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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Haunting Moments

It has been a long day of work and I keep wanting to finish one more project. Placing it all aside and preparing to sit back and read a little. I feel a bit of the winter chill settling in...brrrr the days may be lighter longer, but we still remain in the heart of winter. Ever since I can remember being able to think about the abstract, I wanted clear answers. I use to think there should be a book for everything that said "do this now," like a well formed outline. As reality sets in , there becomes an awareness, that for everything that is the same, twice is the difference. Almost as if the similarities that shed light upon a moment also hinge on the variation of thought.
We have not necessary been taught to be free thinkers, so at times the skepticism with which I danced through life , never seem to be understood by the masses. The temperatures are continuing to drop, how easy it would be to snuggle under the blankets with you and whisper in your ear how amazingly wonderful you are, definitely the hopeless romantic. As busy as I have been today, it has not stopped my mind from thinking. It felt like a ping pong ball bouncing all around. I have always had this bad habit of reading the last chapter of a book and than working my way back to the first chapter. Knowing the outcome, makes relating to the other chapters somehow easier, I find in life we want to do the same see the outcome so we can deal easily with the day.

Simple Pleasures...Lord Deny Me Not

Hand to hand we hold, interlocking hearts,
love that last forever, a night under the stars.

The words written, a song we've yet to sing,
a light in the darkness that reveals my every dream.

Lying in the grass your head in my hands, thinking
about yesterday and glad today we command.

The mind without a thought, the soul without a plan
the day with out an end and life with no demands.

Haunting Moments...Hold me! shouts my heart,
walk with me my love, never let me go, our souls unite as one.

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