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Saturday, January 01, 2011

The White Picket Fence Dream

I laugh as I think of people as being a well programmed computer. Somewhere early on I think it was in kindergarten during that Dick and Jane phase that major programming began.. Did you notice there was always a picket fence in that book?  I am sure the" white picket fence dream" means different things to different people, but all in all I think it had to do with contentment and achieving the American Dream. Usually it meant you had financial freedom and reached a standard of living and all your personal goals were being met.
Of course this programming didn't stop with the " white picket fence dream, holidays, valentines day gave a full range of images that we wanted to bring to life. How many people actually experience the romance, the comfort and the joy of simplicity that our dreams indicated were necessary for a happy content lifestyle? Maybe it is in our maturity and growth that we realize there is more and that what is easy is not always what is best. An though the " white picket fence dream " is the goal of your average American household, it is by no means the only goal for many. In many ways it made me feel separate or very individualistic that my dreams were more diverse and my goals more in depth than the average individual.
I do believe that I hungered for that which my childhood did not easily offer and that was stability and security and in doing so had a blind eye to the red flags in my eagerness to comply with the simple comforts of life. What is lost in the process is the individual identity of a person and I find it troubling that achieving personal goals seem to be a threat to many.
I never wanted to feel different but in many ways I was, my thought process, my make it work at any cost attitude and my desire to not follow but to be me. I felt muffled for many years and as I see everything come together I hear the voice of my soul speak. It knows that the journey is not yet complete and there is so much more to achieve, that the average dreams of the " white picket fence" is not necessarily in my individual schematic. I asked myself than what will bring peace and love to my heart and soul? The answer was not easy because our vulnerability is altered often through out our journey.
Part of me still craves the comfort zone even though it doesn't exist in this chapter of my life and another part of me knows that life is short and I am to write the legacy that will follow me and my children. It is a fact that when all is said and done that our programming is a part of our culture and the social movement and that which the soul recognizes has nothing to do with " the white picket fence" it has to do with following the passion within. Don't get me wrong, I have the desire like everyone to be loved to wake up each morning to a kiss of love and to know that when I leave this earth, I personally have made a difference.

Imagine the possibilities if all choices
 in life were made with love...imagine.

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