Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hold Tight

The last days of winter and the first days of spring all give hope to what tomorrow will bring. Raindrops from heaven slowly falling down, snow that stays on the ground for a little while and sunshine which bridges the miles to bring you to me. The evening is now upon me and surrounded by darkness am I, until I reached for your hand and pulled you to my side.

The last days of winter and the first days of spring, all give hope to what tomorrow will bring. The nightingales song compliments the night long, breaking the silence to remind you I'm here. Moonbeams from up high, shining down from the sky, to guide your love right here next to me. Close your eyes, it is no surprise how wonderful life is when you are here with me.

The last days of winter and the first days of spring, all give hope to what tomorrow will bring. Sunshine in the morning, stars of love at night, a dance upon the heavens, in your arms both day and night. You know it to be true, you feel it in your soul, the love filled magic is in your heart for to you hold.

Could it be your whispers I hear in the night,
the soft sounds of love that my heart cannot fight.

Could it be the dreams that summon my soul
to embrace your sweetness in a forever hold.

Could it be the moment, the pleasure that you
bring that sets my heart on fire and makes my soul sing.

Could it be desire that makes me hunger so to
feel your embrace and never let it go.

Could it be the innocence and the simplicity that vows,
to give to you my darling the dreams that make you smile.

Could it be my love, the love for you alone, the love
that kisses you goodnight and makes my spirit moan.

Could it be the heavens so pleasant and filled with glee,
that they directed your love straight to me.


The darkness empowering, the silence now broke,
as the images vanished, the whispers to my heart
a gentle stroke.

My head upon the pillow, my body trembled so,
at the mere thought of you, raged a battle to
not let go.

I reached up to the heavens, I engaged in such
delight, that the Lord gave to me the gift of love,
the love of my life.

I tried to close my eyes, I tried to let it go, to
give to time the space and see how this love

My heart saw the beauty it heard the song of
love, it knew that this was special, the heaven
sent gift from above.

I could have written of sorrow or the trials of yesterday,
but when I placed my hands upon the keyboard, my heart
was the one that had its say. My heart spoke of angels and
the stories from my dreams, but the more I typed, the more
I saw the joy that our love brings. First thing in the morning,
all day long it sings and when I go to bed at night, it's the love
that blankets me.

This rainbow is a little different,
its colors are love infused and if
you gaze unto the arches, you'll
see the shades of I love you.
Can you hear me calling? It's my heart that cries out for you, it begs for you to hold me, so that I may sleep the long night through. The pleading of my spirit, the heaviness of desire to feel the sweetness 0f your embrace which is so love inspired. Listen closely, I am calling out to you, for our love is more than special, it was scripted in the blue. It speaks with honesty and the heavens truth, it speaks of a love so pure in a dream that waits to come true.
The feel of your sweetness, it pleads with desire, to know a love as great as ours.
When I travel down this here road,
don't know how far or where I'll go,
something inside speaks to me,
it knows true love waits for me.
Rocky river beds and fields of wheat
are stretched along the road as I journey.
Blue skies and a summer day create the
memories that just won't fade.
Like a diary my thoughts I write and with pen to paper I can sleep peacefully at night. I wandered through a memory and the words of love came to life. There was something that had to be said and so my heart spoke about you my friend. Accept that what will be, will be, I am unleashed from the dungeon and my soul is free. I am not blinded and I can see and throughout the dreams your love is revealed to me.
I live in love and I live in dreams,
I live in the magic of your memory.
You're the sunshine glistening,
in the reflection I see, you
are the one I believe loves me.
I live in love and I live n dreams,
I live in the magic of your memory.
You're the blue of the heavens
that I feel each night, the embrace
of love that holds me tight.
I'm singing of love from the heavens high,
I'm sing on the stars in the blue of the sky.
I'm singing of peace from down in my soul,
in a world of chaos your love I hold.
I'm sing of dreams that have yet to come
true, the song is filled with my love for you.
No Secret
It's no secret and surely no surprise,
how much I love you and the reasons
I love you more and more each day,
from earth to the heavens, its where
dreams are made.
The reasons are obviously, like the
fish in the sea, it's the love you bring
to me.
It's no secret and surely no surprise,
how much I love you and the reasons
You're the ache in my heart when
we're far apart and the love in my
soul that shines from afar.
I think it is catching up with me as I sit here yawning. I am going to crawl under the blankets and take a catnap. My eyes are heavy and I can't see to type anymore and yet my fingers keep on hitting the keyboard. Closing my eyes and I'll catch you in the land of dreams, where everything that's possible gets it start.

Getting ready to break into February song...

I'm sending all my love, to the one I love, I'm sending all my love to you. Nectar sweet, your love is quite the treat, to pleasure in and out of all my dreams. I'm sending all my love, to the one I love, I'm sending all my love to you. Like the honey bees devouring everything, I can't get enough of you.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cara Mia Ti Voglio Bene

I don't believe anything says passion like a kiss, described as soul bonding, the kiss of harmony, french desire, etc. It has been an expression through time and culture to respond to a hello, goodbye, I love you, affection, a common greeting and of course respect.
As I worked on ways to best represent " cara mia" I went from sand on a beach to a couple bonding on the shore, to the mere shape of a heart in the sand. The more I looked at the couple in the above picture, the more it felt like an infusion of the cara mia.
The various phone calls I had today had me thinking how people in general interpret the various writings. I imagined that they come across through a wide range of emotions and almost infiltrate the heart with and explosion of romance and love. It is my hope anyway that those who view my writing and graphics would come away with a positive feeling, one that lifts them up through the day and leads them to a place that is always beautiful.
The power of dreams, the passion and the desire, it makes everything seem possible. The moon appears to be suspended in animation tonight. Full and bright the more you look at the sky the closer the moon seems to the earth. I couldn't hold back the smile as I imagined myself in a weave of passion, sharing in the most intimate of expression, the kiss.
Childhood memories surfaced through the day, I'm not sure what it all meant but they didn't so easily fade away. Some were simple as jacks on a summer day and a few made me think of winter snow and spring time rain. It doesn't matter the weather or what we say or do, the joy comes from the sharing my heart with you. Just to hear your laughter and see that smile on your face, to hold your hand and pull close for a sweet embrace. Place my lips to yours and with my tongue trace the sweetness of your love that makes my heart race.
The days are quickly passing and I'll tell you what I see, I see the love of you and I see the love of me. We're the magic of a lifetime, we're a dream waiting to come true, when your heart met mine we took to the sky of blue.
Sings>You've got that kind of magic that paints the sky so blue and has the ability to make a dream come true. You've got that kind of loving, that's rare to see, but I recognized it the day you said hello to me.
You've got the warmth within you, challenging the sky of blue,you've got the angels blessing, you've got the heavens confessing. My love is in you, my heart and soul with you, you've got my dreams of loving you.
You've got that kind of magic that paints the sky so blue and has the ability to make a dream come true. You've got that kind of loving, that's rare to see, but I recognized it the day you said hello to me.

Secrets of the Heart

I slept in a little this morning and as I woke from a dream, I was amazed at the clarity of the images and conversation. In someways it was a conversation I had imagined many times in my mind in one spectrum or another. Trying to analyze or bring definition to the moment, I had thought was it hunger or closure?
Everyone is always about control, decisions, actions and how we center our being in the mist of a moment. I think of love completely different and how we respond to that which finds place in our heart. What is it we seek? The common understanding, the calm and peace that doesn't sit in judgement.
I am sitting here thinking what is it I am really feeling? Like flipping through the pages of my life and not stopping at anyone particular, it all seemed to scramble together. I asked myself was is the reality? Is reality what I want, I feel or what I think?

I took them aside, heart, soul and mind and one by one to each I confided. "Who speaks of love, such warmth and desire and the joy of life that sets my world on fire?" " I said the heart, I speak the truth and you know if you follow, the skies will aways be blue" " I said the soul, I'm the spirit within and if you choose to follow a new chapter begins" The mind it was flustered all tattered inside, it looked at the heart through the blue of the sky again at the soul from deep inside. "Together, divided, separate or one, the answer is easy, it's the one that you love. "

Thursday, January 28, 2010


We have made it to the end of January and though February is a few days shorter it has plenty of blustery cold days in store. I can feel the temperatures dropping and as I glance out the window I can see the hills in a blanket of white awaiting patiently the days of spring. The willow standing naked prematurely buds with little puffs of white catkins, which makes me think that I am a bit like the willow which is anxious for the lighter days and the warmer weather.

This is what I need and this is what I want,
take my hand and hold my heart, the days
of love now spun.
I have seen it in the morning, I felt it in the
night, the love that weaves its magic has
only just begun.
I see in you great passion,
through my heart the dream,
together we're spectacular,
as we battle up the stream.
Your soul quickly responded
and the days of long now short,
as we confide in the moment,
and tackle what life has in store.


It is because I love that my heart
acknowledges my vulnerabilities.
The flowers chased the season,
except for winter it follows the snow
and as I brace for another day,
I ask " how much further can I go?"

Icy crystal waters, a stream that stop its flow
and as I gaze into the shadow a silhouette
displays a show.
The reflection a bit revealing, simplicity
just won't let go and as I glanced once more
it was my heart that felt like it would explode.
A periwinkle haunting and the sky seem
to convey,the message a bit daunting turned
tear drops into rain.
Tender Love
I cannot place a barrier around this soul of mine,
for I have needed such a love in the most
rapacious of way.
To kiss me good morning, to hold me at night
and when the blankets are turned down to
love me till the sun is shining bright.

The Song of Silence

" What is it the heart feels?" said the spirit of the wind,
as it brushed up against the hour and to the heart

The heart a song of silence responded with a plea
" I beg for the heavens to understand the
the immeasurable pleasure which borders the
extreme. "

"Does everyone feel it, can anyone see?" said the
sun upon the winter as it defines the starts of dreams.
Again the heart had spoken, its joy loud and clear,
as each beat again broke the silence and its whisper
staged a premier.

Tender the embrace, wonderful the memory, as I
listened to the heart and this it said to me. " Love
is attainable, shear immeasurable the bliss, when you
place your lips together and seal it with forever kiss."

Rain upon my spirit, cleanses the soul of brine and
leaves only the pleasure of your sweetness and the
dreams that make you mine.

The heart had indeed spoken and I stress the why,
that love would cast its shadow and my soul would
not be surprised. I felt it from the first, I saw it in
the heavens high as love quickly approached
and the heart and soul maligned.

Turbulent the winds which agitate the mind, the touch to my soul and to my heart a sigh. I am not sure the moment, I don't know the why, all I know is heaven sent you to journey by my side. The pleasure of contentment, happiness and glee, I have never known such joy could be a part of me.
Embroiled in the moment,
the soul like fire and rain,
and worse is the entanglement
that drives the mind insane.

The non complacent spirit
in a vial of discontent, confused
and bewildered, staggers on
the staircase that time implements.
I can't move faster than my heart can
carry me and my soul can lead.
Love makes the silence sing
and the heart dance.
The sunshine brief, its rays divine, as I feel the warmth of love
through the window of my mind. The beauty deceiving the
light shimmers on the snow, as a mix of frost and ice
give the blanket a glow.
I closed my eyes and I allowed the sunshine in, as I wanted
in the worst way to feel your love my friend. Subdued I
felt a bit restrained as the rays of love fade and I await
each moment to again feel your embrace.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Guided by love to sail through the dreams,
and bring you as close as the sweet memories.
I saw a rainbow paint the sky,
colors of varied hue and the
more I looked the more I saw
the shades of love shine through.
Rays of golden sunlight and the
blue of heaven high combined
with my heart to create the
images flowing thorugh my mind.

No Cheesy Love Song...

Sings>I'm sending love filled whispers direct
to you, I've talked the mountains to bow
down and let my love through. Listen closely
and you will hear, the words of love
expressively for you my dear.

It's no cheesy love song, no empty words
from the blue, the whispers that I send are
of my hearts deepest love for you.

I'm sending love filled whispers direct to you,
I've talked the mountains to bow down and
let my love through. Listen closely and you
will hear the words of love expressively
for you my dear.

The words of love are written for you,
soul choreographed and heart infused,
a symphony of sound the whispers of
love, the dreams of tomorrow from
the heavens are falling down.

I'm sending love filled whispers direct to you,
I've talked the mountains to bow down and
let my love through. Listen closely and you
will hear the words of love expressively
for you my dear.
Untold Stories

Flipping through the chapters and here's what it reveals an untold story of how my heart feels. I've kept the love inside and it flows right out of me, as through the eyes the magic of love can be seen. Pages of laughter and those which titillate with desire, all create a story of a love that empowers the hour.

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Images of Love

When I sing, I sing a song,

the words are sometimes wrong,

but the sentiment is of love

and you can hum along.

I think about the moment,

where dreams are so surreal,

opening up that gates and

your flow os live is all I feel.

I believe the Lord had something else in store,

he sent me on a journey and to the heavens

I implore. Am I worthy to feel his love or

embrace the dreams,where two souls are one?

Confusing as sometimes life can be,

but when I feel your love,

I know its not a dream.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Feel my love...

Frozen were the mountains, like glass an icy sheen, from the sky the rain was falling and upon the earth a winter scene. Trembling I said "turn back, " as we traveled awfully slow and watched the carnage of wreckage at five miles an hour and six hundred more to go. I failed to see the beauty of a season as the winds howled so, but as we drove a little further, I knew that sooner or later we'd pass the fury of rain and snow. I viewed the road behind me and again the one we were on, but as my mind began to drift, I knew there were a few still untraveled like that of a unwritten song. Just where would these roads take me and still how would I know which ones were meant to be traveled and how much further I'd have to go?

I see so much of me in you and you in I,
that I find it's not so amazing that we
know what's on each others mind.
I have met your heart and it whispers so sweetly, that in the equation of love there is only you and I. I have felt the darkness and yet I have seen the light, from the stars our love was born and it is revealed through my dreams each night. I have tasted the bitterness of yesterdays plight, but the sweetness of your kisses makes my life feel right.

Do you remember the moment when your heart said hello? You touched my soul, held my hand and you haven't let it go.
It is not what I have seen but what I have yet to see that
inspires the dream and brings to life such desire.
I feel your love in all that I do...

Turn the page and acknowledge tomorrow,
for our existence is purity of love.


back at one by brian mcKnight with lyrics

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Haunting Moments

It has been a long day of work and I keep wanting to finish one more project. Placing it all aside and preparing to sit back and read a little. I feel a bit of the winter chill settling in...brrrr the days may be lighter longer, but we still remain in the heart of winter. Ever since I can remember being able to think about the abstract, I wanted clear answers. I use to think there should be a book for everything that said "do this now," like a well formed outline. As reality sets in , there becomes an awareness, that for everything that is the same, twice is the difference. Almost as if the similarities that shed light upon a moment also hinge on the variation of thought.
We have not necessary been taught to be free thinkers, so at times the skepticism with which I danced through life , never seem to be understood by the masses. The temperatures are continuing to drop, how easy it would be to snuggle under the blankets with you and whisper in your ear how amazingly wonderful you are, definitely the hopeless romantic. As busy as I have been today, it has not stopped my mind from thinking. It felt like a ping pong ball bouncing all around. I have always had this bad habit of reading the last chapter of a book and than working my way back to the first chapter. Knowing the outcome, makes relating to the other chapters somehow easier, I find in life we want to do the same see the outcome so we can deal easily with the day.

Simple Pleasures...Lord Deny Me Not

Hand to hand we hold, interlocking hearts,
love that last forever, a night under the stars.

The words written, a song we've yet to sing,
a light in the darkness that reveals my every dream.

Lying in the grass your head in my hands, thinking
about yesterday and glad today we command.

The mind without a thought, the soul without a plan
the day with out an end and life with no demands.

Haunting Moments...Hold me! shouts my heart,
walk with me my love, never let me go, our souls unite as one.


Sings> I love you,
I love you,
I love you,
Three words through time,
sweet pleasures that you mine.
I love you,
I love you,
I love you,
365 day a year valentine.
I love you,
I love you,
I love you,
My heart love soaked in your brine.
I love you,
I love you,
I love you,
the words happiness truly defines.

My Inspiration

This incredible view as wonderful as can be,
reveals your heart and tender love to me.

The flesh has yet to experience and the
soul stands surprised as I gaze into the
depth through your eyes.

Sunshine every morning, moon glo beams
at night, lost in the moment and I dance
with delight.

Surely it's heaven to feel such embrace
as I imagine your kiss gently to my face.

The incredible view wonderful as can be,
reveals you heart and tender love to me.

Plantain is frying on the stove, cream is being
whipped in a bowl and you can catch me dancing
as I feel your tender hold.

The dogs laying by the fire, the children all
at school and the silence whispers of love
in the dreams that now unfold.

Peered on out the windown the snow and ice
still there, but just like your love the sunshine
always appears.
Sings>I know the rivers are awfully deep,
I know the mountains heard the song I weep.
Wishing and wondering all day long, what
it would feel like to be in your arms.

The days are longer and the sky so bright,
I'm caught dreamer of a summer night.
Each day I share with you, makes my
heart feel brand new.

I know the rivers are awfully deep,
i know th emoutnais heart the song I weep.
Wishing and wondering all day long, what
it would feel like to be in your arms.
Sunshine Bright

This dance is not from broadway,
those fancys steps would just get
in my way.

My hips swaying and my arms in
the air and I'm dancing as if you
are here.

Smiles, sunshine bright and I'm
dancing both day and night.

This dance is not from broadway,
those fancy steps would just get
in my way.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sentimental Shadows

My sisters are really quite different one saves nothing and the other saves everything. I think I am some where in between. I was packing away the ornaments on my Christmas tree and it was very clear that they weren't just decorations. Wrapping each ornament and packing it away came with a flood of memories. Some of the crystal shapes and bulbs were from my parents tree and others were adopted throughout the years, one after and another. They were the quaint little memories of first and the milestones that formed to document a lifetime.
It is true that to anyone else looking at the tree, that it was just a collection of varied ornaments that dressed the tree, rather then the sentimental shadows that appeared to me. The tree now barren and free of individuality no longer lacked the character, as each ornament is tucked safely away for the following year.
It could be that the extra silence today plays it tricks on the spirit or that the mixed emotions, of survival , achievement and disappointment all rally to find their place in the timeline. Can the sentiment also be a form of guilt? I believe our mind is capable of providing such padding as to prevent the harshness of reality. Surrounding ourselves with positive reminders also may act as a guide to keep us on a particular path.

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Words of My Soul

Where dreams end and reality begins...the mountains high, as high as they can be, dare to block your love and keep you from me. The rain is falling, each drop puddles to the ground and as I peer into the water the reflection of my soul cries aloud.

I need you each morning and I want you each night, to place your kisses to my lips a sweet delight. The moment I wake up and open my eyes, I envision your soul right here next to mine. The rain is falling, each drop puddles to the ground and as I peer into the water the reflection of my soul cries out loud.

I watched the summer sun as it set beyond the shore
and I fell into a dream of what love has in store.
Poweful the love which dominates the sea,
empowers the heavens to cast eternity.

As if I was born to bathe in tears and bathe in tears have I,
from sorrows back an ache had formed and still yet I know not why.

Gene Kelly - I'm singing in the rain

I'm singing in the rain
Just singing in the rain
What a glorious feelin'
I'm happy again
I'm laughing at clouds
So dark up above
The sun's in my heart
And I'm ready for love
Let the stormy clouds chase
Everyone from the place
Come on with the rain
I've a smile on my face
I walk down the lane
With a happy refrain
Just singin',
Singin' in the rain

Dancin' in the rain
Dee-ah dee-ah dee-ah

The Seasons of my Love

As I looked at the children of today and the times from my own youth, I saw quite the change that the world of technology plays upon the new era. The way we communicate, entertain, work and even the way we celebrate the day. Everyone has at least once heard their elder say " when I was a kid" the roads were longer, the hills higher and to some degree everything appeared to be just a hold lot brighter when I was a kid."
They call it growth the changing of an era and through knowledge and development we expand on the basis of freedom. I quickly looked back over my childhood life. We never felt like we did with out but God for bid what did mother do when we were late coming home from school? Obviously we had no cell phone. We didn't have to worry about a wii for exercise as exercise was part of life, we didn't have all the amenities of today as I can remember being outdoors till the street lights came on.
As I was reading the daily news, the front page had to do with the Golden Globes Award. It made me thing about the average person and how much impact the media has on their lives. My mind seem to be flip flopping a bit between today and times of long ago. I imagined every generation has done that at some point looked back and thought their times were simpler or even the opposite more difficult.
We didn't grow up with television, oh we had one, but children never touched it . When it was occasionally on we watched whatever the adults decided to watch. I guess that is where my love for the movie musicals came from. Music was so instrumental and apart of our lives and it was calming, exciting, made you laugh and sometimes cry. I can remember the walks to school being quite long, actually the walks everywhere were quite long. This was really bonding time for my sisters and I, we would laugh, dance and sing as we made our way to our destiny. We all played an instrument, I wouldn't say any of us were really great at it, but we knew enough to bring the joy of music to life. To this day, when I am feeling a little edgy, I'll put on some soft music and feel the tension ease up.
Of course I listen to the current styles of music, but I believe I will always have a great love for the classics. Good bit of that is because in a survival setting you never hold on to the negativity, you grasp the positive and with that I remember my parents pulling each other close and dancing in the kitchen. As each of my own children came along, I played music and taught them to dance in the kitchen. It was a time of laughter, love and life...

Is anyone looking and do I even care?
I'm dancing in the streets to the song
that brought your love near.

I'm feeling kind of silly and I'm feeling
grand, I'm holding you forever in
the dance that heaven planned.

One passsionate moment and I don't
really care, if anyone is looking, I'm
dancing in the air.

My heart is now on display and if
you care to hold me, we'll dance
our life away.

I can take a song and change the words,
place you in my heart where you belong.

I can sing and if you care to hear, I changed
the words to bring your love near.

I can sing with the snow falling down, skip
through raindrops and spin around.

I can feel the moment and I hope you feel it
too, as I dance each moment, I dance it with

Seasons of Love

I am sure it started with the spirit of love, it chose
spring like a rose in bud and as the season changes
and summer nears, the blooms of my heart are
there for me to share.

Autumn leaves in every shade, paints the hills for
a few short day. The preparation in ado, I know it
to be true, a reminder throughout winter of my
love for you.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Can you hear my whisper ? The words of my love,
I sent them as the crow flies via the clouds above.

Can you hear my heart? Each beat for you, I lost
count a long time ago, like a rain storm in the blue.
The ice and snow is melting, the rain still falling down, the waters in the stream overwhelm the the banks to bring the barriers down. I can see the magic in everything you do, from the moment you touched my heart and said "my love I do, I do love you. "

I dream, I dream every day,
I dream, I dream what lovers say.

I feel, I feel your love beside me,
I feel, I feel you in every breath I breathe.

Oh my love, Oh my sweetness of heart,
your kiss is all I need. The delicace embrace
of your lips to mine and the magic of life
which placed ours soul in line. I know I
have waited to hold, a lifetime for just
your soul.

I don't need a puzzle, no questions please,
it is obvious what you mean to me.
Some people thing they met with love,
they haven't a clue until they have felt
their souls as one. A dance on the clouds
each night and the love whose kiss makes
each moment a true delight.
Some people sweare they seen the magic
that life brings, few will ever understand,
the joy of life that makes a diamond out
of sand.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Forevermore

The angels are smiling, I'm sure you'll agree,
if you hold my hand and simply follow me.

We're the morning sunshine, the moon
glo at night and when you hold my hand
we're the stars shining bright.

The angels are smiling, I'm sure you'll agree,
if you hold my hand and simply follow me.

La de da so silly, la de da so fine, la de da
my darling la de da beats this heart of mine.

My eyes adjusted and in the darkness I could see,
the clarity a view that brought your love to me.

Willow catkins that bloom the first of spring and a
snowflake of winter join to celebrate the dream.

Happiness had found me and this much I know,
the roads a little brighter with each step we go.

The Heart

The past is a road well traveled and today no blades of grass remain and the future not yet written depends solely on today. Though there are many miles of road between us, mountains and rivers lay, we are close as the soul would have us, it's in the heart we stay.
The Hour

It is not of dreams and wishes
nor of romantic desire, the path
that leads the heart a blaze with
one continuous fire, was ignited
the moment you made a day
become an hour.

An awe-inspiring moment as
the heavens revealed to me a
glimpse of the world, bare of
heartache and sorrows debris.

The pallet clear and no colors
could I see, until suddenly I
watched as countless prismatic
rays reflected off the sea.


The river deep a massive flow,
the current awfully strong
and as I peer into the waters,
the rush to my heart a song.

Spiraling into confusion,
can't see right or wrong,
yesterday weaves quite
a canvas, weathered
weak and forlorn.
It was our simplicity of thinking which led us down the road of desire
but genuinely the gift of love is what unites our souls a fire.
There was a time I met with compassion and I thought I knew it well,
but it wasn't until I felt your love that my heart began to swell.
What is my forevemore? It is the dance with laughter,
the joy that takes my hand, the day of forever here after,
like grains of sand along the shore.
What is my forevermore? It is the timely meeting of souls
dancing on heavens high, the road that comes together
so that in your arms I'll lie.
What is my forevermore? The deeply seeded devotion that
dreams each night of you and waits upon the morning
to say the words "I love you."
What is my forevermore? The longing and ache to have you
by myside,to the reigns of life which allow our love to
rule the storms of life.
What is my forevermore? A firm foundation layered securely
with trust and coated heavily with love so that it
will never rust.
I met lust the game a thrill, but fade like the day it does,
but when love appeared and took my heart I felt
my soul soar like two white doves.

Friday, January 15, 2010

In the light of the dark...

To dwell in love and with each moment embrace,
the heart must be open to harmonize with fate.
To deny the heart a clear view,
is to live in the arms of sorrow.
Love does not need to be reminded
for it's very existence is claimed by the soul.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Sweet Tenderness of Touch

In the flicker of the candle light ,
the shadows dance upon the wall,
in the dark our souls reflection,
the silhouette of love is what I saw.

The images cast revealed your
tender touch within me, the
gentle sweet magic which
brings me to my knees.

Powerful the moment, pleasing
to the mind, to place you in my
arms and break the barriers
placed by the hands of time.

Precious the warmth that exudes
the very soul, to kiss away the
darkness, like the rays of sun,
whose prisms of light uncoil.

Soothing to the spirit, a well
played out symphony, strikes
at the chords of the heart
in the most loving melody.

The snow covered mountains,
the trees dormant sleep,
and silence is everywhere
except in my dreams.

I heard your sweet voice,
it sang out to me, soothed
my heart and lulled my
soul to sleep peacefully.

Around and around I go,the flow of silk,
the music slow, the love to the wind blows
and there you are with me.

Monday, January 11, 2010


I can't compare your love to anything that exist,
as the passion that exudes is pure unspoken bliss.

Quite a phenomena which appears to me, for you
my love reveal yourself in my every nightly dreams.

Whispers in gesture that you will always be the
magic in my heart, the love which flows through me.

You are more and more are you to me,
you are wonderful and filled with possibilities.

From the moment I wake up, till I have fallen
fast to sleep, I find your love right here next to me.

You are more and more are you to me,
you are wonderful and filled with possibilities.

You're the gleam in my eye and the love I
can't deny, you're the angel in my life.

Happy 2010

Pulls close and holds you tight,
melt the winters snow and ice.
Smiles that only you can give,
in a dream we've yet to live.

...that's what happens when love comes to call.

Sings>It might be a little crazy or maybe off the wall,
that's what happens when love comes to call.

The kiss of life as wonderful as can be, to kiss you
awake and celebrate each day like spring.

It might be a little crazy or maybe off the wall,
that's what happens when love comes to call.

Dreams in motion, rivers run deep and the
rhythm of my heart beats as my soul sings.

It might be a little crazy or maybe off the wall,
that's what happen when love comes to call.

In My Heart

There is no distance between us, no barriers
we can't break. For you are in my heart
and forever you will stay.

You're the smile of my morning, you're in the
dreams only lovers can and in my arms
sweet love, both night and day.

Sorrow had a grip and I knew not what to say
until you unlocked my heart and I gave my love

We took the falling mountains and turned them into
grains of sand and now all that stands between us is
the love that God commands.
The words of love are documented in a special way
to remind you of the happiness that will never fade.
I watched a flock of robins brave the winter storm, they sat upon the flowering crab as if it was the norm. I counted one by one as each bird took flight and it brought to me a reminder that around the corner is spring time. The darkness had fallen and all that I could see, was the moonlight on the waters and the power of memory. The scene left and impact internally on me, as I knew our love was truly meant to be.
It is the hearts eye that reveals
the true essence of love.
I called upon the angels, let's getting working overtime.
I want to send my love via the blue sky.
I don't have to tell you what's on my mind,
you know in your heart what the quiver signifies.
The excitement of life, what imagination defies.
the reality of love that symbolizes all of time.

I don't have to whisper of the element of surprise,
you opened your heart and there is where I lie.
The creation is loves pure design, a path from
opposite directions that was on a course to collide.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

The Want Of You

I share with you the passion that dreams indeed inspired,
but it was for the want of you my heart first felt the fire.

It blazes uncontrollably the dance upon the hour, when
heart to heart our sweet embrace became kindling for the fire.

I live to love you...

Sweet kisses await to touch your lips,
my heart hunger for all that it has missed.


Window dreams... gazing at the snowy scene,
wondering what it all means and where the road leads.
Mountains high seem to know what's on my mind,
barriers I can't define to distant me from you.

The want of you is all that I live to do, to feel your
heart to mine and to know our love is true.
Heaven's door, we are dancing like never before,
as our souls begin to explore what love can do.

I reached out in the darkness and a light of
love broke through, he dared to take my hand
and bring back skies of blue.

No music playing and still I heard the song,
the words of love comforting placed me in
the arms where I always belonged.

Quartz of crystal, gems like colored stone
have nothing on this treasure, the love that
makes my heart moan.
I can feel your love in all that I do,
it's the laughter of life that seeps through.
The magic of dreams, the tomorrows that await,
the joy and happiness that only you and I can make.

I can see the beauty from the river to the sea,
the flow of water which makes a soul believe.
The icy waters, the rise of the moon and the
direction they point, leads my love to you.
Some say one day we'll see heaven and
others believe it is here on earth, but
I believe the paradise was created the
day our love was birthed.

Some say its like feathers, others like
fire or ice, but when my heart met yours
I knew that love was this undescrible delight.

What makes our love so special? What makes
our dreams so real? What makes the mountains
lose thier hold so that your love is all I feel?

Our love is quite different, it sees beyond a day,
it knows the word forever, is not something people

The dreams are not of one in reality they're
two, the want and need of both our hearts
and what our love can do.


My Arms...

I locked the image of you in my arms,
where you lean back and enter my heart.
You're the angel of morning, the stars in
the night, the love that appeares from afar.

I held you as close as could be, I held you
so tight, that you're now a part of me. Minute
by minute till all ends of time, you're the love
that embraces all of heart, soul and mind.

I locked the image of you in my arms,
where you lean back and enter my heart.
You're the angel of morning, the stars in
the night, the love that appeares from afar.


Friday, January 08, 2010

Hungry Hearts

It's not whispers of angels,
nor dreams of the mind,
the love I recieve from you,
is a gift I truly can't deny.

Exquisite and to my liking,
exciting the taste of desire,
to touch my heart and set
my soul on fire.

Sings >Hungry Hearts or some would say starving hearts,
gazing at the night stars, to feel the love.

Rivaling the odds, to hold you in my arms, kiss away
the darkness with the joy you bring.

Hungry hearts or some would say starving hearts,
gazing at the night stars, to feel the love.

Mountains high embraced by the blue sky,
disappear with time, by the love we share.

Hungry hearts or some would say starving hearts,
gazing at the night stars, to feel the love.

Dreams but a catalyst that the energy passes
to open the gates and allow me next to you.

When the seasons come together,
mountain snow and floral blooms,
the revelations a creation of my
eternal love for you.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Treasures of Love

It's impossible to hide the feelings for you my love,
a flame can sizzle but it can't burn out what God sent us.

The spirit of the moment, the joy you bring to me, the
happiness infused like honey to tea.

Sweet pleasures, that rattle the mind, creating a desire
to touch your lips to mine.

It's impossible to hide the feelings for you my love,
a flame can sizzle but it can't burn out what God sent us.

What I treasure can be seen through the heart,
the visions of love which give light to the dark.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The world as I see it,the dreams that make you mine,
each moment of a day is heart defined. Love has spoken,
I can hear it in the air, the sounds a whisper,
is music to my ear.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

I am the power of the wind...

What makes us who we are and how we think? How does personality develop and what makes us the same or different? These are questions I have always wondered, as I look over the holiday traditions that we pass down from generation to generation. There is the obvious, culture and religion, which at times does more to define our similarities than it does to develop a free thinking process. Yet all of it plays apart in how we see the world and how we respond and yes our needs and wants.
I can honestly say it took years to unlock the doorway to self awarness, to understand the thought process, the choices and the path life leads us on. Still each day brings various experiences that influence or lead us in a direction that brings a different view of love and life.
It is true that we never stop learning and who we are is like a kalidescope, and each time you look at it, spin it around, the view becomes more beautiful. That is how I feel about life, every opportunity, every step along the way brings a new sense of joy and a magic that has yet to be experienced till that very day.
Our past is but a reminder of a lesson learned, the present and awareness of what is and our tomorrows the dreams for the future. Who are we? In a spiritual sense we are the energy fueled by life. Why do we think the way we do? Each experience and action or response is recorded and dealt with accordingly, a moment stored till further use. What makes us different ?I don't think we are different, just how we react, how we digest the food of life.
I am the power of the wind that brings you an awakening,
the sun that warms your heart on the cold and darkest of days.
I am the blue of the sky that embraces your spirit with my love,
I am the sharing of a moment, the dream that awaits the touch of reality.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Winter Love

You can change the focus but you can't alter love,
the degree of happiness is not wagered on how
you view, but on how you share
the gifts from above.

Snow Crystals

Warms My Heart

Snow abreast the mountain top, pure creates a scene,
where yesterday is all but gone and today is all I see.

Love equates with the energy of the heavens
to shower down upon us the beauty of a season.
When hope is all there is and all that is brings hope,
then dreams are but the gateway, and your love
the sleigh upon the slope.

... as winter speaks, the soul listens.

I could not feel the sun's warmth and the glory of its rays,
but as the light shone upon the hills, I saw an amazing gift,
as if a curtain of darkness had fallen and the beauty of life
and the love it brings was revealed.


The snow has fallen, now a blanket of white,
with the music of life and you and I.

The trees are silent,they'll never tell, the
secrets of my heart that fell under your spell.

My feet dancing on a lovers high, as you put
the blue in the blue of the sky.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Embrace with Reality

I have felt your kindness embrace my very soul,
as your love strokes the heart in the story yet to be told.
Your voice breaks the silence and records from memory,
the days of laughter and the songs still left to sing.
The snowflake melted, the wind against my face, the
breath of the moment has me hungering for a taste.

Time and place, the journey, direction and our goals. What is it all about? What does it all mean? I have felt a shadow that had cast a darkness over the last few days. As I tried to understand the motives, desires and dreams of a cast of characters, I realized that I could only be responsible for the choices that I myself had made. I sensed the ache within my heart, the ache that is well aware that time can empower or strip life of opportunity. Such vulnerability fails to break through the entanglement of the web. The web which was spun and put in place from early childhood on and became layered and tightly woven as the years went on.

I thought of a infant that stretched to a crawl and a toddler who dares the first step and the time it takes to grow and gain in strength and the will to learn, achieve and gather the knowledge that awaits. The last few years seemed similar as step by step I walked on the journey of awareness. The timing unveiled the achievements which go unnoticed to many except for those who had journeyed along side me. Minute as they maybe each step took me forward and helped me to find my place in the world. I celebrated throughout the year as people bought, read and requested piece after piece of my heart felt words. I felt many who embraced me with kindness as they trusted me with their skin care needs. But the real achievements those which few have seen comes with the sun which melts the winter snow and brings forward the days of spring.

A rose in silk never withers,
it petals will never live to die,
and unlike a summer day,
it will never enjoy blue of the sky.

I cannot explain the darkness or the
night that drapes the sky with gray,
but I can tell you what lights my soul
led my heart your way.

The new year feels the sorrow of yesterdays gone
by and celebrates the journey tomorrow has in mind.
It is because I don't have to explain that
I know you have seen my heart.
What do I seek? I desperately seek the place where
love flourishes and dreams become reality.
The Extinguished flame awaits your love...
It takes a combination of faith, trust and love to hold
the heart and dance with the soul.
Determination wills the spirit,
it takes courage to free it.
My demands are rather simple,
if my heart is what you claim.
For we shall bridge the distance
to bring happiness to the day.

Saturday, January 02, 2010


The music teased my spirit,
the dark to light the blame,
toying with my mind, the
heavens scripted your name.

Hauntingly becoming, I could
feel you next to me, your soul
to mine in my early morning

The want and need to hold
you, the happiness we share,
the meeting of our hearts,
we're inseparable my dear.