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Pictorial Prose
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Friday, January 14, 2011


 By My Side

No signs of summer as winter is holding strong,
nothing but reminders and the emptiness of song.

My heart feels the sadness of my yesterdays and
speaks in riddles that only fools in love relay.

It is not about the dreams or the games that people
play, it is the magic in the heart that refuses to fade.

The kiss of love, the seduction of your smile,
the bridge of hearts that braces to connect the
long and lonely miles.

The warmth that I feel bursting from inside, is the
comfort of your love as if you were by my side.

The silence was broken by the whispers of my heart, calling out to you from the surrounding dark. I repeated your name in hopes that you would hear and from my soul remove the thread of fear. Haunting reminders of the way life should be, where I am loving and you are loving me.

I control the moment and the darkness has no power here,  stronger with each day and better by the year. Nothing can change how I feel, I have journeyed over mountains but nothing can compare. The love that embraces from a far, placed us in the heaven on our very own star.

No sunlight through the windows, no song played back for me, I am not even sure what this all means. Something is happening and my spirit dwells on the path that leads me out of my very own hell. Can you hear me calling ? Do you understand the needs of my heart and soul  and the prerequisite of and their demands as well?

To feel my love my love like a breath of wind against your cheek and to devour my kisses slow and tenderly.  To feel your hands brush gently through my hear and pull close so as to escape the hands of fear. There is no possession this is so much more, the road to exploration in the land of forevermore.


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