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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Embrace with Reality

I have felt your kindness embrace my very soul,
as your love strokes the heart in the story yet to be told.
Your voice breaks the silence and records from memory,
the days of laughter and the songs still left to sing.
The snowflake melted, the wind against my face, the
breath of the moment has me hungering for a taste.

Time and place, the journey, direction and our goals. What is it all about? What does it all mean? I have felt a shadow that had cast a darkness over the last few days. As I tried to understand the motives, desires and dreams of a cast of characters, I realized that I could only be responsible for the choices that I myself had made. I sensed the ache within my heart, the ache that is well aware that time can empower or strip life of opportunity. Such vulnerability fails to break through the entanglement of the web. The web which was spun and put in place from early childhood on and became layered and tightly woven as the years went on.

I thought of a infant that stretched to a crawl and a toddler who dares the first step and the time it takes to grow and gain in strength and the will to learn, achieve and gather the knowledge that awaits. The last few years seemed similar as step by step I walked on the journey of awareness. The timing unveiled the achievements which go unnoticed to many except for those who had journeyed along side me. Minute as they maybe each step took me forward and helped me to find my place in the world. I celebrated throughout the year as people bought, read and requested piece after piece of my heart felt words. I felt many who embraced me with kindness as they trusted me with their skin care needs. But the real achievements those which few have seen comes with the sun which melts the winter snow and brings forward the days of spring.

A rose in silk never withers,
it petals will never live to die,
and unlike a summer day,
it will never enjoy blue of the sky.

I cannot explain the darkness or the
night that drapes the sky with gray,
but I can tell you what lights my soul
led my heart your way.

The new year feels the sorrow of yesterdays gone
by and celebrates the journey tomorrow has in mind.
It is because I don't have to explain that
I know you have seen my heart.
What do I seek? I desperately seek the place where
love flourishes and dreams become reality.
The Extinguished flame awaits your love...
It takes a combination of faith, trust and love to hold
the heart and dance with the soul.
Determination wills the spirit,
it takes courage to free it.
My demands are rather simple,
if my heart is what you claim.
For we shall bridge the distance
to bring happiness to the day.

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