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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Song of Silence

" What is it the heart feels?" said the spirit of the wind,
as it brushed up against the hour and to the heart

The heart a song of silence responded with a plea
" I beg for the heavens to understand the
the immeasurable pleasure which borders the
extreme. "

"Does everyone feel it, can anyone see?" said the
sun upon the winter as it defines the starts of dreams.
Again the heart had spoken, its joy loud and clear,
as each beat again broke the silence and its whisper
staged a premier.

Tender the embrace, wonderful the memory, as I
listened to the heart and this it said to me. " Love
is attainable, shear immeasurable the bliss, when you
place your lips together and seal it with forever kiss."

Rain upon my spirit, cleanses the soul of brine and
leaves only the pleasure of your sweetness and the
dreams that make you mine.

The heart had indeed spoken and I stress the why,
that love would cast its shadow and my soul would
not be surprised. I felt it from the first, I saw it in
the heavens high as love quickly approached
and the heart and soul maligned.

Turbulent the winds which agitate the mind, the touch to my soul and to my heart a sigh. I am not sure the moment, I don't know the why, all I know is heaven sent you to journey by my side. The pleasure of contentment, happiness and glee, I have never known such joy could be a part of me.

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