Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Can you hear my whisper ? The words of my love,
I sent them as the crow flies via the clouds above.

Can you hear my heart? Each beat for you, I lost
count a long time ago, like a rain storm in the blue.
The ice and snow is melting, the rain still falling down, the waters in the stream overwhelm the the banks to bring the barriers down. I can see the magic in everything you do, from the moment you touched my heart and said "my love I do, I do love you. "

I dream, I dream every day,
I dream, I dream what lovers say.

I feel, I feel your love beside me,
I feel, I feel you in every breath I breathe.

Oh my love, Oh my sweetness of heart,
your kiss is all I need. The delicace embrace
of your lips to mine and the magic of life
which placed ours soul in line. I know I
have waited to hold, a lifetime for just
your soul.

I don't need a puzzle, no questions please,
it is obvious what you mean to me.
Some people thing they met with love,
they haven't a clue until they have felt
their souls as one. A dance on the clouds
each night and the love whose kiss makes
each moment a true delight.
Some people sweare they seen the magic
that life brings, few will ever understand,
the joy of life that makes a diamond out
of sand.

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