Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Hold my hand

n 1: the state of being alone in solitary isolation 2: sadness resulting from being forsaken or abandoned

I find in our society there are varied degrees of loneliness. Lack of companionship is not the only form of isolation. There is a broad range of emotions that can occur in any relationship, from distance of the mind, to distance of the body. We are taught early in our lives that love is unconditional and yet we find ourselves constantly setting barriers up in our life.
Acceptance of diversity is a remarkable human quality and still we strive to find the similarities in one another. We have broken down the cultural barriers set geographically, to find that we still maintain walls within our very souls. I believe that there is a common bond that goes beyond to those days of childhood and
and our simplistic views of life. How we relate to each situation that surfaces, and our own expectations.

Loneliness can dissipate when another can comprehend in a capacity that removes the barriers by building steps of respect and trust that launches a platform of love.

I will never let go of that which companions
with my heart and soul.

Dancing under the moon lit sky, a vision to behold.
Caress of duel silhouettes, reflections of the soul.
Frogs singing on a boxwood trees,
fish jumping in the nearby stream.
Sounds echoing through the hills,
bouncing back gives me chills.
Dog barks and the children laugh,
the moons smiling on our behalf.
Sounds echoing through the hills,
bouncing back gives me chills.
You can never be lonely, as we're side by side
traveling a journey from the inside.
Hold my hand and walk with me,
there's a lot of world for us to see.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

To love and be ....

The water rushed over shale and rock to the waiting stream,
your love rushed to my heart, to recreate the dreams.


As I held the cold crystal stem to my cheek,
I dreamt of the moment when I would share
in your touch.To reach into the core
of your being and pull your love
so ever close.

I have walked the path of love beyond the days of grey.
Felt it with my every breath, in the most amazing ways.
I am the energy that holds you in the night,
the kiss that tenderly brings you to morning.
I am that which bonds our souls, I am love.
Nothing is sadder then a heart that never
felt the touch of love nor chanced
to return the treasure.
In missing you I challenged dreams to reenact the gift of Love through memories.
Here I hold you, caress the moment and forbid the tears to display the heartache.
I have loved and love I have , the day you opened your heart and allowed me
to reside side by side with your soul.
Can you hear me? I'm calling,
can you feel me ? my soul is
crawling, into your arms.
It's the flight of angels that accompanied me from the start.
How can I not be greatful, they showed me your heart.
Tonight I sleep with a pillow to my cheek and comforted by
your strength It's your words I'll hear speak.
I followed you to the mountains, to be by your side
and then to the waters to secretly confide.
When the stars took their place within the moon lit sky,
I knew it was time that you and I would soar high.
Feel me I am everywhere that you are.

The paradise like season is upon us. The flowers mesh to form a carpet in a beautiful array of color that canvases life in its peak of growth. The mind and body absorbs the energy of the warmth of the sun and the glorious surroundings of the hollow. Here is where the inner soul
is strengthened to combat the harsh seasons that eagerly await their turn in this merry go round called life.

I have heard so many old adages throughout life, its not until they show up in your own life do you completely understand where and how they came to be. “You don’t miss what you don’t know and
Ignorance is Bliss.” Though in comparison, what if you always knew what you were missing and
you weren’t ignorant to the errors of life?
I didn’t know how different two people could be, until I savored the beauty of equal images
through kindred spirits. Calm and yet exciting, warm yet sends a chill.

I don’t know which is worse the tears that fell outward or
the tears that burned the soul from within. It is not of
strength this fight appears, it’s the struggle with all those tears.
The hollow has this false image of paradise, beautiful to the eyes with a diverse
flutter of birds filling the air with song. Yet a cloud of sadness looms overhead.
The beauty of life is in that which is shared.

Easy Say I

Easy say I to stand and run, I accepted the challenge from day one.
I know what’s wrong and what feels right,
the time to lead is now in sight.

I am not alone.. because you believe!

Monday, May 22, 2006

I See

There are those who touch with their hands,
to feel the presence of body.
We have touched with our
hearts to feel
the presence
of Love.
I see in you a depth that reaches through the years,
as you smile and laugh the child in you appears.
I view your heart warmer then the sun, as
when it makes a appearance it turns the
coldest days to fun. I see in you a angel
reflecting from my soul,
as I start the journey,
it's with your love
I stroll.

You can run but you can’t hide, it’s in your heart that I reside.
Cover your ears as not to hear, but the sounds of love fill the air.
To close your eyes, won’t stop the sight as I am there
in your darkness night.

Watched the flowers in the garden bloom, striking memories of the harvest moon. When your friendship appeared to me, we walked into a dream. A bond escorted through all time, over mountains high we climb. No limits to a day are found, as our spirits are tightly wound . For ever you will be mine, as our Love can't be confined. Pleasures are of our own design, as we soar beyond the mind.
Tonight...I shall feel your caress ,as your soul beds down next to mine.
The sounds of laughter will comfort the restlessness, as I hold you close in thought.
The eternal bond of you to me will remain, as we entertain the secrets of the night.

I love....

Ever year the migrating song birds return to fill the surrounding hills of the hollow with the melodic sounds of paradise. A glimpse of the scarlet tangier, a breathtaking reminder that spring has indeed made its way. Preparing my garden, I laughed as I thought of the undertaking with mother nature and the challenges
that await us each season, like those within our very lives. In awe, each time I watch the seedlings break the soil and find their place amongst the well watered weeds of the garden. The touch of soil to my hands had a
calming effect, one that stirred my inner thoughts. One step side by side with this planet we call earth, reveals not only the vulnerability of life but our own threat of destruction, as we lose sight of the importance of simplicity. We are not a separate entity from our world, we are but a fragment in a forever rotational

The season at its peak, with a floral display that creates a explosion of color throughout the hollow. As I was thinning seedlings in the garden I was confronted with a warm gentle rain. Each drop of rain telescopic in view, took me back to childhood where dancing in the rain composed moments of simplicity that I forever cherish.
Makes me feel like a little girl, laughing and giggling on yonder hill.
Singing and a dancing everyday with you, up in the clouds created for two.

I don’t know what I would do, If I didn’t have the moments that I share with you.
I am intoxicated.......... from the magic of loving you.

canto> ti amo

Al vostro amore ho ballato interamente con la notte,
To your love I danced all through the night,

una visione di cielo e la vostra armi di fortemente
a vision of heaven with your arms of tight.

Un bacio delle anime l'unico attrezzo necessario,
A kiss of souls the only necessary tool,

.per imprimere le parole in oro.
to emboss the words in gold.

ti amo... ti amo..... ti amo
I love you.. I love you...... I love you


A dream cast you and now your here with me.
Skipping through the script,I chose only love scenes.
Wrote you into the lead, to dance the hills of green.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

To silence the key

Might be the Month of May, it felt more like March yesterday as the high energy wind appeared without invitation. As the sun forcefully made its way through the clouds, I felt the extension of our vulnerability. Like a pigeon in the wind, our wings could either engage with out confrontation soaring ever higher, or allow the aggressive winds to toy with us in battle.

We are the moment, the sun that rises, the wind that blows, the night that falls,
the stars that shine. In you I see my reflection, in my reflection I see......
You dare to believe, I dare to stand, we dare to be!
Creatures of adaptation, I watched as people scurried about
with the unfortunate weather change. Unprepared they allowed
themselves to bed negative energy. The outward display of
emotions showed the sensitivity to our surroundings and the
control the season holds over the general populace.
Fear not for today is soon to be our tomorrow and our tomorrows await us today.
Retaliating against the years of aggression, I confronted my deepest fears.
Betrayal appeared dressed in a multifarious display ranging from childhood
years to the present. He who seeks to control meets with his own demise.
For out of the darkness a vision appears. Soul set free!
The sky reflected that of the bitter sweetness of life. So blue the sky that I succumb to its power and feel the intensity of the moment to only be confronted with the lingering of dark clouds that fail to move on. Like earth on its axle spinning round and round without much fanfare. I to felt on the axle of life, spinning round and round with out the pageantry. Holding still one brief moment, I let out a bellowing sound to deaf ears.
What you see determines the final outcome, for I stand to battle.
I challenge the day, for yesterdays are gone and tomorrow holds
the future. The gate opens only to those who dare to unlock from
within. To seek the key one must admit to their own strength and
weakness. I am the key and no gate shall remain locked as long
as the soul is willing and the heart is true, for the mind is only the
tool of discussion with the child in all of us.
I rejoice in that I dared to love and in loving I felt the beauty of life. One moment, one hour, one day or a lifetime. For the true power in life is strengthened by the sharing of hearts. He who dares to love wears the badge of affection, that so embraces our souls.

Why tears my child I say, are you not happy this very day?
I cry not for tomorrow comes, but I’m still picking up
yesterdays crumbs. The tears of life roll down the face,
as each comes from a darker place.
The hollow sings a song with the cardinal in the trees, welcoming the sunrise makes its way to you and me. When you dared to care and stepped in on me, I felt the song of the hollow as I knew how life could be.
To silence the key

I gave silence the key to unlock for you and me,
a song and a movie theme about the love of you and me.

I gave silence the key to unlock for you and me,
the ability to dream and have you close to me.

I gave silence the key to unlock for you and me,
the world that I believe is the way life's meant to be.

I gave silence the key to unlock for you and me....

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Driving Down the Road

Driving down the road with the clouds to my back, chasing those blue skies
and no turning back. The further I traveled, the faster I’d go.
The more I see and the more I know.

Driving down the road with the clouds to my back, chasing those
rainbows and they're chasing back. I looked to the heavens and I could see
there was a lot left in life for me.

Driving down the road with the clouds to my back, my mind started
drifting and I had a attack. There I was sitting next to you
sharing life through the skies of blue.

Sunshine and more sunshine on its way.......

Sentez mon baiser à vos lèvres et votre corps à côté du mien
Feel my kiss to your lips and your body next to mine.

Sentez mon amour, voyez les mes rêves comme nos âmes s'enlacerent.
Feel my love, see my dreams as our souls entwine.

Marchez avec moi, entretien avec moi sous l'amende de
Walk with me, talk with me underneath the wisteria vine.

Bonbon à parfum, votre amour un festin comme nous créons notre propre conception.
Fragrance sweet, your love a treat as we create our own design.

Vous êtes ici et je suis là, pour toujours vous serai le mien
You are here and I am there forever throughout time.

Marchez avec moi et parlez avec moi et vous trouverez pour toujours.
Walk with me and talk with me and you’ll forever find.

Aimez comme le nôtre remarquablement, pouvez tenir l'essai du temps
Love like ours remarkably, can stand the test of time.
It's your sunshine that simply found its way beautifully into my day.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Seasons laugh and seasons cry, seasons born and seasons die.
Seasons document this life of mine.

Something deep inside, as I simply felt it die, like the winters chill to my mind.
Spring reappeared and again you were there, to walk hand and hand with mine.

Silence sings a song, melodic and strong,to the heart a simple melody.
You opened up your heart and to love a start. A world for you and me.

In the hollow and the hills, the song sent a chill.
Our souls frolic beneath the trees.The silence filled the air
with the sounds of love my dear. In a world for you and me.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Blue Bird

If the blue bird finds away, if the sun shines today.
If your dreams make their way, then I’ll be there with you.

Monday, May 15, 2006

L'OH il mio amore.......... OH il mio amore... OH il mio amore

My heart cries out to you, my love.
Il mio cuore grida fuori a voi, il mio amore.
To pace your soul gently next to mine.
Per percorrere delicatamente la vostra anima vicino a mine.
Journey on, and rid the emptiness inside.
Viaggi sopra e sbarazzi il emptiness all'interno.
Allow my love to be your guide,
Permetta che il mio amore sia la vostra guida

and rid the emptiness inside.
per sbarazzare il emptiness all'interno.
Oh My Love, Oh My Love, Oh My Love
L'OH Il Mio Amore, OH Il Mio Amore, OH Il Mio Amore

Let me close, let me on the inside, allow me to take you to the sky.
Lascilo vicino, che lascilo sulla parte interna, che permettono che me li prenda al cielo.

Oh My Love.......... oh my love... oh my love
L'OH il mio amore.......... OH il mio amore... OH il mio amore

Those Little Drops Of Rain

No missing those little drops of rain, hidden kisses to you entertain.
A web created to keep you close, and the spider holds the secret,
eight legs and you and me.
No missing those little drops of rain, hidden kisses to you
Run faster, jump and try to hide. You can't be missed,
no matter how you try.
Little drops of rain are fallin from the sky.

Nessun Arrivederci

As I lay in bed listening to music, I am reminded of the power of words.
This advanced ability to communicate, separates us from all the other’s in the animal kingdom. One song sung can document a time in your life, encourage thoughts, bring about rage, dissuade or persuade, set about a mood changes. I reviewed my own thought process and again I find myself up against the old adages that have so remained alive throughout many generations. “ If you have nothing good to say, say nothing at all and treat others as you would want to be treated.” Of all the childhood lessons we are taught, these two have continued to surface in my adult life. It has always seemed pretty simple to me, this common approach to life. Yet you find those who prefer to fuel negativity. This is where the power of words lay within each of us. Only one thing as impressive as the control of words is our actions.

I felt a bit agitated as each song played, I could literally see the chapters of my life documented through time. Brief moments became the ground work for the experiences of our life. I felt the rebellion of my teen years, the hope and faith of my early adulthood and tears of a lifetime that forever remained fragments of the past and present. Then there was the wonders and beauty of romance and love that I so craved.
I want to dance under skies of blue, always keep the sun shining through.
Caress the moments that I share with you, as we dance to skies of blue.
I don’t ever want to say goodbye, I don’t ever want to make you cry.
Snuggle close for a kiss or two, as I fall in love with you.
I challenge you to explore through a good morning wake up with you,
to see the stars and all the powers of simply loving you. Walk with me
and you will see the beauty of how life should be. Pure, fine and simply divine,
as I walk side by side with you.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Compliment the heart

What can compliment the heart, warm the soul and set a spark.
Passion for life with you, as we dance to something new.
Miracles are everyday, when we share our love and rid the pain.

What can compliment the heart, warm the soul and set a spark.
A journey that’s just begun, where we laugh and have some fun.
Step by step we make our way, through the issues of a day.

Saturday, May 13, 2006


I don’t think you understand, the waters rush to dry land.
The way your love took command and sailed my heart to thee.
Through the current and the waves, friendship surfaced beyond
thick and gray.Consuming my thoughts each day,
happiness made its way.

I don’t think you understand, the sun warms each grain of sand.
The flame ignited in the land of dreams and mystery. Through
the heat of the mind, your heart so ever close to mine. In our
world no sadness seen, your my
king and I your queen.

I don’t think you understand, life is not always planned.
We are involved in something grand, the way you touch me.
In the days of no hello’s, I close my eyes and memories flow.
Magically your love bestowed, the gift
now a part of me.

I always need you

I always need you..

The crazy little way you make me laugh each day,
the way you place the smiles and take my stress away.
I always need you...

The crazy little way you make me cozy warm, the way
you keep me company is not the norm. I always need you...

The crazy little way that we connect, ya finish my sentences,
we’ve surely shipwrecked . I always need you...

The crazy little way that you show you care, makes me feel
special everyday of the year. I always need you...

The crazy little way you meet me in the clouds, hold me
through the night and make my heart wow. I always need you...

The crazy little way ya crossed the miles, make
my life feel so worthwhile. I always need you...

The crazy little things that you do, I feel a little breathless
that I’m turning blue. I always need you....

The crazy little way you resuscitate, jump started my life
and gave my heart a break. I always need you....

The crazy little way you blew a kiss to me, generated
love that only we can see. I aways need you..


The flowers chase the season with a repetitive rush to bloom.
Welcoming each moment a subtle fragrance imbues, leading
one to gasp from the reminders of nature’s sweet perfume.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


My lips to your lips a desire of sweet, my heart to your heart makes my knees weak.
My love to your love for all of time, my soul to your soul forever entwined.

The skies appearance of a powdery blue brace the puffed ivory clouds.

A invitation graced the sky, a lure to the heart and soul. Enchanted by

your vivacious energy and sensual desire, I had fallen
once again into the arms of love.
Infinity made a play,when your love found its way.
Shared Hearts
To make you smile, to make you feel, to make you believe, to make you dream!
uoy evol I

The Sense of Touch

Of the five senses sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. I find touch to be the most loving and sensual of all. Imagine a world where all the senses existed, except for touch. How cold a place would that be. Our most loving gestures of endearment to those we want to express love, is the simple kiss or hug. Even to those
who are strangers in our lives we reach out with a handshake.A simple response of touch that sets those we encounter at ease, with respect and gratitude, to seal a deal or simply a warm greeting. No touch is more gentler then a parents response to a infants cry at the instant the child feels the touch of a parent, the child feels security and comfort and safe in the arms of love. So remarkable is the sense of touch that it can be felt from great distances, a touch of the heart, a touch of the soul, a touch of the mind.

The gift of sight makes you stop to listen and absorb the sweet fragrance,
to once again taste all that life has to give, this is touch.
Touch is the master in command of sight, hearing smell and taste.
Each has within them the ability to touch.
If a rose loses it fragrance and honey becomes bland and there is no words to a song and no vision to the plan. I'll remember the moment you took my hand
touched my heart and placed love in command.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Tonight Your Mine

Silence battled with the cry of the wind as it roared through the trees. Muffled lips,mind all aloof and from the heart a scream.
Tonight Your Mine
When sadness makes its way and the darkness reappears.It's in your arms I'll rest, certainly without the fear. So pure and simple, so gracious and divine. So beautiful a love to my heart entwine.So close your eyes my darling, in the moon lit night a sign. Your in the arms of love and tonight you will be mine.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

The silly little way!

A treasure overflowing, gifts of love are always growing.The silly little way you put a smile in my day.Your always uplifting , you cause my mind to go a drifting,as we sift through the moments of a day.

Love, Joy and Prayer

I don't mourn the shattered pieces of my troubled life.
Survival writes the chapters, for which I paid the price.

Fragments of the heart, desperately in need of repair.
There you fastened each piece with love,
joy and prayer.

The shiver that I feel, stronger then the morning chill.
Since I found you!
A quiver shakes you blind, a earthquake to the mind.
Since I found you!
A rhythmic sound not of tears, a heart beats to a cheer.
Since I found you!
A touch uncompared, can be felt through the air.
Since I found you!
Engaged in thought, the memories are not forgot.
Since I found you!

Friday, May 05, 2006

There is nothing Impossible

Though many animals may live longer in captivity then in the wild,I myself prefer to be free. A controlling environment stifles life.I want to live, to experience , to choose, to fall, to stand, to walkTo Be!Imprison the body the soul reigns free, captive the moments the mind stills dreams.
Lily of the valley, with their bells of white.A fragrance so heavenly, to the soul a delight.Stepping in and out of a dream with you,I find my heart doesn't know what to do.For a moment I'm dancing in your arms, in the dark of the night i'm met by your charm.
There is nothing impossible, when you are here with me. The mountains now a sandbox andthe river flows our dreams.
There is nothing impossible,when you believe in me.We're soaring ever higher then the stars could ever be.
There is nothing impossible,when you dare to dream.I'm in your arms throughout the night and in your memories.
There is nothing impossible, as long as you can see.My soul is next to yours at the startof a new journey.
There is nothing impossible .....
Incredible the touch that I feel through each moment of the day,
so warm and wonderful life begins to feel okay.
Incredible is the touch felt deep inside my soul, comforting
and temptuous it has a mighty hold.

Yes I will

Start of a chapter, I’m in the front seat.
Hands on the wheel, I take to the street.
The road in the clearing of someone who cares,
waiting the moment my strength would appear.

Not weighted down by yesterdays fear,
I’m not carrying your luggage my dear.
This journey starts with faith and trust,
all insecurities left to the dust.

Accomplishments- to complete
Accomplishments are ever evolving with no true conclusion as we continue to build upon them. From our earliest achievements we have been placing the blocks strategically to strengthen, and educate, as we are elevated to a new plateau which leads us to stable grounds. It is the inner thought process that we continuously challenge,our own self doubts become the locks upon the gate of wisdom, kicking the blocks out from under.
Rebuilding begins with believing in self.
I will because I can, I can because of will.
Treat the morning as the gift it is.
My darkest night consisted of another's fear, weakness and insecurity.
The road ahead clears as I believe in the journeythat await. In the
rise of the sun, with each new day, starts a new beginning and I'm
leading the way.