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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, January 17, 2011

Immortal Memories

Common words from a not so uncommon heart.

I celebrate the gift of the memory,
the days of love I share with you
from the moment you entered my heart
and gave the sky its blue. 

Nurturing the child within us
encouraging the soul to fly,
sharing in a timeless embrace,
and watching the growth from

Kindred spirits maxmizing the 
gift of time, where we explored
the galaxy and broke the barriers 
with the mind. 
Incredible is the love that can
only be shared with someone 
special. Reaches beyond the 
heavens to acknowledge the 
day that hearts had come 
together in the most
amazing way. 
There is a gift I have been given,
my safe harbor and my strength, 
gives meaning to this world
restores my faith.

Love is patient and time has no place, 
because once the souls have merged 
together nothing can take their place.
From the first meeting, you found 
that special place, close in the heart
and cannot be erased.

 From the first hello, you gave to me,
something that others don't get a 
chance to experience or see.

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