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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Please love me forever

Poetry majorly reflects our response to all that life has to offer. Whether it is heartbreak or romance, fond memories or an experience that you can't quite shake, poetry is indeed the song of our soul. We have been taught poetry even before we entered the school system. It is the first jingles, songs and stories that are able to keep the child's attention. As we mature we find that poetry is a song waiting to be a sung, a commercial, a display of emotion and yes sometimes therapeutic. It is capable of reaching hearts and sharing in its ability to reach a wide range of audience. Form is not as important as the connection that is created when heart and souls come together. It is why I have always been so fond of prose, no formality to fuss with. Many artist of song took just that a poem and put it to music and created a melody that could soothe or excite. I sometimes think that it is the masters of our time that hold a special place because in our hearts because they understood how powerful their words were.  "Love me with all your heart was written by Rafael Gaston Perez, a Nicaraguan songwriter and bandleader, and made famous first by the Rigual Brothers and it  just shows how simple words placed in a different order express the emotions that many of us feel and how it crosses language,time and distance barriers to unite us with the passion that a love song so displays.

"Love Me With All Of Your Heart
Love me with all of your heart
That's all I want, love
Love me with all of your heart
Or not at all
*Just promise me this
That you'll give me all your kisses
Every winter every summer
Every fall
When we are far apart
Or when you're near me
Love me with all of your heart"
I myself enjoyed singing to the children when they were younger it seems you can't make it out of childhood with a few illnesses. Actually I think the music did as much to calm me down as it did my children. Because we are a reflection of our life experiences and are responsible for forming the next generation, I think that how we go about instilling that love for life in others is as important to those we touch as it is to ourselves. Because it is our nature to want to be loved, I have written my own version of  love.

I'm singing songs of love,
the words translate from
heaven above. The angels
sent quite the surprise, when
your love fell and met with

Loneliness has come and gone
replaced with the love from my
heart the song. The dreams of
you and I paint a silhouette across
the blue sky.

Once someone said to me are you going to spend your life writing about a love that you have not fully experienced? At first I was taken back by the comment and the assumption that I have not met completely with love and than I thought of my own selfish reasons for writing. The fact is why I began to write and why I continue writing have actually very  different and yet distinctive reasons. One was to give my emotions a place in an eternal aspect and the other was that if one person related understood and found comfort than I had accomplished something much greater than merely putting emotions on a page.

Listen closely and this is what you'll hear,
the whisper of my heart for you my dear.
Starlight sparkles seen in your eyes and
the joy we share on earth and in the
heavens high.

Tears of yesterday still fall upon my
cheek for I can't change what's written
only what tomorrow may bring.I'll give
 to you my love for each and every day
to hold you safe till our souls find their


My heart is open and  it waits for you,
come on in and let me whispers words
of love, nothing matters more than
dreaming of that special one.


I woke up singing the song " what the world needs now is love sweet love, no not for some but for everyone" Can you imagine a world where every action is led by love in one form or another? There is no doubt that it would be some form of Utopia but with love on the side  goodness and good always in battle with evil I find it highly unlikely everyone will be on the same page at the same time.

There is nothing we can't battle,
nothing we can't overcome,
with love in our arsenal we have
already won.

We won the joy of the morning
when the sun begins to rise as we
celebrate the journey traveling
side by side

There is nothing we can't handle,
nothing we can't overcome,
with love in our arsenal we have
already won.

The beauty of life, the love that
makes us one, the road that
unfolds leading us to heaven

There is nothing we can't handle,
nothing we can't overcome,
with love in our arsenal we have
already won.
As we reach a particular place in time we see that the past has rerouted us and sent us on a journey unique to us. Interpretation is unique in that it can morph through the various stages of our life. Meaning how we saw things yesterday and how we see them today will not be how we will see it tomorrow.I believe that is because each day we grow and mature and relate different to an experience. I have had the same experience bring me laughter, make me cry, shed a view of hope and a path that led to the doorway of despair. How could that be possible that one moment in time can bring on so many emotions? It depends on how weak or strong we are at the moment what we need to move forward. Sometimes we need to shield our heart and other times steps inside and take another view and that can lead to sunny skies or shades of gray and blue.


Cordieb said...

Happy New Year, dear beloved Rachael. I do so love your love poems; and I do feel the love in your heart which makes me feel much better and loveable each time I read one of your most loving love poems. Keep the love poems flowing! The are contageous, and that's a loving good thing!

xiahluver said...

Another very well written poem/thoughts. I really enjoy reading your thoughts on love... :)

Rachel C Miller said...

hi Cordieb,

Good to see you back and I am happy that you find some enjoy in the poetry. Happy New Year to you as well.

Rachel C Miller said...


You are so sweet to leave such a kind comment. What do we really have if we don't have love?