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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sentimental Shadows

My sisters are really quite different one saves nothing and the other saves everything. I think I am some where in between. I was packing away the ornaments on my Christmas tree and it was very clear that they weren't just decorations. Wrapping each ornament and packing it away came with a flood of memories. Some of the crystal shapes and bulbs were from my parents tree and others were adopted throughout the years, one after and another. They were the quaint little memories of first and the milestones that formed to document a lifetime.
It is true that to anyone else looking at the tree, that it was just a collection of varied ornaments that dressed the tree, rather then the sentimental shadows that appeared to me. The tree now barren and free of individuality no longer lacked the character, as each ornament is tucked safely away for the following year.
It could be that the extra silence today plays it tricks on the spirit or that the mixed emotions, of survival , achievement and disappointment all rally to find their place in the timeline. Can the sentiment also be a form of guilt? I believe our mind is capable of providing such padding as to prevent the harshness of reality. Surrounding ourselves with positive reminders also may act as a guide to keep us on a particular path.

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