name
etched beautifully  next to mine.Something amazing
was happening and this I can't deny,  happiness
caught me smiling at the words written in the
big blue sky.

It said" I love you darling" and it
was signed " heart and soul forever

Calling on your sweetness to hold me through the night,
pack away the loneliness and send it on deploy, I'm not
asking for a moment of romantic joy, I've given you my
heart, but not for you to toy.

I'm calling on the angels to bring you to me, I'm not getting
younger but still  I have needs. I need to feel your arms
all through the night, I need to know that there is a
reason to stand up and fight.

The world is filled with evil and I need to separate some how,
so all that I consume is the power of your smile. I don't
know all the reasons for the strife, but I know most
certainly that I deserve a different life.

I'm calling on the celestial heavens to close the gap it
made by giving me a star and to you the same. This
 place is awfully special it is your and mine alone, and
it is filled with love and to the world it shows.

I'm calling out to you and I hope that you can hear, my wants
and needs are simple to live without fear. To share in the
mornings to watch the moon take its place in the sky to
 feel the merge of your heart in mine.

The world is filled with evil and I need to separate some how,
so all that I consume is the power of your smile. I don't
know all the reasons for the strife, but I know most
certainly that I deserve a different life.
Shoveling coal to keep warm,
survival through the daily storms.
Trapped in a winter wonderland
 game, where my mind struggles
to remember a summer day.


Shuffling the cards reveals a different play
and yet the ultimate choice is ours.


I believe that we recognize the truth
 we rarely want to accept it. 

The devils push or heavens draw...

I wanted to define the moment where I first escaped,
to find the spider mending the web.

Quintessential love is within your very soul.

 This daydream is made for you and I,
has all the elements like blue skies, moon
stars and sunshine. 

This daydream cast you in my arms,
warmed my heart, shared a kiss with
your gentle charm.

This daydream placed a smile on my
face, tickled me and made my heart

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