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Monday, January 18, 2010

The Seasons of my Love

As I looked at the children of today and the times from my own youth, I saw quite the change that the world of technology plays upon the new era. The way we communicate, entertain, work and even the way we celebrate the day. Everyone has at least once heard their elder say " when I was a kid" the roads were longer, the hills higher and to some degree everything appeared to be just a hold lot brighter when I was a kid."
They call it growth the changing of an era and through knowledge and development we expand on the basis of freedom. I quickly looked back over my childhood life. We never felt like we did with out but God for bid what did mother do when we were late coming home from school? Obviously we had no cell phone. We didn't have to worry about a wii for exercise as exercise was part of life, we didn't have all the amenities of today as I can remember being outdoors till the street lights came on.
As I was reading the daily news, the front page had to do with the Golden Globes Award. It made me thing about the average person and how much impact the media has on their lives. My mind seem to be flip flopping a bit between today and times of long ago. I imagined every generation has done that at some point looked back and thought their times were simpler or even the opposite more difficult.
We didn't grow up with television, oh we had one, but children never touched it . When it was occasionally on we watched whatever the adults decided to watch. I guess that is where my love for the movie musicals came from. Music was so instrumental and apart of our lives and it was calming, exciting, made you laugh and sometimes cry. I can remember the walks to school being quite long, actually the walks everywhere were quite long. This was really bonding time for my sisters and I, we would laugh, dance and sing as we made our way to our destiny. We all played an instrument, I wouldn't say any of us were really great at it, but we knew enough to bring the joy of music to life. To this day, when I am feeling a little edgy, I'll put on some soft music and feel the tension ease up.
Of course I listen to the current styles of music, but I believe I will always have a great love for the classics. Good bit of that is because in a survival setting you never hold on to the negativity, you grasp the positive and with that I remember my parents pulling each other close and dancing in the kitchen. As each of my own children came along, I played music and taught them to dance in the kitchen. It was a time of laughter, love and life...

Is anyone looking and do I even care?
I'm dancing in the streets to the song
that brought your love near.

I'm feeling kind of silly and I'm feeling
grand, I'm holding you forever in
the dance that heaven planned.

One passsionate moment and I don't
really care, if anyone is looking, I'm
dancing in the air.

My heart is now on display and if
you care to hold me, we'll dance
our life away.

I can take a song and change the words,
place you in my heart where you belong.

I can sing and if you care to hear, I changed
the words to bring your love near.

I can sing with the snow falling down, skip
through raindrops and spin around.

I can feel the moment and I hope you feel it
too, as I dance each moment, I dance it with

Seasons of Love

I am sure it started with the spirit of love, it chose
spring like a rose in bud and as the season changes
and summer nears, the blooms of my heart are
there for me to share.

Autumn leaves in every shade, paints the hills for
a few short day. The preparation in ado, I know it
to be true, a reminder throughout winter of my
love for you.

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