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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

I am the power of the wind...

What makes us who we are and how we think? How does personality develop and what makes us the same or different? These are questions I have always wondered, as I look over the holiday traditions that we pass down from generation to generation. There is the obvious, culture and religion, which at times does more to define our similarities than it does to develop a free thinking process. Yet all of it plays apart in how we see the world and how we respond and yes our needs and wants.
I can honestly say it took years to unlock the doorway to self awarness, to understand the thought process, the choices and the path life leads us on. Still each day brings various experiences that influence or lead us in a direction that brings a different view of love and life.
It is true that we never stop learning and who we are is like a kalidescope, and each time you look at it, spin it around, the view becomes more beautiful. That is how I feel about life, every opportunity, every step along the way brings a new sense of joy and a magic that has yet to be experienced till that very day.
Our past is but a reminder of a lesson learned, the present and awareness of what is and our tomorrows the dreams for the future. Who are we? In a spiritual sense we are the energy fueled by life. Why do we think the way we do? Each experience and action or response is recorded and dealt with accordingly, a moment stored till further use. What makes us different ?I don't think we are different, just how we react, how we digest the food of life.
I am the power of the wind that brings you an awakening,
the sun that warms your heart on the cold and darkest of days.
I am the blue of the sky that embraces your spirit with my love,
I am the sharing of a moment, the dream that awaits the touch of reality.

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