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Pictorial Prose
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Saturday, January 09, 2010

The Want Of You

I share with you the passion that dreams indeed inspired,
but it was for the want of you my heart first felt the fire.

It blazes uncontrollably the dance upon the hour, when
heart to heart our sweet embrace became kindling for the fire.

I live to love you...

Sweet kisses await to touch your lips,
my heart hunger for all that it has missed.


Window dreams... gazing at the snowy scene,
wondering what it all means and where the road leads.
Mountains high seem to know what's on my mind,
barriers I can't define to distant me from you.

The want of you is all that I live to do, to feel your
heart to mine and to know our love is true.
Heaven's door, we are dancing like never before,
as our souls begin to explore what love can do.

I reached out in the darkness and a light of
love broke through, he dared to take my hand
and bring back skies of blue.

No music playing and still I heard the song,
the words of love comforting placed me in
the arms where I always belonged.

Quartz of crystal, gems like colored stone
have nothing on this treasure, the love that
makes my heart moan.
I can feel your love in all that I do,
it's the laughter of life that seeps through.
The magic of dreams, the tomorrows that await,
the joy and happiness that only you and I can make.

I can see the beauty from the river to the sea,
the flow of water which makes a soul believe.
The icy waters, the rise of the moon and the
direction they point, leads my love to you.
Some say one day we'll see heaven and
others believe it is here on earth, but
I believe the paradise was created the
day our love was birthed.

Some say its like feathers, others like
fire or ice, but when my heart met yours
I knew that love was this undescrible delight.

What makes our love so special? What makes
our dreams so real? What makes the mountains
lose thier hold so that your love is all I feel?

Our love is quite different, it sees beyond a day,
it knows the word forever, is not something people

The dreams are not of one in reality they're
two, the want and need of both our hearts
and what our love can do.


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