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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Winter Rays

Think Big, Dream Bigger!

Love is the flotation device which keeps my soul afloat
and my heart set on the next horizon. 
It is in solitude that I have become most aware
of our heavenly gifts, but it is within your 
embrace that I saw true acceptance
in the unity of our souls. . 
Yes! I weep in sorrow for that which cannot be undone,
but each day brings a new opportunity. 

Live, love and dream!

Here is my heart for all to see, no limits or conditions and undeniably free. Opportunity and choices
the crescendo high, of the sound of music from this heart of mine. Composed of love and desire with hope and faith to empower.   I held the dreams, I held them close, for there is where my love was completely exposed. Soft and gentle a treasure of sweet when yesterdays memories begin to tweet.

The Carolina Wren

Every season the Wren returned to nest and sing but this past year was in sadness no sign of her in spring. No nesting in the greenhouse nor song at my door, the little Carolina Wren knew not what last winter had in store. The winter was awfully difficult, the snow seemed mountain high and I knew she struggled to find her food when I last saw her quivered wings in flight. Everyday I looked  for her in those places where she would hide, but I knew that she was forever gone and all that was left was her memory traced to my mind.
The feeder is awfully busy, chickadee's  and Morning Doves but I miss my little Carolina Wren for her song I truly loved.

We begin anew but we cannot replace that which
has already found its place in the heart.

When your heart reached out for mine 
I soon understood the nurturing of souls 
and the growth that blooms in love.

Daydreaming sweet thoughts of you so close your love I can feel it all the day threw. You're the sunrise, the stars at night, you're the love of my life. 

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