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Sunday, January 09, 2011

Love is more than an emotion...

One only need look at the world around them and see the element of love at work or the absence of it. Of course when people first think of love it is the passion between two that strikes the imagination. But love is much more powerful than  just an emotion shared between two people. It is either at the center of our being or non existent.Imagine for one moment the energy which your life was created, most would acknowledge that through passion and love your very existence came to be. The power of love is intriguing as it can bring a sense of peace in making sense of the senseless evils of the world.
I always told my children that "you don't hate a person you may dislike the actions of a person, but never hate "and yet hate can be as powerful as love.  What is love? Love is found in the absence of greed, selfishness, hatred, jealousy and all the negativity that surfaces from a troubled soul. In reality love is just one aspect of our being and starts with the love of self, the love of the journey, no matter the outcome. When I burst out this morning that " I hate" I felt at that moment as if I allowed the actions of another to bring a sense of restlessness and allow a negativity to surface which is not a part of who I am or who I wish to be. Desire for comfort is not a passion created of selfishness, it is the souls reaction for that which it knows feels right. It is not for I to question the power of love for it is everything beautiful, warm and wonderful created on earth and the heavens above.
It is through our actions that love can be seen, not necessarily of words or stories it is the joy of life and how we respond to all it brings. It doesn't mean there is never sorrow, heartache or fear on the contrary it means with love as our guide we shall persevere. So the day may have darkness and occasional clouds of gray but it will never blanket the spirit as the warmth of love will lead the way.

I love the view of the night sky
when nothing but stars appear 
and my thoughts drift to you and I 
with each moment that we share. 
I love that I can hold you close
when even my bed is bare, 
and know that in the dark of night 
someone truly cares. 


Whispers of love released from the heart,
to bring you happiness.

Light to darkness,
warmth to heart,
passion to soul
Unconditional love is the freedom of the soul to soar without restriction.

Unleashed passion merges with desire to find my soul
entwined in your eternal embrace.


The something more that you feel is
 the existence of peace empowered by love.

It is no accident when two hearts merge
 for fate plays its hand one card at a time.


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