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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hold Tight

The last days of winter and the first days of spring all give hope to what tomorrow will bring. Raindrops from heaven slowly falling down, snow that stays on the ground for a little while and sunshine which bridges the miles to bring you to me. The evening is now upon me and surrounded by darkness am I, until I reached for your hand and pulled you to my side.

The last days of winter and the first days of spring, all give hope to what tomorrow will bring. The nightingales song compliments the night long, breaking the silence to remind you I'm here. Moonbeams from up high, shining down from the sky, to guide your love right here next to me. Close your eyes, it is no surprise how wonderful life is when you are here with me.

The last days of winter and the first days of spring, all give hope to what tomorrow will bring. Sunshine in the morning, stars of love at night, a dance upon the heavens, in your arms both day and night. You know it to be true, you feel it in your soul, the love filled magic is in your heart for to you hold.

Could it be your whispers I hear in the night,
the soft sounds of love that my heart cannot fight.

Could it be the dreams that summon my soul
to embrace your sweetness in a forever hold.

Could it be the moment, the pleasure that you
bring that sets my heart on fire and makes my soul sing.

Could it be desire that makes me hunger so to
feel your embrace and never let it go.

Could it be the innocence and the simplicity that vows,
to give to you my darling the dreams that make you smile.

Could it be my love, the love for you alone, the love
that kisses you goodnight and makes my spirit moan.

Could it be the heavens so pleasant and filled with glee,
that they directed your love straight to me.


The darkness empowering, the silence now broke,
as the images vanished, the whispers to my heart
a gentle stroke.

My head upon the pillow, my body trembled so,
at the mere thought of you, raged a battle to
not let go.

I reached up to the heavens, I engaged in such
delight, that the Lord gave to me the gift of love,
the love of my life.

I tried to close my eyes, I tried to let it go, to
give to time the space and see how this love

My heart saw the beauty it heard the song of
love, it knew that this was special, the heaven
sent gift from above.

I could have written of sorrow or the trials of yesterday,
but when I placed my hands upon the keyboard, my heart
was the one that had its say. My heart spoke of angels and
the stories from my dreams, but the more I typed, the more
I saw the joy that our love brings. First thing in the morning,
all day long it sings and when I go to bed at night, it's the love
that blankets me.

This rainbow is a little different,
its colors are love infused and if
you gaze unto the arches, you'll
see the shades of I love you.
Can you hear me calling? It's my heart that cries out for you, it begs for you to hold me, so that I may sleep the long night through. The pleading of my spirit, the heaviness of desire to feel the sweetness 0f your embrace which is so love inspired. Listen closely, I am calling out to you, for our love is more than special, it was scripted in the blue. It speaks with honesty and the heavens truth, it speaks of a love so pure in a dream that waits to come true.
The feel of your sweetness, it pleads with desire, to know a love as great as ours.
When I travel down this here road,
don't know how far or where I'll go,
something inside speaks to me,
it knows true love waits for me.
Rocky river beds and fields of wheat
are stretched along the road as I journey.
Blue skies and a summer day create the
memories that just won't fade.
Like a diary my thoughts I write and with pen to paper I can sleep peacefully at night. I wandered through a memory and the words of love came to life. There was something that had to be said and so my heart spoke about you my friend. Accept that what will be, will be, I am unleashed from the dungeon and my soul is free. I am not blinded and I can see and throughout the dreams your love is revealed to me.
I live in love and I live in dreams,
I live in the magic of your memory.
You're the sunshine glistening,
in the reflection I see, you
are the one I believe loves me.
I live in love and I live n dreams,
I live in the magic of your memory.
You're the blue of the heavens
that I feel each night, the embrace
of love that holds me tight.
I'm singing of love from the heavens high,
I'm sing on the stars in the blue of the sky.
I'm singing of peace from down in my soul,
in a world of chaos your love I hold.
I'm sing of dreams that have yet to come
true, the song is filled with my love for you.
No Secret
It's no secret and surely no surprise,
how much I love you and the reasons
I love you more and more each day,
from earth to the heavens, its where
dreams are made.
The reasons are obviously, like the
fish in the sea, it's the love you bring
to me.
It's no secret and surely no surprise,
how much I love you and the reasons
You're the ache in my heart when
we're far apart and the love in my
soul that shines from afar.
I think it is catching up with me as I sit here yawning. I am going to crawl under the blankets and take a catnap. My eyes are heavy and I can't see to type anymore and yet my fingers keep on hitting the keyboard. Closing my eyes and I'll catch you in the land of dreams, where everything that's possible gets it start.


Margie said...

Your beautiful words have taken me away to another place!
A place of love, joy and beauty!

Loved this!


Rachel C Miller said...

Thank You Margie,
I am glad you have enjoyed a view of my heart and soul.


K/ Canada said...

Beautiful and inspirational writing. Keep it up!