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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The wonderful world of interpretation

To be loved as love would have it ,
to dream the dreams of life,
to know when I am with you,
everything is right.

It is awfully simple ,
just let your soul soar free,
the gift from the heavens,
to send your love to me.
In my heart when I am with you,
where dreams are about to come true,
that is when the dance high above
has a dance on the clouds.

In the valley of delight, where angels
sent the magic that I can' t fight.
Mystical and magical it is all true,
it sent you down from out of the blue.

Interpretation is a very powerful action that is sometimes confusing as we each feel, see and experience in ways that are similar but different. Religious leader try to interpret a book from a time long ago and we have  Political leaders who try to interpret actions of another country etc. But I am speaking of people in general who try to interpret the creative work of writers and artist a like. Even music falls into the dramatic category of interpretation.  Many people try to indicate what the concept of a particular piece is and what its true intended meaning is. If nothing else through my travels I have found that their are similarities in peoples thoughts but unless you are side by side with the soul of another,  there is no way to really know what another person is thinking or how they will respond to any given situation. 
Some expressions of words are seen as being quite common and that is because the general populace feels a kin to the common factor. What is our common factor? Our personal experiences is high on the list as well as the journey that had begun way before we had given it much thought. Not so much as programing but absorbing knowledge, love, heartache and a wide range of other experiences that touch on our emotions. We sometimes tend to dwell on the differences in people and deny that which unites us. Parents sometimes don't relate to their because of the differences of era and other times it is because we have already closed our minds to the power of love. Love is unique in that it can lead in a positive way to a quality of life that sustains not only the  pureness of heart but that of the soul.\
I look at is as breaking the concept down to the tiniest of microorganisms and the beginning of life. We enter the world like a tablet without the words yet scribbled on it. It is only at the start of the journey that we begin to absorb the world around us and retain in our memories the joy and heartache of experience.  It is why  thousands of people can pass by a exhibit and not relate, because they have not yet crossed the bridge of experience. It always takes me back to the different times of our life and how one story can be read many times and because of our gained knowledge take on a different view. 
I sometimes find that I go back and analyze my time capsule. Do I see the same way that I did all those years ago? I believe to do so would make a soul stagnant because as we grow and time passes we mature in ways that alter our view. This is January the traditional month for cleansing the spirit and looking at life with a fresh new start. But is that possible when we carry all of life and all that we have learned with us? In someways I believe the answer to that is no, we cannot change spiritually who we are, we continue to grow, but that which we have already attained is now ingrained as the schematic for our personality. 
What makes a true endless love? The connection that two people sense beyond the frills and experiences of our today is a bond though maybe not common but definitely one of comfort. When you stand and bare your soul to another and expose all that is hidden and the person in front of you, looking deep into your soul can do the same, than you have secured a tight weave of not flesh but of one spirit woven to another. 

Here I stand before you,
my soul on display, 
revealing all my love,
and the adventures
of a new day. 

My heart is open, 
my mind set free 
and when you step
on in, you'll be bonded
one to one with me. 

Your love like the wind that stirs the chimes
and creates a music that not only awakens
the heart but teases the spirit.


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